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Friday, May 26, 2017

Free, Free, Free!–Camury Reporting

Are there great quality mesh feebies out there?

In Second Life, people spend a lot of time and lindens to make their avatar look nice. In the absence of L $ we must resort to free things that we can get Inworld, known as freebies, group gifts, dollarbies, luck letters, lucky chairs, etc.

In Second Life there are hundreds of stores where you can get items for free. They are places that increase the flow of visitors and popularity distribute gifts of all kinds. And you can find many quality mesh products, believe me!

There are many websites on the internet that you can visit and get information on all the free products available inworld:

When you log inWorld, you can also search by groups and places using the words "Freebies", "Camping", "Midnight Mania Board" and "Lucky Chairs".  Join these groups and meet other people who help each other in publicizing these "freebies".

Many stores offer group gifts in mesh, of excellent quality. We'll suggest some stores where you can get quality mesh clothes that will give your avatar a cool look.

By joining the Gizza store group, you can pick up the lot of gifts in the store's garden. They are party dresses and casual clothes for men and women, in mesh, of excellent quality. The group is free to join.

Beautiful dresses await you in the Azul shop. They are party dresses, cocktail dresses and casual clothes for women. To get these clothes, in mesh, of excellent quality, just join the group that is free!

American bazaar
The American bazaar store offers members of the group monthly beautiful gifts for men and women. In the back of the Lodge you will also find stands of excellent quality clothes, for 10 Lindens, for both sexes.

The Coco store has a very special little corner with group gifts for women. They are pants, sweaters, dresses and casual clothes, in mesh of excellent quality. The group is free to join!


There is a huge variety of quality group gifts, waiting for you at the Gabriel Store. They are clothes and accessories for men and women. You can choose the gifts you want to pick up at the booth that is just inside the store entrance.

How To Grab Your Gift!

·         To get the gifts from the groups, you must go in each of the stores and click on the group membership card. Generally speaking, these plates are well in the entrance of the stores;
·         Pay attention! Adhesion to store groups, presented in this article, is free but other stores may charge membership fee;
·         You need to have your group tag in SL inworld activated to pick up the group gifts and then just click on the chosen gifts to get them;
·         Follow the warnings of inworld groups as these stores always offer new gifts.

There are a wide variety of freebies waiting for you while you are visiting the shops. Grab yours!


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