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Showing posts with label avatar. Show all posts

Friday, November 19, 2021

GeekSpeak – Will we all be living in a simulation soon? Join the discussion on Saturday, November 20th @ 12pm SLT

18 years after Second Life began metaverses are the new hot thing again.  Facebook, which now calls itself Meta, is making a virtual world with the same properties as Second Life.  Is it possible that millions of people will go and live in there?  Will they feel they have become their avatars?

Or will the metaverse that we really want be an augmented real world?  The maker of Pokemon Go wants his newest augmented creation to exist in real life and help people to get together in this world.

Which of these futures do you think will succeed?

Or perhaps you think that we are living in a simulation right now?  In that case, what is the reality?

Come and discuss simulations.  Bring your avatar!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, December 20, 2019



We are proud to announce this new avatar, created to play at the best with the new Bakes on Mesh feature!

ATTENTION: DAVIDE owners can buy from the discount special Vendor!

Finally you can have an avatar that fully support alpha layers and also alpha via hud,  retro compatibility  with old system layers and specifically design to use universal layers at the best! Included in the package you can find an hairbase and an outfit in Bakes on Mesh, ready to play with full permission textures to allow you to custom your appareance!

What is included:

- color picker for all layers
- Bakes on Mesh OUTFIT
- no-head optional body
- bakes on mesh OLD LAYERS SYSTEM
- Over 200 Alpha Cuts
- 2 shininess OPTIONS
- fluid realistic rig
- physics enabled
- face animations
- hands animations
- no scripts option

Don't miss also the head skin Daniel, first one of a long serie of skins ready to be release for your NEW AVATAR!


* the photo does not necessarily reflect the final effect upon wearing this product depending on pose, advanced lightning models, windlight settings.


Want to know more about us? follow us!!!







Copyright @ 2017 2019 Wiply Ltd. All rights are reserved. It is strictly forbidden to copy and/or reproduce this product in parts or in complete either for commercial purposes using photography, photocopy, digital storage or any other way of reproduction. Changes for improvement or correction of this document or the product described in this document might by done at any time.

With purchasing this product you agree to the following:

These products is / are for your own personal use and content creation in Second Life ONLY. You are not allowed to use, distribute or sell this / these images/products out of Second Life.

Monday, March 4, 2019

NEW ANIMESH from Clear Creek Nursery

PRESS RELEASE - Presenting my new ANIMESH Forest Tree/Avatar. You can ADD it to stand and move next to you, or WEAR it as a Forest Tree Avatar, or both.

All products are fully guaranteed, so please IM me if you have any questions. 

You can buy it here:

Sunday, June 4, 2017


While some are in search of the perfect body, others are just evolving into the era of Second Life mesh body. So with that in mind, we'll talk a little about the bodies that most women are wearing, which may help you in your choice!

Maitreya, certainly is the most popular body of Second Life. This is an Omega compatible body which opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options. You will find in the stores many offers of items for this body. The alpha layers have excellent cuts, which makes it easy to wear different styles of clothing.
There are also many gifts being offered for this body, which is great for anyone who wants to save some lindens. This body is also compatible with Slink feet.
Bento's hands were included in the new version which comes with Bento & Non-Bento hand options. The Hud is friendly and has also been updated to include additional nail options and 14 hand holds for Bento hands.
Cost – 2750L
Includes –Fitmesh Body, 2 sets of hands (bento/non bento), HUD, pair of feet with three heights, 1 Fitmesh and 1 applier pair of underwear with HUD.

Slink Physique & Hourglass
If you are looking for an athletic build body, Slink is the ideal body for you. This is a very shapely body and much sought after by those who already own Slink hands and feet. If you like big breasts and a more curvy body, prefer the Hourglass option. This body is Omega compatible and you will find plenty of applier and fitmesh clothing available.
Cost – 1250L
Includes –Fitmesh body, Applier with underwear (3 colours), fitmesh dress.

Belleza – Freya, Isis & Venus
This body is really very beautiful to look at. It comes in 3 different versions that can be purchased together or separately. This body is compatible with Omega and Slink hands and feet. The bodies offer 3 chest option (natural / perky / push-up) plus knitted nipples that you can turn on / off.
Cost & Inclusions – Three options for purchase - all include HUD, 3 feet heights &fitmesh lingerie & shoes.
Purchase 1 of the 3 bodies in a ‘lite’ version for 1,799L: Which contains all 4 feet options, but only 1 hand option and 1 layer (tattoo), 1 breast option (natural) & the new HUD system.
Purchase 1 of the 3 bodies in a ‘full’ version for 2,499L: Which contains all 4 feet options, all 16 hand options & all 3 layers with the new HUD system.
Purchase a Fatpack of all 3 bodies for 4,499L: Which contains all the lite versions and all the full versions for each body.

The Mesh Project
TMP is a beautiful body with elegant and natural curves. The breasts have a beautiful shape and you can adjust to the size you prefer while maintaining the perfect shape. This body comes with a variety of skin tones to choose from. This body provides a free version, very useful so that you can enjoy the product, before buying. The fitmesh items sold by TheBoutique have a perfect fit and great textures.
Cost & Inclusions
Free: 0 L
(Includes: hand Poses, Feet, Skins)
Starter 1000 L (Includes: hand Poses, Feet, Skins,clothing & tattoo compatibility)
Basic: 2.500 L (Includes: hand Poses, Feet, Skins, clothing & tattoo compatibility, Alpha Hud, clothing layer, tattoo layer)
Deluxe: 5.000 L (Includes: hand Poses, Feet, Skins, clothing & tattoo compatibility, Alpha Hud, clothing layers (2), tattoo layers (2), 5 heights feet).

Eve Slim and Pulpy
Eve is an Omega compatible body, which means you will find many furs and clothes in the stores to apply. You can purchase two types of Slim or Pulpy body or purchase the complete package. The breasts can be adjusted to a smaller or larger size maintaining the perfect shape. This body comes with a powerful HUD system with ability to color all aspects of the body, including nails, using RGB panel. There are many fitmesh garments available for this body and the designer regularly releases fitmesh clothing for this body in store.
Cost – 1690L (for starter pack – includes one body, slim or pulpy version) or 3000L for full pack (includes Slim and Pulpy body)
Includes – Starter pack – 1 Fitmesh body, HUD. Full Pack – 2 Fitmesh Bodies (Slim and Pulpy), Shoes, Dress, Underwear, HUD with 3 skins, shape). All bodies include hands/feet.

Do not forget to get DEMO before you buy!

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Many men are interested in joining the mesh revolution and investing in one of the bodies that the market offers. If you are one of those people who have not yet invested in a mesh body, but want to buy one, we hope to help you with that decision, with basic information about Second Life's most popular mesh bodies.

SLink Physique – Male
The Body Slink is much appreciated by men who want a slim shape. This body fits pattern knit very well and it is not necessary to make many adjustments, not form for a decent look. The body sliders are very good, which means that it is possible to increase the muscles, etc, without deforming the body. The body is compatible with Omega, which expands as possibilities of applicators for skins and tattoos.

It is necessary to buy hands (which have already been updated for Bento) and slink feet separately, which can discourage the laziest. The body comes with "male parts" (not functional), this facilitates to undress the clothes without worrying about putting an attachment. The Alpha cuts are detailed enough to allow wearing most knit clothing. The body also fits with most knit heads, perfectly.

Resuming, Slink is a practical body if you plan to use your existing, well-constructed mesh closet, for your applier, and nice looking needs.

Cost - L$1.250,00

Includes – Fitmesh Body, applier shorts, fitmesh boxer shorts and fitmesh tank top and jeans

TMP – Men’s Body
The TMP body is shapely, sexy is ideal for those who like a sturdier body with more muscles. I see a lot of this body, circling SL beaches. This body is sold in the versions: free, starter, basic and deluxe. I recommend starting with the free version and playing around with it for a while before deciding to go for other versions. All versions feature 32 well-detailed skin tones to choose from, but you need to purchase Deluxe Body to get Alpha HUD, and you'll need that HUD to wear clothes, believe me! This body is built with its skeleton somewhat different from the system skeleton, which makes it difficult to adjust standard knit trousers. The body is not compatible with slink hands and there is no update forecast for Bento hands.
TMP provides a developer kit for other designers, so, more and more, you will find fitmesh in the market for this article. Clothing layers are available in the Basic and Deluxe bodies, but are not compatible with the OMEGA system. The body has trouble adjusting mesh heads from other stores and you will have to struggle to adjust the neck line unless you purchase the TMP mesh head. The body does not come with the "male parts" but the aeros men's set perfectly.

And why "The Shops" set up their shopping system like they did, I have no idea ... it's a bit daunting but do not give up if this is the body you want!
TMP Mesh Body

Cost – L$ 5.000,00 ( Deluxe body)

Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet and fitmesh boxer shorts.

Signature – Gianni
Men are loving this body muscularly, but not excessively. This body is compatible with standard size clothing and classic fitmesh, and there is plenty of fitmesh available in the market for this body. The body comes with some great skintones and there are signature applicators available in some stores to help you find the perfect skin. The body was upgraded to bento hands. The feet have alpha cuts on them to hide the feet and there is a medium foot, very useful for unmanned shoes and some men's boots. The alpha HUD is a bit difficult to see with tiny slices. HUD has the ability to send you updates, which is a great time saver.
Signature – Gianni
Cost – L$3.500,00
Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet & HUD

Niramyth – Aesthetic
This is the ideal body for those who want a muscular avatar. The body and the skins are really detailed, with hairs, eyebrows and other detailed options. The body includes Fitmesh Body, Mesh Head, 5 shapes and an AO. In the last update, Bento mesh head and Bento mesh hands with 18 hand poses were added.
The Body will not fit in most standard size clothing but Designer kits are available and there are different designers currently working on knit garments and footwear for this body.
The Body has a Alpha Hud friendly and HUD RGB that helps adjust the skin tone. To look different, you can invest a little more and buy one of the various skin applicators that are already available in the market for this body.
Cost – L$2.799,00
includes – Fitmesh Body, Mesh Head, 5 shapes and an AO

Tellaq – Broderick
This is another muscular body, much appreciated by men in SL. This body includes: Mesh Head, Body (fitted and normal mesh versions), HUD, Shapes, Fitted Mesh outfits, Eyes and a variety of skin tones. Body hair is optional and can be easily removed and placed.
This body is easy to use and understand and the package comes with some clothes including two knit jeans, two knit cardigans, boxer, etc, all with HUDS color. Having clothes in the hud is a great plus for those who are lazy to shop.
This body does not have an alpha HUD and available alpha selections are designed to suit the clothing included with the body. This makes it difficult to find normal-knit clothing that fits this body.

Cost – L$2.400,00
Includes –  Mesh Head, Body (fitted and normal mesh versions), HUD, Shapes, Fitted Mesh outfits, Eyes and skin tones.

Remember to pick up the DEMO before you choose!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ever Changing Avatar-Becca Drascol Reporting...

Born Unappealing:
I was “born” into second life seven years ago this March.  Like all residents I chose a base avatar, with SL skin, shape, clothes and etc. And seven years ago the options weren’t very appealing looking av’s.  While I have very much respect for our world and all that we have in second life, I personally felt my avatar was not all that nice looking. The skin was pale, her shape was less than average, and the clothes were so not my style.  But when we are born into SL it is a basic starter av, and over the years the avs you start with have grown and changed.

That being said, I began my freebies journey for good skin, hair, shape and such and while I found lots to my liking for free, it still left much to be desired.  I visited clubs and other hangouts in SL, and saw many an av I wanted my own to look just as neat as. I got my first job as a dancer and quickly was told my avatar wasn’t up to date and needed some improvements.  Having lucked out with a very generous boss, I was gifted a shape and skin.  Now my av was pretty and to my liking.  I still changed hair, and clothes to my liking as I made linden.  But now, now she was something and someone I thought I would be in love with the look of for a long time to come.

Finding a Likable Me:
Boy was I wrong!  As I learned to make shapes myself, to hunt down better skin and such, I made a few changes along the way.  Overall though, Miss Becca Drascol did not change drastically.  I swore I would never change her to an unrecognizable me.  Then mesh came along, and the “it” thing was mesh breasts.  While I wanted to keep true to the “not changing me” promise, I found myself wanting a more realistic looking Becca.  A Becca that fit the exotic dancer persona she has.  Unlike some, I did not jump into making this change.  I took time and consideration.  Would I like my avatar after?  Would my RL spouse who also plays SL like her?  Or would I make a change that would not only cost a lot but perhaps in the end become a regret?

Long story short on my SL beginnings, I did over time make some very drastic changes.  I did go with mesh breasts, and for a very long time that was my only drastic change.  I next swore I would never change to having a mesh head or mesh body. Mine and my partner’s views being, “they don’t rez right” and he(my RL & SL partner) couldn’t see my mesh parts.  Now, seven years into SL my avatar is now fully mesh.  Did I cave?  Yes.  Am I happy with her now?  Yes.  I’ve come to the conclusion that as avatars, we are ever changing.  For some the changes are minor and infrequent, and for some they constantly change to fit the times or what they wish their avatar to be like in the moment. 

Let’s find out what others changed or haven’t and why:
ChantalRouge1684 better known as Chantie, is one of my very best friends and family in second life. Her avatar is a little over 3 years old. She works as a dancer, host, shape and clothes designer. I decided to ask this talented woman about her av and style and the changes she's made.

Becca Drascol: Thinking on when you started SL, did you think you would make major changes to your avatar?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: Well, yes and no. I was NOT a fan of the beginner avatar they gave me so yes I wanted to change a lot of things.  At first, I wanted to be a princess.  And then I discovered Neko. Could you imagine a Neko all the time Chantie?

Becca Drascol: So once you had made changes and got Chantie how you wanted her, did you stick with a look? Ie not changing shape or skin for a while?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: For a little while. I made a friend who helped me out quite a bit.  Gave me a few shapes and skins to start with (still not mesh) and I discovered how to make clothes, (Classic system non-mesh avatar clothes) so I didn't go buying much, except at Psychotic Neko which was my favorite place to buy anything for quite a while. So I did have one particular shape that I wore and one particular skin.

Becca Drascol: And when mesh did come out, did you switch things up or not? And why?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: Not yet. I was happy with my look.  It took me a while to go mesh.  At first I was introduced to the Slink High feet.  Because I was dancing at a place that was in the middle of a mall, we got allowances to buy clothes from certain stores we were promoting every week.  So I bought a pair of shoes that required Slink feet, and I got confused. So one of the other dancers bought me my first mesh feet. And then I bought the flat feet for myself after a while.

Becca Drascol: Ok last question, Do you think you’re happy with your av now, or do you think as things grow and change that you'll change her again?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: As of right now, I LOVE my avatar. I change shapes occasionally to fit themes at the club I dance for, but most of the time, I stick with a shape that's thicker and I think it's beautiful.

Are Avatars ever changing?:

The idea that someone would keep their avatar the same no matter how many years they play second life, is not impossible. Some people do not like change and grow attached to one look.  On the other hand some people change everything and anything at the drop of a hat, simply because this is our virtual lives, where we can change height and weight just by playing with a set of numbers on our shape.  Therefore rather or not the avatar is ever changing lies with the human being in control behind the av. And with that every avatar has its own unique look and design, ever changing or not.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

TO MESH OR NOT TO MESH- Dean Lawson Reporting...

Maitreya Mesh Lanai  vs. Standard Primmed Lanai

The pros and cons of getting a mesh avatar 
As someone who enjoys the virtual world with a basic shape and skin avatar (also known as a primmed avatar ) I’ve always wondered why my fellow Second Life Residents would spend their lindens on expensive mesh avatars. Are there benefits to using mesh that I don’t know about? Is the choice to go mesh purely aesthetic? To mesh or not to mesh? That is the question, here are some of the answers I received from the good people at Builder’s Brewery.
Ryo Ichikawa (bartimaeus.brandenburg) wrote: “I love using mesh ava… they look very elegant, but customizability can be a bit of a pain… and most are expressionless... "
Trixie Seomun replied : "i personally think it is a waste of everyones time. . . they take longer to load . . you have to purchase specific clothing that works with THAT spefic mesh body,  and i just dont see the upside to  them."
Evie Moriguchi concurred : "In Trixie's defense, some of the bodies are kind of "bloated" there have been a few where it takes a few minutes for the full body to rez … I'm more of a fan of hybridding.  I really wish there was a system that broke the body into limbs or fitted attachments when huge parts of the body are going to be invisible anyway"
Ryo Ichikawa (bartimaeus.brandenburg) added : "Well, some of the issues with mesh is blatant IP violation. Some people upload my little pony or Halo avas. Beyond that, I don't care how heavy my vanity ava can be to anyone's computer. I'll flaunt it 'cuz I've gots it."
Josie Edwardstone (tess.edwardstone) asserted : "i like the mesh  its more detailed … i see some for for as high 6 k and up"
Kyrese Okami (kkay1991) explained : "the pricing to mesh is high becuz it takes longer and more time to create"
Eressëa (eressea.karsin) stated : "Until Bento releases, an avatar's head is not animatable. It's a ball on the end of a stick. After Bento, we'll see…"
Trixie Seomun added : "oh another reason i didnt want to git a mesh body was because of all of the clothing i already had that i would not be able to use"
Sex Goddess Daisy Jolie
In a private conversation with SEX GODDESS DAISY JOLIE (daisy.stoneshield), Daisy replied : "I was sceptical about using a mesh avi because when you first purchase one sometimes they are confusing ... but they are more life like than the primmed ones that makes me like them … on the primed avi's the feet are hideous then when you purchase slink feet which are cute you get this line that never goes away so spend way to many lindens on trying to buy jewelry to cover the lines up but with the mesh avi I have it comes with feet and hands so those lines no longer exist"

In another private conversation Issabella (issabellabeauclerc) stated : "i have the maitreya and the slink … the slink is cheaper but for a first time mesh body not the easiest … i also know a little about the tmp … maitreya is the easiest to use ... i spent over 10k for my slink i dont use ... the slink hud is a nightmare for a beginner … what i suggest to my friends is the maitreya with a sl cat skin cause it has appliers for alot of the mesh bodies"

In a conversation with Sizzelle, the SL Artist replied : “ I’ve grown attached to my avatar’s appearance and with mesh clothes the body doesn’t really matter. However for images that feature "nude" subjects I use the mesh project body." 
Othella the Editor of MAGE Magazine elaborated : "We use both mesh and system avatars for our magazine images and machinima videos. Mesh is very good for close ups while basic avatars tend to distort as you zoom in to the face. For non human avatars such as Aldo the Alien, Yayo the Minotaur and Mez the Werewolf, we use mesh. For human avatars we create mesh hybrids. The down side is that there are seams around body parts where the mesh connects like the wrists and ankles but we cover this up with bracelets, anklets, collars or I “airbrush" out the seams in the editing process ... I also found full permission hands and feet which are used by the MAGE models. The hands cost 50 lindens and the feet were free… Based on my own experience mesh furniture, props and clothes create less lag than objects made with prims."
So it seems the choice to adopt a MESH lifestyle is a debate over aesthetics, affordability and performance that remains undecided. But why not decide for yourself? The Mesh Project offers a free mesh body and both Maitreya and Slink offer demos at their main stores. For those of you who have experience with mesh, I invite you to leave your comments.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Case for Male Mesh Avatars – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting

Within the last year, mesh avatars have made a big impact on the visual appearance of Second Life (SL). While the female avatars were first equipped with mesh avatar shapes, mesh male avatars have also become available. Retrofitting one’s avatar with mesh is a major undertaking and causes much consternation among the males in SL. I met with a makeover prospect, “Mr. Jay”, and went out to explore what difficulties males can be faced with when fitting a mesh avatar.

“I started getting these hints that I should improve my avatar,” Mr. Jay told me. “Especially females with mesh avatar shapes seemed to feel out of place if I went somewhere with them in my conventional shape. So I sought for a solution.” Mr. Jay’s girlfriend prospect directed him to “The Shops!”, a shopping experience for “The Mesh Project”. The Shops! is a one-stop-store to mesh up one’s avatar, with full departments for either gender.

Mr. Jay explained his shopping experience: “Obviously I wanted to get quickly up to speed with the mesh shape but the whole process took me about a week to complete.” He said that he had wanted to go the extra mile to get all features, so he got himself “the deluxe” level body and head. The body has 36 skin tone options, but as Mr. Jay fitted on the head, it appeared all white. “I hadn’t known I need to buy a skin for the head as well!” Having bought the skin caused further frustration, as he had chosen the “01” skin which is all white – so his problem seemed to have no solution. While he engaged the customer assistance to replace the “01” skin with a more conventional skin tone, he brooded over the sensibility of the whole endeavor. “I had spent in excess of 10 000 L for the makeover already, so I just had to forge ahead,” he lamented. He ended up buying a “15” skin tone skin for the head, and later, he received the “16” tone skin from The Shops! customer service to replace the “01” skin.

The last parts of the process involved applying a “retrofit fader” tattoo layer to the line separating the body from the neck. “Then it was up to finding the rest of the body parts to go with the mesh body,” Mr. Jay says and smirks. He ended up with a conventional hair from Dura Dura. “The hair base for the hair, again, is a tattoo layer that is not compatible with the face skin tattoo… so I needed to puff up the hair with the re-sizer and move it slightly upward to hide the piebald appearance that is a result of having no visible hair base.”

I returned to The Shops! with Mr. Jay to see what could be done about the process. The panels on the walls of The shops! describe a simplistic 1-2-3 process, but as was obvious with Mr. Jay, the whole ordeal of fitting a mesh avatar is not quite as straightforward. The shopping experience is conducted by use of a heads-up display (HUD) that takes care of your cash balance deducting the purchases until you need to top up the balance. The information that is necessary for purchases is on the panels and on the HUD, but it is not obvious for instance that you need to pay 1000 L for each skin tone option for the skin, when the deluxe body already has 36 skin tones built in. To complete your appearance, you need a set of eyebrows and a hair base as well, each at L 250.
I interviewed Ms. Diorprincess, a live helper / personal shopper at The Shops! on her perception of the mesh avatar market. She has soon worked a year at The Shops! and is well versed on the subject of male mesh avatars.

SLE: Female mesh avatars have been out there a long time already but it has come to my attention that the interest in male mesh avatars has risen in the last  few months. Am I correct?

Diorprincess: Well, yes, because the Male avatar is available just 6 months now, and we provide the only one that looks normal I guess.

SLE: As a personal shopper / helper, you must get a lot of questions from male shoppers. Can you relate to me what concerns the male shoppers have overall? What are the most glaring problems they run to adapting to the mesh avatar?

Diorprincess: The alpha HUD is giving problems at the moment. But they are working on an update. At start males are a bit disoriented, but I noticed the men are very clever.

SLE: When I talked with “Mr. Jay” he said he had a lot of problems with the "1-2-3" concept and didn't realize he had to buy a specific skin, etc. Are these typical problems men run into?

Diorprincess: Well some men don’t understand the concept at all, don't even look, just do and then don't understand what they are doing after all! The “1, 2, 3” concept is easy: 1. Get a body; 2: Get the head; 3: Get the clothes or style up. But most people don't even read [the instructions on the panels].

SLE: How do you see the mesh avatar market, and especially the ratio of female vs. male mesh avatar sales?

Diorprincess: Females spend much much more, also because we need more, like make up and clothes. Men are easy: most wear the same clothes every day. Females are looking good and expect her man to look good also. And the males want mesh too. Mesh is the future!

The final step was to put some weight on the avatar. The Shops! Beta avatars are fitted mesh, meaning they fit on the conventional avatar shapes. Therefore, sliders in the avatar appearance body editing menu can be used to change the shape. Jay fleshed out nicely with some body fat and widening the torso. The Shops! sell also shape styler packages, but these are optional if one knows how to use the sliders in the body edit menu. The head doesn’t seem to change with the edit sliders, though, so one is stuck with the Mesh Project supermodel head shape. As already has been quite prominently evident with how female mesh avatars carry themselves, the fitted mesh is compatible with “physics” of the avatar. With proper discretion, the use of physics on a fitted mesh body can make the avatar movement more fluid and realistic.

Fitting clothes on the mesh avatar is a whole other exercise. Mr. Jay was able to put on a mesh tuxedo by judicious selection of the alpha layers in the alpha editor HUD. “This could really become a problem down the line. Now I have no semi-formal or casual options!” Mr. Jay wailed, before he got the hang of the alpha HUD.

The whole concept of mesh avatars seems to extend the Second Life experience toward the Kurzweilian view of “The Singularity” where the real and the virtual mix effortlessly. The avatar styles may not yet be “real” or “realistic”, as the male shapes seem to be more idealistic Adonis-inspired demigods. The same of course may be said about the female shapes that obviously tend to accentuate the beauty ideals of the fashion and adult entertainment industries. Fully self-editable mesh avatars seem still to be a dream concept, perhaps reserved in the near future for premium purchase for designers. In any case, from Mr. Jay’s experience, it is advisable for any male avatar wishing to go full mesh, to explore the process using the “free” options available at The Shops! first. The decision to shell out over 10 000 L is not to be taken lightly, as it may be that with the resulting wardrobe makeover, the aggregated cost can go over anyone’s budget as the mesh requirement escalates. A further encumbrance may be the load on the computer and the network that mesh seems to demand from the hardware. When you get on the grid, it takes time for your avatar to rez properly, and some parts of it may render before your clothing. The shy guy should be aware of these sometimes embarrassing effects!

Ray Kurzweil on virtual worlds (1:00:50 to 1:01:25):
Trailer for “The Singularity is Near”

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AVIE POLL: FAVORITE SKINS AND SHAPES- Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting…

Every two years, I shop for a new avatar skin. It may be because I’m tired of the old skin and need to update my look, or I just feel like “window shopping” in SL, or I want to see if designers have become even more innovative in their work. Over the years, I’ve donned four skins. As a new resident of SL, I chose an un-modifiable freebie shape, later creating my own which I do to this day.

SL offers a multitude of skin and shape choices. In fact, I have a list of over 50 landmarks for skin vendors alone. You could spend days in SL in search of the right look for your avatar. Piqued by my own curiosity, I wanted to see if I’d missed some well-made skins and shapes in SL  so asked people to complete a brief survey on the topic.

Twenty respondents completed the survey--18 female and two male avatars.

Some of the respondents named more than one skin vendor as their favorite. The list came down to these that are followed by the number of avatars who named that particular skin vendor as a favorite.

Belleza           3 (females)
LAQ                3 (females)
League          2 (females)
New Faces    2 (females)
WoW              2 (females)
Aeros              1 (male)
AIMI                1 (female)
Deetalez        1 (female)
Deesses        1 (female)
Fallen Gods  1 (female)
Glam Affair    1 (female)
LoveMe          1 (female)
Pink Fuel       1 (female)
Snow Rabbit 1 (female)
sYs                 1 (female)
T. Bare           1 (male)

The qualities that the respondents look for when purchasing a skin are varied:

Hellishly Gothly, who wears the New Faces Willow skin, said she looks for a “well-shaded, natural look, though it can be a fantasy skin; no visible seams, facial structure and shape that not only compliment my face, but enhances it; availability of a good range of appliers, included items (such as appliers).”

Bella Rene’

Bella Rene’ wears Deesses’ Lorelay Milky Chocolate. “I look for true to tone and shape in a quality skin,” she said. “Deesses has mastered the ethnic and authentic texture so exquisitely, it’s literally a masterpiece in itself. I have looked across the grid for true to form skins. Deesses has it to an art form.”

Skye Broadmoor lives her SL as an elf, uses League’s Taylor skin, and says that she likes “realistic, well done shading. When choosing which version of a skin to purchase, I prefer the natural skin. Then, if I ever want to use makeup, I can. The cost of a skin is important, but if it’s a good quality skin, I don’t mind paying more.”


“I look for cute features and a kind of dark shade of skin,” said Helen, who uses the Pink Fuel skin, Harley.

Terillian Belar wears League Isla Deep Tan and explains that she prefers “clear, defined muscle tone, not fuzzy; realistic nipples, nails, vagina; a face that doesn’t have a pouting, frowning mouth. I pay attention to the skin’s shade and go for as realistic as possible—no orange spray tans. I like League skins because the same skin looks different when you change hair colors from red to blonde to black.”

Of the 20 respondents, 65 percent said they did not purchase their current shape:


Delight said, “I make my own shape. It is an ever evolving process over my time in SL, and I feel it lets me be me.”

Terrell Merryman explained that he’s had the same shape since 2008 “and it has helped me create a unique look with my skins, since the shape hasn’t been for sale in years.” He went on. “I did purchase a mesh avatar body recently, Narimyth Aesthetic. It’s very good but limited due to the lack of clothing. Otherwise, I don’t plan to buy a shape. However, from what I’ve seen, Aeros Avatar is good.”

Terrell Merryman

Anu Daviau made her own shape eight years ago. “I am quite happy with it still. The only change I made within those years, shape wise, was shrinking my overall size.”

Vichonette Constantine has always made her own shapes and said, “With the advent of mesh, I have so many different versions of my shape to fit various mesh clothing, I can’t even remember what the original shape looked like!”

Aelva’s favorite skin vendors are Deetalez, Fallen Gods, and LAQ. She makes her own shapes because, “I don’t want to look like a clone.” However, she happily offers this advice regarding avatar skins and shapes: “Play with it! Mix and match. Try the sliders on the shape and see what you end up with.”

On the other hand, 35 percent of the respondents indicated they purchased the shapes they use now:

Joy Canadeo

Joy Canadeo said that she prefers the Body Doubles shapes, “because I can look at a specific personality and make my own adjustments to reflect my personality.”

Morgan W. Mickelobe indicated that she purchases LaVie shapes. “I fell instantly attracted to the shape I am wearing now. It is aesthetically pleasing, and I always receive compliments. I will never change.”
Chelsea Quixote used to make her own shapes, “but now I am wearing the Belleza Venus mesh body.”

Other shape vendors mentioned by respondents were LAQ, CStar, the Mitreya-based shape, Wow, and the (Snow Rabbit) NEA-based shape.

If you’d like a copy of my skin vendor landmark notecard, feel free to IM me. Mind you, it offers no judgment and is by no means complete. I, simply, don’t have that many days to search the entire grid.