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Monday, October 30, 2017

Second Pets is the Grid’s newest and latest real effect and motion breedable Fish. Mena Fiertze Reporting…

Long ago in the waters of Second Life® many species of fishes evolved.  Second Pets™ has saved some of these species from an unknown fate and domesticated them for fish enthusiasts.

When fish breed the offspring have eyes and color determined by their parents traits. Two parents with rare traits have a greater chance of producing rare traits in their offspring. Older fishes also have a greater chance of producing rare traits.

Coming soon are RGB Fishes. RGB Fish parents blend their colors to create offspring that are a blend of the parent's colors. They will be available in the near future. 

The best part is customer service with risk free purchases and 100% satisfaction

SLE met with the developer and asked how the idea came to be and what customers can expect from this new and innovative pet.

SLE - Can you inform our readers what the inspiration is behind Second Pets?
Second Pets™ The real inspiration was to see if I could make fish that could swim so I got some fish sculpts and went to work. I decided to make breedable pets in Second Life.
Being SL, weird things happened when the fish flew out of the tank. Fish still fly out of the tank sometimes but now they teleport back to the tank.

Second Pets store is located in a beautiful Japanese Garden. All are welcome to visit the garden to relax and take pictures.

When was Second Pet established?
How many locations in SL?
There are 2 Locations - The main store) and Nikki & Vee's Multi-Breedable Market/Auction Prestige
SLE - How has activity/sales been over these past years?
We just got started a couple months ago so we haven't got a lot of traffic yet so we are looking at a good launch with the Enquirer.

SLE - What can customers expect in dealing with Second Pets? What will their experience be like?
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee simply return the fish and we'll give you a refund on fish bought from us so you can try them risk free. When purchasing tanks you can resize the tanks. Our first species are Koi and we'll have 3 more soon.
SLE - What has been most fun in putting together your stores?
Making the fish was the most fun. They have a web server that keeps track of them. Should SL lose one we can replace it if the owner has the UUID and it's all covered on our website
We are developing angel fish, clownfish, and Japanese snapper are coming and RGB fish, the offspring are a blend of the parents colors so an almost infinite range of colors is possible

SLE - How does Second Pet stack up when you consider all the competition for attention in SL? Such as Breedables as you mentioned etc.,
There are lots of other breedables but Second Pets fishes are the only swimming fish I looked all around SL and found one other brand of fish, and I didn't see them swim the demos just sat there, so Second Pets fish are unique. Some of them swim in a circle or an set pattern but Second Pets are the only ones I know of that swim randomly like real fish, and remember you can try second pets fish risk free

SLE - Is there anything else about Second Pets that you would like to share with our readers?
Updates are free forever, which is as long as we exist and we are looking to a long durable business in Second Life.

Additional Information:
and a subscribomatic list.
There are terminals for the list is in the main store

and at Nikki & Vee's Multi-Breedable Market/Auction

Second Pets™ Koi fish eggs are now available at the Second Pets™ Store

Its all covered in our website 


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