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Thursday, October 25, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Copacabana Country Campground Haunted Cave

Are you ready to discover the secret of Copacabana Country? Legend says the campground was built on a Native American place of power. Centuries ago there was a battle between the living and the dead with the Copacabana tribe and their shaman successfully locking the demons and skinwalkers away in a mystical cave. The spell cast to keep the evil contained would last for 500 years. That was in 1518, 500 years ago.

Now the veil is lifting and the entities are trying to return to the Earthly plane. Only the mystical stone left by the shaman of the Copacabana tribe can stop them. Do you have what it takes to explore the cave, face the nightmare creatures and find the stone? Come to Copacabana Country Campgrounds and find out! Enter the cave in the corner of the campground and if you’re brave enough, step through the trap door and find the mystical stone!!!

If that’s too much excitement, check out our Maize Maze for a spooky, but decidedly less terrifying, good time!!



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