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Showing posts with label KiX Creations. Show all posts

Friday, November 23, 2018

KiX Half Price Black Friday- Cyber Monday Sale

Friday 23rd November - Monday 26th November

Our full weekend of sales means 50% on everything in the main store.  Come grab a bargain or gift a friend!

Friday, November 16, 2018

New Release From KiX @ Boardwalk New Home and Garden Event - 15th November 2018

A brand new home and garden event hits the grid this week and KiX is proud to be a sponsor and present our Dani Bed exclusively for Boardwalk. Balloons, chrome, silk and rattan all combine perfectly into one pretty, delightfully adorable bed.
This stylishly cute KiX original mesh bed comes in 4 versions; MF Adult or PG and Lesbian Adult or PG meaning there is something to suit many.  The land impact is 10 and as well as KiX original animations and the best 3rd party bento animations, you can rez from a choice of scene setting props such as unicorns, hearts and flowers.  There are even dances, sequences and more in this cute little package.

Permissions are copy/mod/no transfer.

Come on over and see all the amazing creations at this new event.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Copacabana Country Campground Grand Opening!

Copacabana Country Campground are officially opening our doors!
Come join us on Saturday, September 8th for a fun filled, family friendly day of live music, contests and cookouts. The fun starts at 2pm SLT with a free cook-out and a chance to meet the owners and Park Rangers. From there we have a Bull Riding Competition, 7seas fishing contest, a Ghost hunt, a live performance by AMFORTE at 6p and a fireworks display to end the day! We have a lot of prizes to give away as well! Including a 2000L for KiX Creations, a 2000L gift card to Rebel Outfitters, a free week campsite rental and more! You won’t want to miss out!

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love our bungee jumping platform, skydiving rocket and zipline. For a more relaxing day we have 7seas fishing, horseback riding and swimming. We have movie nights and campfire stories that the whole family will enjoy as well. For the sportsman in you we have archery, clay pigeon shooting and paintball games. There’s always something happening at Copacabana Country!

Copacabana Country Campground is a beautifully landscaped, perfect place to bring the whole family for a get-away in the great outdoors! There’s so much to do and see we have something for everyone. It’s even been said that Bigfoot wanders our forest! Our very reasonable rental prices and friendly staff make it even easier to feel at home. With over 20 sites available, including some luxury cabins, you're sure to find just what you and your family need! Stop by, say Hi and spend some family time at Copacabana Country!


Monday, August 27, 2018

Spotlight on KiX Creations- Pen Dragon Reporting...

Price and prim are everything when decorating, rather it be a small linden home of a full sim. It’s imperative that you use decor that has the least amount of land impact so you can have more room to decorate. We all scour the grid and Marketplace for the best value and we don’t want to skimp on quality. That’s where KiX comes in! With top quality builds, low land impact and great prices you can find what you need all in one place.

Many of the animations you’ll find in a KiX product were hand made by the creator Ki Xaris, meaning they will fit the product perfectly.They carry a wide variety of items ranging from pose sets, one of their first items, to a BDSM collection with top quality textures and designs.

I spoke with Ki and his wife Cindy Evanier-Xaris about all that they offer in their store and more.


Q: When did you first start KiX?

Cindy: errr Ki? Officially? We started with a tiny store on a sim where I was co-owner of a club but it wasn't as serious as it has become.
Ki: Pen, it was back in 2011. Back in the days of sculpties and tortured prims.

Q: And who does what? Are one of you the builder, the other a scripter..Both co -owners?

Ki: Cindy focuses mainly on marketing but has input at the early design stage.
Cindy: Ki does the mesh and a lot of the animations.

Q: So your animations are custom made for your products?

Ki: they all were up until a year or so ago, then we started buying some to give me more time for mesh making, so it's a mix now.
Cindy: Ki will make them if its something specific now to fit.

Q: What was the concept behind Kix? Was there a need you weren't seeing met, or something you wanted to have, but it wasn't available at the time?

Ki: Cindy, I think it was your idea to set up a store wasn't it?
Cindy: Well, originally, it started just for stuff for us. We have an opensim region and wanted content there, Ki wanted to that's how it first started. I don't think he had any intention to sell it at first.

Ki: I was quite happy building stuff for the sim, learning as I went along.
Cindy: I saw what he was making and believed it had to be brought to Second Life.  Originally it was a case of: let's just see. I like it, others will.
Ki:  I'd just started using blender and in those early days it had a fiendishly difficult interface and I was using poser to make animations.

Q: What was your first product?

Ki: hmmm
Cindy:I think the first was the animations and poses wasn't it?
Ki: These days the things I make are always mesh, using materials. The mesh builds have become more significant part of what we offer.

Q: What do you think makes KiX so successful?

Cindy: I think it's that people can see the quality in what Ki makes and we don't charge huge prices, so they get low prim, high quality at a great price. Ki is always striving to lower the LI of something.  I say oh it's just 1 more LI but he is determined to try for hours sometimes to get that extra LI off it.
Ki: it would be great to make things where LI is not a constraint, but for most people Land Impact is part of their budget.

Q: What is your best selling product?

Cindy: Our BDSM range is very popular and more recently we have branched into a lesbian range which completely surprised us with its popularity. I mean we did our homework, we knew it was something people wanted.  The customers wanted lesbian furniture for them, ie not just a section in an adult bed menu.

Q: So clearly you listen to your customers, how do you do that?

Cindy: We have a suggestion contact on our blog, not used much but we do like to ask!
Ki: We also keep an eye on sales patterns over time.

Q: What would you like our readers to know about Kix?

Cindy:  we would just like people to come see us, judge for themselves.  Test everything! If nothing else that's fun.
Ki: Well said Cind.  At the end of the day that's what we're trying to do.  Offer things that people enjoy by offering things that we like.
Cindy: We also try to do a group gift at least every 6 weeks, I am always giving away stuff.

Q: What about customer Service, I know that can be a big deal.

Cindy: well I am online more often than Ki, so both our profiles refer them to IM me. It's rare but we try to get it sorted within 12 hours if there is any issue. If it's our fault we would refund and then try and sort it out but really it's only been double purchases, but Ki has usually caught that anyway in the sales.

When you want it all: Good price, great looks, custom animations and low land impact you have to look to KiX for the solution. It’s a great shop with good people behind it all. It’s hard to find that combination and you get it all ay KiX!


Friday, August 17, 2018

New Releases From KiX - Let's Get A Little Dirty!

Introducing the Grunge Pallet Sofa from KiX, a perfect addition to your urban roleplay or dirty basement living.

This sofa comes in 4 versions Male/Female Adult and PG or Lesbian Adult and PG
An original mesh sofa made from pallets and crates with grungy dirty textures stuffed full of KiX original animations and some of the best animations available combined with plenty of props.   It also comes with texture change scatter cushions and a pallet table which rezzes props too to enhance your scene.

The adult versions come with RLV enabled
Sofa 5LI
Texture change scatter cushions 1 LI
Table with rezzable rubbish props 2 LI
The adult versions are at XXX Original Event for August

The PG versions can be found in the Main Store

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New Release: KiX Rattan Collection and Half Price Offer

Ready for a stylish addition to your outdoor space?  Here comes The KiX Rattan Collection and shush,  here's a secret:  Group members can grab this collection or any of it's pieces for half price between Friday 27th July and 3rd August. (small join fee applies)

Buying the complete collection does make you huge savings compared to purchasing individual items PLUS the half price deal on top!  I think the summer heat has affected our heads.  Available in PG or Adult options with a lesbian sofa version coming soon,  your deck, patio, or conservatory will be transformed!

The collection :
Rattan Sofa - texture change, 5LI, Mod/Copy - Adult or PG
Rattan Armchair - texture change, 5 LI, Mod/Copy - Adult or PG
Rattan Couples Seat - texture change, 3 LI, Mod/Copy - Adult or PG
Rattan Single Seat - texture change, 5 LI, Mod/Copy - Adult or PG
Rattan Table - Rezzing Props, 2 LI, Mod/Copy
Rattan Fire Bowl - On/off menu, 2 LI, Mod/Copy
Rattan Planter - 4 LI, Mod/Copy
Texture Change Cushion Set #1 - 1 LI, Mod/Copy

Monday, June 18, 2018


It's summer in Second Life and we have the perfect set for you to laze around the pool, on your deck or at the beach.

It's summer in Second Life and we have the perfect set for you to laze around the pool, on your deck or at the beach.

The KiX Lounger set from our KiX on the Beach range is original KiX mesh and stuffed full of texture changes to compliment any setting.
The Lounger: Land Impact is only 5 and available in adult or PG versions with multiple texture changes for the wood, the towels and the cushion. Cute and hot animations and props to make your day at the pool go with a bang!
The Table:  Land impace of only 2 and also has the same wood textures as the lounger and decor props that can rez via a button.
The Table & Parasol.  With a land impact of only 4 this has 3 different parasol texture options and the same wood choices, all available on touch from the menu!

There is more!  With every adult version you get a PG lounger free; for those moments you have to behave. 
Where can we get it? I hear you cry.  Illuminate Home and Garden is the only dedicated original content monthly Home and Garden event on the grid.

TP on over to our booth and see for yourself... watch out for the waiter

Sunday, June 10, 2018


KiX On The Beach is our range of beach and patio furniture and starting on 13th of June we have a month of sales and new products for the summer.

First in the main store we have 50% off everything in the range.  Come on over and grab a bargain at our special.  During the event we will have a raffle going where the winner can choose a prize from anything at all in the KiX Main Store and a new group gift!

The sale event also coincides with KiX in 2 shopping events.  First on the 13th June at 1 pm slt we have the new KiX Adult Lesbian Beach Towel and windbreak as an exclusive.  Then on 18th June we have the new KiX Beach Lounger in both adult and PG versions, exclusive for Illuminate event.

More information on the 2 new items can be found on our blog

Friday, April 27, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: KiX Are Bringing Something Different To Your Kink Play

Not everyone wants to play in a typical dungeon setting, so KiX brings you something new to our ErotiX range.
Introducing the Modena BDSM Bed Collection which is fully loaded with KiX original animations plus additional 3rd party animations including bento, RLV, props and Lock Guard.
The Modena is a sleek and stylish modern style BDSM bed with multiple texture change options combining to add class to any setting. Indulge in restraints, wax play, crop play as well as a cage and leash post to fulfill your kinky desires.  The collection also includes free standing texture change decor items such as a night stand, vase and floor lamp.
The bed has options for 1 male Dominant and up to 2 female subs 
Knowledge of RLV functions is a plus using this bed though not a requirement. It just adds to the fun ;)

With a land impact of 10 and copy permissions along with a multi choice texture change menu, we are sure you will have hours of enjoyment with this bed.

Want to see more?  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Naughty Halloween Fun at KiX

Have fun with your shopping this Halloween.  

KiX has set out a themed Halloween department for your Halloween furniture needs. Shop among the ghosts and rats for beds and sofas all made with KiX original and exclusive mesh and animations with a Halloween themed twist.

There is also a cheeky little NSFW free gift for all. So come dodge the cobwebs and see for yourselves. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

KiX End of Summer Savings Weekend Event!

Join us at the Main Store for a weekend of end of summer bargains.

There's a 30L$ Saturday event which is a special extended 2 day event this time but also we have a 50% Sale on all in the ErotiX Department. 
So if you are looking for a kinky boost to the bedroom, this is the sale for you.

It all kicks of at midnight slt on Friday and lasts until midnight slt on Sunday.

All KiX furniture is made with our original  exclusive mesh and our original and exclusive animations to give that perfect fit

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

KIX Meditation Platform with Tai Chi and Sky Dance

Everyone needs time to unwind in peaceful tranquility and with the KiX Meditation Platform you can do that in style. 
This original mesh build brings you tai chi animations which can be used solo or together and a hypnotic couples skydance to keep you transfixed. All KiX animations are exclusive originals. The platform contains 5 different texture changes to suit your environment and all this with a lovely low land impact of only two.
So if you are looking to create a zen and relaxation  area then we invite you to check out the Meditation Platform

Saturday, July 15, 2017

New Release from KiX: The Chaise Day Bed

In store today we present The Chaise from KiX.  The chaise is available in 3 options to suit many environments.  Luxurious Silk, Cozy Fur or Zingy Beach textures all created with KiX original mesh and KiX original animations.  We are sure you will find on to suit your needs.

We also have a promotion on.  Buy the very naughty adult version and get the PG version free for when the children are around.  Please come on over to the main store and have a look today.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Release from KiX - The Old Wooden Raft [promo offer]

Ready for lazy summer days or cozy chilled evenings; The Old Wooden Raft is your perfect escape down the river and loaded with naughty fun in the adult version and relaxing cuddles and sits in the PG version.  Includes a menu controlled lantern and fire to rez on choice from the menu.

All original and exclusive KiX animations, mesh and props

The KiX Old Wooden Raft  is available in both adult and PG versions
PROMO OFFER - Free PG raft with every Adult version purchased

Sunday, May 21, 2017


After a few months of working hard, this weekend we release The KiX Aura BDSM Bed.
This bed is packed full of options that every D/s needs.  Did I say D/s?  well we might have a hint of D/s/D/s for you but best you test that out for yourselves.  For this Bonanza Weekend group members can purchase this bed for half price in the main store.

There is more!  Items in the KiX on The Beach range will be half price this weekend too, both in the main store and on the market place.
Want even more?  Oh you lucky people!  We have something special out for you in the 30L$ Saturday too.
Oh ok you can have a cherry on the top.  New group gift to be found in our new ErotiX building next to the main store.

All this starts Friday 26th May and as it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK will last until Midnight slt on Monday