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Monday, August 27, 2018

Spotlight on KiX Creations- Pen Dragon Reporting...

Price and prim are everything when decorating, rather it be a small linden home of a full sim. It’s imperative that you use decor that has the least amount of land impact so you can have more room to decorate. We all scour the grid and Marketplace for the best value and we don’t want to skimp on quality. That’s where KiX comes in! With top quality builds, low land impact and great prices you can find what you need all in one place.

Many of the animations you’ll find in a KiX product were hand made by the creator Ki Xaris, meaning they will fit the product perfectly.They carry a wide variety of items ranging from pose sets, one of their first items, to a BDSM collection with top quality textures and designs.

I spoke with Ki and his wife Cindy Evanier-Xaris about all that they offer in their store and more.


Q: When did you first start KiX?

Cindy: errr Ki? Officially? We started with a tiny store on a sim where I was co-owner of a club but it wasn't as serious as it has become.
Ki: Pen, it was back in 2011. Back in the days of sculpties and tortured prims.

Q: And who does what? Are one of you the builder, the other a scripter..Both co -owners?

Ki: Cindy focuses mainly on marketing but has input at the early design stage.
Cindy: Ki does the mesh and a lot of the animations.

Q: So your animations are custom made for your products?

Ki: they all were up until a year or so ago, then we started buying some to give me more time for mesh making, so it's a mix now.
Cindy: Ki will make them if its something specific now to fit.

Q: What was the concept behind Kix? Was there a need you weren't seeing met, or something you wanted to have, but it wasn't available at the time?

Ki: Cindy, I think it was your idea to set up a store wasn't it?
Cindy: Well, originally, it started just for stuff for us. We have an opensim region and wanted content there, Ki wanted to that's how it first started. I don't think he had any intention to sell it at first.

Ki: I was quite happy building stuff for the sim, learning as I went along.
Cindy: I saw what he was making and believed it had to be brought to Second Life.  Originally it was a case of: let's just see. I like it, others will.
Ki:  I'd just started using blender and in those early days it had a fiendishly difficult interface and I was using poser to make animations.

Q: What was your first product?

Ki: hmmm
Cindy:I think the first was the animations and poses wasn't it?
Ki: These days the things I make are always mesh, using materials. The mesh builds have become more significant part of what we offer.

Q: What do you think makes KiX so successful?

Cindy: I think it's that people can see the quality in what Ki makes and we don't charge huge prices, so they get low prim, high quality at a great price. Ki is always striving to lower the LI of something.  I say oh it's just 1 more LI but he is determined to try for hours sometimes to get that extra LI off it.
Ki: it would be great to make things where LI is not a constraint, but for most people Land Impact is part of their budget.

Q: What is your best selling product?

Cindy: Our BDSM range is very popular and more recently we have branched into a lesbian range which completely surprised us with its popularity. I mean we did our homework, we knew it was something people wanted.  The customers wanted lesbian furniture for them, ie not just a section in an adult bed menu.

Q: So clearly you listen to your customers, how do you do that?

Cindy: We have a suggestion contact on our blog, not used much but we do like to ask!
Ki: We also keep an eye on sales patterns over time.

Q: What would you like our readers to know about Kix?

Cindy:  we would just like people to come see us, judge for themselves.  Test everything! If nothing else that's fun.
Ki: Well said Cind.  At the end of the day that's what we're trying to do.  Offer things that people enjoy by offering things that we like.
Cindy: We also try to do a group gift at least every 6 weeks, I am always giving away stuff.

Q: What about customer Service, I know that can be a big deal.

Cindy: well I am online more often than Ki, so both our profiles refer them to IM me. It's rare but we try to get it sorted within 12 hours if there is any issue. If it's our fault we would refund and then try and sort it out but really it's only been double purchases, but Ki has usually caught that anyway in the sales.

When you want it all: Good price, great looks, custom animations and low land impact you have to look to KiX for the solution. It’s a great shop with good people behind it all. It’s hard to find that combination and you get it all ay KiX!



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