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Saturday, November 5, 2016

GeekSpeak – ecumenopolis – will Earth become a planet-wide city? Discussion on Saturday Nov. 5th at 12pm SLT

An ecumenopolis is a planet-wide city where all the land and perhaps all the sea are covered by endless buildings.  Would such a city be possible?  How would we grow all the food we would need?  How would we get rid of the heat generated by so many people?

Population growth on Earth suggests that we may need such a city.  But will the population increase to such an extent?  Could humans stand such a city?  Don’t we need wildernesses, other animals, gardens?  Will there be space for them in an ecumenopolis?

How would such a city be managed?  Would we build skyscrapers miles high?  Would there be breathable air at the top of the skyscrapers?  Would we build underground?  Would we build at the bottom of the sea?

Would there be wars between different parts of the same city?  A citywide government?

Come and discuss the biggest engineering project of history.  Bring a hardhat.
IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.


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