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Friday, May 12, 2017

The new camera in town: Xilion – Digital Art

Photography in Second Life has been a staple of the digital content creation on the grid. Most avatars have one or more (semi-)professional photos on their profiles. And why not? Having a pretty picture is almost mandatory in today’s Second Life.
When it comes to photography, there are many, many different styles to choose from. One of those is to take a picture in-world, and edit it outside of the Viewer, to create a truly unique work of art.

Starting May 2017, Xilion Iceberg has opened his Digital Art shop, located at the Big Daddy’s 80’s club Mall, specializing in three distinct areas:

-          (Profile) pictures; beautifully rendered with any special effect you’d want;
-          Tailor-suited logo design; Digital Art, for sale to put on your wall!

For the pictures, a basic picture is taken in Second Life, after which the photo is manipulated according to your personal wishes. An old sepia-style photo? Or perhaps a glamour shot on the beach? Or do you prefer to be surprised? Anything is possible.
Want to make group pictures, or need a wedding photographer? That too is definitely possible!

Logo design follows a slightly different approach as it does not require input from Second Life. To start, all that is required is a fresh, empty document and your imagination. After the initial draft, the logo is made following the same precision and artistic approach of all pictures.

Digital art is rarely made on commission; instead, all non-commissioned artwork is sold in-store as a single copy texture.

On our Flickr page we post the latest works (if permitted), so have a look!

Interested in seeing some more examples in-world? Contact Xilion Iceberg, or come see the new shop

We have warm coffee, as well as a free catalog and a free posestand with animations J Hope to see you there!


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