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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ever Changing Avatar-Becca Drascol Reporting...

Born Unappealing:
I was “born” into second life seven years ago this March.  Like all residents I chose a base avatar, with SL skin, shape, clothes and etc. And seven years ago the options weren’t very appealing looking av’s.  While I have very much respect for our world and all that we have in second life, I personally felt my avatar was not all that nice looking. The skin was pale, her shape was less than average, and the clothes were so not my style.  But when we are born into SL it is a basic starter av, and over the years the avs you start with have grown and changed.

That being said, I began my freebies journey for good skin, hair, shape and such and while I found lots to my liking for free, it still left much to be desired.  I visited clubs and other hangouts in SL, and saw many an av I wanted my own to look just as neat as. I got my first job as a dancer and quickly was told my avatar wasn’t up to date and needed some improvements.  Having lucked out with a very generous boss, I was gifted a shape and skin.  Now my av was pretty and to my liking.  I still changed hair, and clothes to my liking as I made linden.  But now, now she was something and someone I thought I would be in love with the look of for a long time to come.

Finding a Likable Me:
Boy was I wrong!  As I learned to make shapes myself, to hunt down better skin and such, I made a few changes along the way.  Overall though, Miss Becca Drascol did not change drastically.  I swore I would never change her to an unrecognizable me.  Then mesh came along, and the “it” thing was mesh breasts.  While I wanted to keep true to the “not changing me” promise, I found myself wanting a more realistic looking Becca.  A Becca that fit the exotic dancer persona she has.  Unlike some, I did not jump into making this change.  I took time and consideration.  Would I like my avatar after?  Would my RL spouse who also plays SL like her?  Or would I make a change that would not only cost a lot but perhaps in the end become a regret?

Long story short on my SL beginnings, I did over time make some very drastic changes.  I did go with mesh breasts, and for a very long time that was my only drastic change.  I next swore I would never change to having a mesh head or mesh body. Mine and my partner’s views being, “they don’t rez right” and he(my RL & SL partner) couldn’t see my mesh parts.  Now, seven years into SL my avatar is now fully mesh.  Did I cave?  Yes.  Am I happy with her now?  Yes.  I’ve come to the conclusion that as avatars, we are ever changing.  For some the changes are minor and infrequent, and for some they constantly change to fit the times or what they wish their avatar to be like in the moment. 

Let’s find out what others changed or haven’t and why:
ChantalRouge1684 better known as Chantie, is one of my very best friends and family in second life. Her avatar is a little over 3 years old. She works as a dancer, host, shape and clothes designer. I decided to ask this talented woman about her av and style and the changes she's made.

Becca Drascol: Thinking on when you started SL, did you think you would make major changes to your avatar?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: Well, yes and no. I was NOT a fan of the beginner avatar they gave me so yes I wanted to change a lot of things.  At first, I wanted to be a princess.  And then I discovered Neko. Could you imagine a Neko all the time Chantie?

Becca Drascol: So once you had made changes and got Chantie how you wanted her, did you stick with a look? Ie not changing shape or skin for a while?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: For a little while. I made a friend who helped me out quite a bit.  Gave me a few shapes and skins to start with (still not mesh) and I discovered how to make clothes, (Classic system non-mesh avatar clothes) so I didn't go buying much, except at Psychotic Neko which was my favorite place to buy anything for quite a while. So I did have one particular shape that I wore and one particular skin.

Becca Drascol: And when mesh did come out, did you switch things up or not? And why?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: Not yet. I was happy with my look.  It took me a while to go mesh.  At first I was introduced to the Slink High feet.  Because I was dancing at a place that was in the middle of a mall, we got allowances to buy clothes from certain stores we were promoting every week.  So I bought a pair of shoes that required Slink feet, and I got confused. So one of the other dancers bought me my first mesh feet. And then I bought the flat feet for myself after a while.

Becca Drascol: Ok last question, Do you think you’re happy with your av now, or do you think as things grow and change that you'll change her again?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: As of right now, I LOVE my avatar. I change shapes occasionally to fit themes at the club I dance for, but most of the time, I stick with a shape that's thicker and I think it's beautiful.

Are Avatars ever changing?:

The idea that someone would keep their avatar the same no matter how many years they play second life, is not impossible. Some people do not like change and grow attached to one look.  On the other hand some people change everything and anything at the drop of a hat, simply because this is our virtual lives, where we can change height and weight just by playing with a set of numbers on our shape.  Therefore rather or not the avatar is ever changing lies with the human being in control behind the av. And with that every avatar has its own unique look and design, ever changing or not.


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