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Showing posts with label LOOK of the YEAR. Show all posts

Monday, October 24, 2022

Model for only a few months LATHILDA JANSSEN, LOOK of the YEAR 2nd runner-up A NEW STAR IS BORN!

A novice in the world of modelling, Lathilda Janssen surprised many, including herself, by obtaining the third-highest score in the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition.

An interview by Ely Catronis
Photos by Mika Palmyra

EC: Before we get to know you, what was it like to hear your name called as the second runner up? 

‘’I was in shock to be honest! I am very new to the modelling world, and I do not have a lot of experience on a runway.  I never expected to be 2nd runner up in the first fashion contest I entered!’’  

EC: I can still feel your excitement! That is so incredible Would you share a little about yourself and how you found this world of Second Life?

‘’I discovered Second Life by chance. I played a lot of games before and saw SL advertised on a website and it sounds interesting.’’

EC: While being in SL, what brought you to the world of modelling and fashion? Are there models or designers that inspire you?

‘’Last April, I started thinking about the possibility of doing something else apart from building, my other passion, and I realized that I would love to learn more about fashion. I always enjoyed creating new outfits. A friend told me Naar Rexen had a modelling academy, 
where she offered a free taster course. I joined straight away!

''One of the designers I admire the most is Iris Van Harpen because she does not only create fashion, but she also creates 3D works of art’’. 

EC: Do you have any advice for people interested in fashion or modelling?

‘’If you are passionate and serious about being a model or want to learn more about fashion you can find a lot of modelling courses here in Second Life. Join one of them and 
start learning something new.’’
E.C.: What is your favorite memory from the LOOK of the YEAR Contest? Or what will be your big takeaway moment from the experience? 

‘’The best memory for me is meeting so many nice people! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, from the designers who created our clothes and jewellery, LUXE Paris and ZURI, to ONE On ONE Agency team who helped us throughout the challenges and also the other eleven contestants!’’ 

E.C.: Aside from those wonderful memories and great experiences, are there any other events or organizations that you are involved in?

‘’I am currently attending modelling classes at Naar Rexen's In-Nova Models Academy, and also, I have been working for many years as an interior designer and landscaper together with my friend and business partner Cloe.’’

Thursday, August 18, 2022


The Annual LUXE Paris LOOK OF THE YEAR Competition is a glamorous event with the most beautiful models throughout the grid, all competing for the crown and the title to be the Ambassador of the LUXE Paris brand.  It is a tough competition of weekly themed photographs viewed by a panel of judges.

This year’s Ambassador, raised in Japan and living in Hawaii, found Second Life helped her to live out her passion and love for fashion and design. Jade Pono, a beautiful and confident model, found that perseverance and believing in yourself will one day prove that dreams do come true.  Jade will be the unique and outspoken Ambassador that LUXE Paris had looked for in the 2022 LOTY.  Come sit down at the table and meet Jade, this year’s winner.

Interview with Jade Pono

Ely Catronis (EC):  Congratulations to you on winning your title! What were your thoughts that moment when they called your name as the winner?

Jade Pono (JP): Honestly  I don't remember the details.

Throughout the show, the local chat was full of audience chats and announcements from the hosts, plus I had to follow the instructions of the show's group chat director, so

My screen was constantly flooded with chatter.

Then, just before the announcement of the winner, someone in the audience shouted "Nikki You got it! So I honestly thought that Nikkilicious, one of the finalists and a great stylist, had won.

About 10 seconds later, I remembered Mika announced my name, but I was kind of listening to it from a distance as a third party. Under those special and unusual circumstances, I was feeling a bit flustered, my feet weren't on the ground, and I didn't really feel that I was called the winner at all.

I started receiving a lot of IMs right away, and then the director told me to go to the podium by IM. Even then, I still didn't really realize what was going on.

I've been modeling full-time for almost 4 years, so when I get instructions from the director, I follow the cue and can move naturally without thinking. So I automatically walked to the podium. From that moment to the next day, I received several hundred IMs from friends and acquaintances. I was crazy busy just replying to all of those so I really didn't have time to think about what was going on...hahaha...

It's been a week today since the finale of the competition and I still can not believe what happened to me.

EC: Wow.  That is an incredible story. I can imagine the surprise. Where are you from and how did you discover SL?

Jade: I was born and raised in Japan. In my mid-twenties,  I married a local American Hawaiian man who was introduced to me through work in Japan then I moved to Hawaii. My English reading and writing skills were limited to what I learned in compulsory schooling, and my English conversation skills were almost non-existent.  Therefore, almost 100% of the English I use in daily conversation today is something I acquired naturally while living in Hawaii.

One day I found SL when I was reading an article that talked about the experiences of people doing virtual worlds. At first, I was just curious and thought I would quit when I got bored, but I got hooked on the fun of it.

EC: How did you come across your passion for fashion and modeling in SL?

Jade: I get asked this question many times but I actually don't remember much detail about how I was involved in the SL Fashion industry.  Maybe it was my fate... I will share here as much as I can remember. 

In the beginning, when I started SL, I just liked to shop and visit different stores and events.

I enjoy dressing up every day and didn't think more than that.  I don't know if I should reveal too much about my real life, but before my late real-life husband died, he had several businesses of different fields going and he was a pioneer in some of them in Hawaii. 

One of them was Haute Couture Clothing Business.  All of the clothes were one-of-a-kind and completely handmade, and he was able to run a few solo runway shows, albeit locally in Hawaii.

The store has already closed, but as a remnant of that, before my husband's death, there were always piles of posters for shows and tons of clothing fabrics in the house here and there. I am 5'4" (164cm ) tall in real life, so of course, I can't be a runway model and I can't follow a strict diet program. But I always admired this glamorous world from afar.

Then I happened to start SL, and after a while, I heard that a friend of mine was going to be in a runway show as a model, and I was interested to see there was such a thing in SL, so I went to see it. After that, I enrolled in a modeling academy.  After graduation, I participated in castings for all kinds of modeling agencies, and I was kind of selfless, and before I knew it, four years had passed,  and I belonged to more than 20 agencies.

EC:  Is there a person, style or brand that inspires you the most?

Jade: There is not only one person or style or brand that inspires me so this is difficult to answer.   I share one from real life and some from Secondlife. 

In real life, I love Guo Pei very much.  It is a Haute Couture brand that is a mixed style of Asian Romantic Avant-Garde.  I want to make clothes like that in SL one day.

In Second Life, as stylist and model, my greatest respect goes to Falbala Staheli (Falbala Fairey), Wicca Merlin, Hanne Strawberry Keinn, Steele Sinah, World Undercroft,  Carley Benazzi , Jeanie Waydelich, and Shantal Gravois.    I like the way they don't flatter anyone and just go their own way. 

When you are a model, you are constantly being told many things by the people around you. Of course, it is important as a professional to listen to the advice to change things, but if you let yourself be swayed by it, you will lose sight of who you are. It is the difference between being one of many models and being unique.  These people don't bend to their own style. No matter what the theme of their styling, it is easy to tell who they are at a glance. 

I have a very flexible and gentle personality outside. It's one of my personality and correct but inside of myself is actually a very stubborn and hard head.  But if I show this part too much in public, I will lose the job so I adjust myself when I do modeling.

So these people I mentioned really got my respect. They have confidence in themselves and are not afraid to be different, always speaking to the world about who they are by their styling. I hope one day to become this level.  I know it's a long road to become like this! 

Also  Morgan Incognito, Melinda Bayn, Selena Takeda,  Shiloh Mae,  Tymon Alexander have got my respect not only as models but also as human beings. They are all my true SL family.  They support me both in my good times and bad times.  I love them dearly and received HUGE inspiration from them. 

There are so many brands that inspire me in Secondlife , it's hard to narrow it down to just one, but of course, Luxe Paris and I love Ridi - Ludi - Fool (Japanese Avant Garde brand) very much.  Zibska, Heth Haute Couture and Eshi Otawara.  About Eshi Otawara, I haven't had the real experience , but I keep hearing about this brand all the time from veteran fellow models so I went to research and found out that it was a pioneer of Avant Garde Fashion of  SL...since then this brand is hooked in my mind.

EC: That is enlightening to learn all the inspiration that gave us your unique style. Now that you are wearing the Look of The Year crown, what are your plans for representing Luxe Paris in Second Life?

Jade: I would like to fulfill my responsibilities as an ambassador for this year.

First of all, I would like to do my job as a poster model for a new product. I would like to resume blogging by the beginning of next month at the latest, and actively introduce Luxe Paris products on social networks. I want to do something that will help sales as much as possible.

Second, I plan to do the Luxe Paris runway shows at multiple agencies.

Third, I plan on attending charity shows or events. I have little experience of this in the past. It's a lot of work so from now on, I should save some energy for this! 

And finally, I want to become a designer, though it is still just a dream at this point.  For the Luxe Paris competition challenge, I added sleeves and fringe to create a 1970's hippie style for the 1st challenge, and for the final formal gown, I made a cape with the Luxe Paris logo on it and added it to the styling.  I have a lot of designs swirling around in my head. But I don't have the skills to make them a reality yet, so I'll be practicing making clothes all this year. 

EC: We are looking forward to seeing your journey this year. Do you have any advice for other models who might be inspired to try for next year’s Look of the Year of Luxe Paris competition?

Jade: I felt that this Luxe Paris of The Year contest was a tough one. You are not bound for 3 or 4 months like some of the other known competitions, but because of that, each challenge is more intense.

This contest decides the ambassador of the Luxe Paris brand, which is a big difference from other competitions where you are not bound by the brand and can style your own clothes freely.

The only jewelry that could be used this time was from the sponsor, Zuri Jewelry, and they did not encourage hair accessories that would stand out more than the brand's signature pieces.

I thought that hairstyle, makeup, and poses were very important to stand out from the other contestants and to catch the judges' attention.

I feel that it is very difficult to get to the top unless you can attract judges one rank higher than that and make them want to copy your styling. 

For example, it is said that it is taboo to raise one's hands and show one's sides in a formal gown on the runway, but if you get too caught up in this rule, all the poses will fall within the safe line, and it will be boring to watch. I recommend incorporating one or two poses that challenge the viewer until the very last minute.

I think we should always evolve and keep changing, and to do that, we should always challenge ourselves.

Also, I highly recommend and suggest for you attend all the seminars during this competition that Ponchituti Boucher from One On One Modeling Agency and Naar Rexen from In-Nova Agency offer to the finalists. These seminars will help you a lot and are worth it for all the models. 

EC: As a model, are there other fashion-related events that you see yourself getting involved in?

Jade: Yes.  I am involved as a model and blogger manager for a charity event called I Say No Event Benefit to Rainn (ISNE), which is directly connected to the Real Life Rainn organization. This is the third year.

Another project is The Powerhouse Collective which shines a light on minorities in every sense of the word, models who are talented but not getting out in the public eye for various reasons.  I am a Co-Owner of the agency.  So far we have created several video shows. Next month we will do our first show with an audience.

EC: Besides Modeling, is there anything else that you enjoy?

Jade: Some of my friends are videographers and they sometimes invite me to perform in their dance videos.  We are usually dressed up in mini-skirted kimonos, belly dancers, K-pop, or other costumes (Cosplay type) and dance with a few or a large group of people.

EC:  Thank you for the interview today. It has been wonderful to meet and talk with you. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

Jade:  First I would like to say my sincere gratitude to the owners of Luxe Paris, Mika Palmyra and Paris Skytower, and also all the judges of the competition and staff.  Because of them I am here and have the opportunity for this interview. 

I must confess that I have done a fair amount of work over the past four years.  It was not unusual for me to be working two shows on the same day, rehearsing for the next show, and shooting poster models for designer products.

Before this Luxe Paris contest, I had participated in several other contests, but the results were not so good. More than once, I wondered why I was not recognized for my hard work and why I was not getting any results. So I've been in a ' Zen '  mood these past few years.  Zen mood means I just do my own best and not think about anything other than that. 

So I came to the Luxe Paris of The Year 2022 contest this time with the stance of doing my best and not expecting any results. 

So I could not believe they chose me as a winner. I can't really feel it.

So, if there are models who are struggling with the lack of results in the contests, I really understand the pain and struggles that they are going through, and I want to encourage them from the bottom of my heart.

It could be tomorrow or it could be a few years from now that you get results. In my case, it took 4 years.

Once you get the results, all the hard work and underachievement until then will be nothing. So please don't give up, be optimistic that you are on the way to a bright future, and just look forward and do your best.

Additional Information

LUXE Paris Look of the Year Grand Finale LIVE:

LUXE Paris has found its new ambassador: JADE PONO WINS! ~ The SL Enquirer

Preferred Contact: Jade Pono

Facebook :

Monday, August 15, 2022

The final episode of the Making Of LOOK of the YEAR

 To conclude her exciting series on the Making Of LOOK of the YEAR, Petlove leaves behind the scenes to capture all the glamor of the grand finale! 

Thursday, August 11, 2022

LUXE Paris has found its new ambassador: JADE PONO WINS!


It is Jade Pono, an experienced model renowned for her professionalism and her style woven with ardor and femininity, who won over the LOOK of the YEAR jury during the grand final Sunday.


It took a long time for Jade to realize that she had just been elected LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR!

“When Mika Palmyra announced that she was going to reveal the name of the winner, someone in the crowd shouted Nikki You got that! so I thought, cool, it's Nikki, now I'm going to be able to go rest because I haven't slept for two nights, I was so feverish,'' tells Jade with emotion.

''But I was getting all kinds of weird messages...and the coordinator was asking me to go in front! I was totally confused... Until I saw the crown arriving in my inventory!''

Japanese living in Hawaii, Jade Pono has been a professional virtual model for five years.

''Short in real life, I wanted a second life as a great tall top model so I got to work, combining training and participating in as many fashion shows as possible to gain experience.
''Today I am member of 25 agencies and on some Saturdays, I have three shows in a row!''

The new LUXE Paris ambassador received L$50,000 in cash, an elegant tiara created for her by Zuri Rayna and another L$50,000 in gift cards from LUXE Paris, ZURI Jewellery, In-Nova Modeling Academy, Swank & Co, ProPose Modeling Poses and Visionaire Photo Institute.

The runners up

In the wake of Jade, also very stylish and remarkable on the runway, another highly reputable experienced model, Hunipet Delicioso, 1st runner up, and a student model, a new star, Lathilda, 2nd runner up.

The two runners-up each received L$10,000 in cash, a ZURI tiara and over L$15,000 in gift cards.

The three LOOK of the YEAR winners will also appear in several reports in The SL Enquirer and in the magazines SL Confidencial, SL20 and LUXE Paris.


It's a colorful show that the 12 finalists delivered in their last LOOK of the YEAR challenge. On a grandiose stage created by Parisian Skytower, co-owner LUXE Paris, the great 12 took us on a journey around the world by interpreting, in turn, a particular look inspired by one of the 12 most important fashion capitals of the planet.

In our fantasy world, Rihanna, Cher and Madonna, three of the world’s biggest fashion icons, created the Global Fashion Ball to benefit hungry children. At their head table, 12 elegant women diplomats representing the 12 most important fashion capitals of the planet, the 12 LOOK of the YEAR finalists!

Each of the finalists was asked to prepare a formal look representing the fashion style of a particular capital. The 12 greatest fashions capitals were selected according to the latest Global Fashion & Luxury Cities Index (Nov 2021) and assigned to the finalists randomly.

And all the finalists shone, admirably capturing the fashion essence of each of the capitals and arousing an extremely close vote.


Finalists had to present an outfit made up of LUXE Paris clothing and ZURI jewellery and have received for this, generous gift cards from both brands. The LOOK of the YEAR contest is the only style competition on the grid which subsidizes its finalists.

The jury was made up of 13 personalities from the fashion and media worlds: Parisian Skytower & Mika Palmyra,
LUXE Paris owners, Zuri Rayna, owner and designer Zuri Jewelry, Valsnia, LOOK of the YEAR 2021-2022, Ponchituti Boucher, legendary top model, co-owner of One On One Agency and owner ProPose Modeling Poses, Frolic Mills, another virtual fashion legend who practically invented the industry in Second Life and the owner of the new SL20 magazine, Lanai Jarrico, owner of The SL Enquirer, , Adonis Lubomir, owner of Swank Events and Womenstuff group, Chema K, owner of SL Confidencial magazine, Ava Jhamin, co-owner The A-List and L'Amour Productions, Stephano Del Piero, teacher at In-Nova Model Training Academy, Consuela Blanche, manager Visionaire Photo Institute, Virgo, manager of the Latin Quarter.

The judges have awarded a score to each finalist by evaluating the accuracy and originality of their interpretation of their fashion capital as well as the presence of LUXE Paris and ZURI elegance. They also evaluated the finalists stage presence and charisma. The scores allocated during this last challenge were added to those of the first challenge, which took place ten days ago on the theme DECADES of FASHION 1950-2020. It is the sum that determined the winner.


As soon as the FASHION CAPITALS challenge was over, Mika Palmyra, the other owner-designer of LUXE Paris, left de judges' lounge to proceed with the compilation of the votes. Usually a long and boring moment, this waiting period turned into magic tho as Valsnia, outgoing LOOK of the YEAR winner, surprised the crowd with the launch of her first collection for LUXE Paris!

Suddenly, the majestic runway decked out of gold and onyx disappeared to give way to a magical Hindu garden. Five top models from One On One Agency, ZosiaAura, Memole, Miso, Tiy and Sholy, appeared as so many mysterious goddesses... This is because Valsnia's new collection pays homage to her country, India.

"I married traditional fabrics from my own real-life wardrobe with today's styles and cuts to show the two sides of India, its fondness for the past and its modernity," says Valsnia.

Among the traditional fabrics used, Valsnia's wedding dress and that of her mother.


The presentation of the collection ''LUXE Paris COLORS of INDIA by Valsnia'' was immediately followed by the long-awaited highlight of the event, the crowning of the new LOOK of the YEAR, Jade Pono, and of the runners-up Hunipet Delicioso and Lathilda.

Jade was so shocked that it took her long minutes before she could find her words to thank the judges, the organization and her supporters. On the VPC, the models' private communication system when they are on stage, the show's coordinator, Lali Arbizu, was begging Jade to break the silence...

''I just couldn't believe it'', Jade exclaims.
''I still cant believe it'', she added, 48 hours later.

Sa soeur Morgan
l'a inspirée

This is the second year that Jade has taken part in the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition. Chosen in the semi-finals last year, she had not been selected for the final and here she is the big winner! What happened? What changed?

“What a tough question,” Jade comments with a laugh. ''I think it was my sister Morgan Incognito who inspired me. I so wanted her to be proud of me!

Morgan, Jade's virtual sister, also Japanese in RL, is a celebrity in the fashion world both for her qualities as a top model and for her involvement in many projects to improve the world such as her I SAY NO campaign benefiting RAINN, the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network.

Jade also thinks the LOOK of the YEAR mentoring team and the training she received in her early days at Naar Rexen's In-Nova Academy played a big role.


"These mentorship classes and seminars with legendary supermodel Ponchitutti Boucher were the best part of the competition," she says feistily.
''It's worth millions of dollars to me!
''As for the school that introduced me to modeling, In-Nova, it is an extremely serious and very demanding institution!
''I even learned the basics of design there, which allowed me to create a cape to highlight my LUXE Paris dress for the final!''

Obviously, no one will be surprised to learn that Jade would like to continue her design apprenticeship within the LUXE Paris team. To be continued!

You regret missing the LOOK of the YEAR grand final?
Watch the ''live'' broadcasted by SL4Live-TV on YouTube:

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Breaking News! The new LUXE Paris LOOK OF THE YEAR IS JADE PONO!


Jade Pono is the new LUXE Paris ambassador! Hunipet Delicioso won the 1st Runner Up tiara and Lathilda won the 2nd Runner UP tiara.

Jade was chosen from among 12 grand finalists by a jury of 13 fashion and media personalities. The finalists were themselves selected from more than 300 applications.

The new 2022 winner received L$50,000 in cash, an exquisite tiara created for her by Zuri Rayna, and another L$50,000 in gift cards from LUXE Paris, Zuri Jewellery, In-Nova Modeling Academy, Swank & Co, ProPose Modeling Poses and Visionaire Photo Institute.

Jade also received a VIP invitation to join the ranks of the prestigious One On One agency, producer of the LOOK of the YEAR final.

Jade, Hunipet, and Lathilda will also be the stars of reports in the SL Enquirer and the magazines SL Confidencial, SL20, and LUXE Paris.

SEE THE FINAL ON YOUTUBE in a SL4Live-TV production AT

Friday, July 29, 2022


Have you ever seen a professional fashion show in Second Life? Well, the magic of SL fashion is to be discovered absolutely and the 12 LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR finalists will dazzle the catwalk for you this SUNDAY, July 31 at 9 AM SLT!

The first LOOK of the YEAR challenge will take place on the theme ''DECADES of FASHION 1950-2020''. The finalists will each interpret a decade while DJ Blueyes Bonetto will set the mood with some cool vintage music!

Starring: Arion Vella, Hunipet Delicioso, JadePono, Keira Rhapsody, Lathilda, Lokia Float, Nikkilici0us, Stormy Spires, Trinity Aironaut, VanessaJane66, Virginia775 and Wartooth.

From long satin gloves and socialite fifties party dresses to minimalist and ethical fashion of the 2020s, we'll travel back in time on the wings of LUXE Paris fashion and ZURI jewelry.

The jury will assign a score to each finalist by evaluating the accuracy and originality of the interpretation as well as the presence of LUXE Paris and ZURI elegance. They will also evaluate their stage presence and charisma as they walk the runway in a show produced by ONE On ONE.

The finalists will compete in a second challenge next Sunday, a challenge that will be immediately followed by the revealing of the new LOOK of the YEAR. The new LUXE Paris ambassador will win L$50,000 cash and numerous gifts from the sponsors as the two runners-up will also receive gifts and L$10,000 cash each.

Your limo will be waiting for you on our website Sunday morning. You will also find there the link to our live broadcast on YouTube by SL4Live-TV, if you cant make it inworld.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022


 A new episode of our favorite soap, the ''Making Of'' LOOK of the YEAR, is online! See how Ponchie and Naar teams unpack all their know-how to teach our finalists the art of being a supermodel, a catwalk star! See our finalists at work, attentive and so beautifully styled. Another little gem from filmmaker Petlove Petshop.

On our website

Sunday, July 17, 2022

LOOK of the YEAR The' MAKING OF' Episode 1- NOW ONLINE!

Filmmaker Petlove Petshop takes us behind the scenes of the LOOK of the YEAR competition, following the adventures of our 12 finalists step by step. In this first episode of this Making Of, the broadcast of which will continue until the election of the new LUXE Paris ambassador, she explains the concept of the competition, takes us on a tour of the Hall of Candidates with its walls lined with hundreds of photos and attends the mentorship workshop. Next episode: The Judges Brunch.

Thursday, June 30, 2022





The race now enters the liveliest of action! Here are the 12 finalists who will compete for the prestigious LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR title and the super prize of L$50,000 cash that comes with it! Congratulations to Arion Vella, Gabriela Seubert, Hunipet Delicioso, JadePono, Lathilda, Lokia Float, Nikkilicious, Stormy Spires, Trinity Aironaut, VanessaJane66, Virginia775 and Wartooth!

These exceptional women of style were selected from 303 submissions by a jury of 14 renowned personalities from the worlds of media and fashion.

They will now have to showcase their talents in 3 inworld events. First there will be the Judges Brunch, where each of the finalists will have to present a short speech (typed in the public chat) explaining why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris.


Two challenge shows will follow, where the finalists will be able to showcase their styling skills and presence on stage. For the first challenge, the 12 big ones will have to interpret one of the Decades of Fashion from 1950 to 2020 with fashion from LUXE Paris and jewelry from ZURI. The decades will be allocated by drawing lots.

For the second and last challenge, the finalists will have to represent one of the 12 biggest Fashion Capitals on the planet on the occasion of a charity ball organized by Rihanna, Cher, and Madonna.

It is the total of the scores awarded by the jury during these two challenges that will determine who will be the next LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR. The jury is looking for a stylish woman who will represent LUXE Paris with grace and charisma. The new LUXE Paris ambassador will be revealed immediately after the Fashion Capitals challenge.

The public is cordially invited to the two challenge shows, on July 31, 9:00 AM SLT, and August 7, 9:00 AM SLT. Don't miss these wonderful fashion moments so rich in emotions! Watch for your limo at LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2022