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Monday, July 22, 2019

LOOK of the YEAR The winners are...QUINTE and YEBEN!

The fifth LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR is Quinte from China and the first LUXE Dot Be LOOK of the YEAR is Yeben from Belgium!

Right behind them, Selene Snowpaw from USA, first runner up in the Women's category, Ahn Avion from USA, first runner up in the Men's category, and Melany Aguilera from Peru and Nasao Elton from Colombia, the second runners up!

The excitement was at its peak, Sunday, on AIM stage as the LOOK of the YEAR finalists competed in a final challenge. On the theme ''Romance at the Ritz'', the finalists rivaled elegance, really carrying us into the luxurious ambience of this mythical Paris hotel.

As the finalist were walking the runway, the 13 judges evaluated their style, elegance and charisma and gave them a last score. This score was added to the Swimsuits competition and Happy Sunny Afternoon challenge scores, assigned last week, and the total determined the winners.


The two winners were astounded as the two of them had no modeling background and that several experienced models were in the race. 

''I am totally shocked'' said Quinte, who was intensely trained by her friends models the last past weeks.

''I still wonder what’s happening to me'' confided Yeben, a DJ in his ''normal'' Second Life.

It is not mandatory to be a professional model to enter the LOOK of the YEAR competition but you must demonstrate that you have the potential to become one. The LOOK of the YEAR organization, together with In-Nova Academy and Proposes, offers an accelerated modeling course for the inexperienced finalists and a scholarship to the winners.


This is however the first time in five years that the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR is a new comer to the modeling world. As for LUXE Dot Be, Yeben’s victory comes as part of the brand’s first participation in the competition.

Quinte and Yeben distinguished themselves by the quality and originality of their look and their excellent performance on the runway, convincing the judges that they were the best possible ambassadors!

The new LUXE Paris and LUXE Dot Be LOOK of the YEAR each received the tidy sum of L$50,000! They also won: One year of free shopping at LUXE Paris/LUXE Dot Be (a value of L$30 000), a fashion feature in The Second Life Enquirer and in the magazines ModeLS,  SL Confidencial and L'Amour Diversity (a value of L$30 000),  a private dinner party for 20 at the Duplex Club (a value of L$5000), a scholarship at In-Nova Model Training (a value of L$4000), a gift card of L$3500 at ProPose, a gift card of L$3000 at Alma Makeup, a crown by Zuri Jewelry (a scepter for the man), a value of L$1500, an official picture by Jack Rock (a value of L$1000), an hour coaching with Ponchituti Boucher and a VIP invite to be part of AIM Modeling Agency.

The two runners up in each category (women & men) also received a scholarship at In-Nova Model Training (a value of L$4000), a Zuri tiara or scepter (L$1000), a gift card from ProPose (L$2500 for the first and L$1500 for the second), a gift card from Alma Makeup (L$1000 for the first and L$500 for the second) and an official picture by Jack Rock (L$1000). They will also get an hour coaching with Ponchituti Boucher and be interviewed by ModeLS Magazine and SL Confidencial.

Bravo to the winners but also to all the finalists who gave a fabulous show!


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