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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Playmates Magazine was established in 2007, making us the longest running adult magazine in Second Life.  When we first started the magazine, we had no idea how popular it would become.  We never imagined that our little magazine would one day be a large organization that has become a fixture in SL. Between the Playmates Magazine and our Playmates Mansion & Club sim, we employ dozens of residents.  Writers, photographers, reporters, Manager's, DJ's etc, and have hundreds of member's in the Playmates Magazine and Playmate's Mansion & Club groups.

Our magazine's popularity has grown and our format has become uniquely our own. And although our magazine was inspired by Playboy, we never wanted to be the Playboy Magazine of SL. Our format is original, not a knock off and the only similarity is the centerfold model spread, (Which can be seen in many magazines).
We have had numerous people contact us to comment that our "Playboy Magazine was great".  And we always correct them explaining that we are not the SL Playboy Magazine. The name "Playmates" magazine does not help with the confusion since Playboy models are called "Playmates".

We have wanted to re-brand and change the name to separate us from any likeness to Playboy for years and now that we are reaching our 10th year, we decided it was time. With the support of so many loyal readers, wonderful staff and the smartest, most beautiful models in SL we have the courage to make this huge leap.
We have to admit that making such a drastic change to a well established magazine and organization is scary, but we believe the end result will be well worth it.  In Second life, originality is important and our staff and models have worked so hard to provide a totally unique magazine from all the others in SL and RL. By changing our name, we are claiming our originality.

We are still the same great magazine, just with a different name.
Our magazine stands out because we feature unique and entertaining themed pictorials that are classy, fun and professional, We have interesting resident's story's and polls, as well as current destination highlights and the latest Second Life trends. Plus 30 of the most beautiful models in every issue.
We have group members and readers that have been with us since our humble beginnings and most of the responses to the change have been very positive.  We didn't want to stray too far from our original name but we wanted the stigma of using the Playboy model's title gone.  We researched several name idea's and with legal council, we found one that we could copyright and call our own.

Please stop by "PLAYDOLLS MAGAZINE HEADQUARTERS" for a free magazine or visit the PLAYDOLL'S MANSION & CLUB.  We have a huge, beautiful mansion to explore with lovely gardens and a tropical nude beach with many activities and cuddle spots.  Follow the path behind the waterfall to our giant state-of-the art floating club and make sure to join our group so you don't miss out on our fun themed weekly events.
Thank you all for your continued support for PLAYDOLLS MAGAZINE.
Tazzy Jenkins

Playdolls Magazine's May Issue Is On Stands Now!


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