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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Fractured Realty Roleplay- Join in the Sci Fi Action February 6th at 4am SLT

The place that finally answers the age old question. What if 'Gilligan's Island' was a sci-fi, 'The Minnow' a space ship, the 'Uncharted Desert Isle' a fracture in interdimensional spacetime, the 'five passengers' actually escaped mental patients, the 'fearless crew' actually mercenaries & scientists with conflicting agendas, and it was produced for 'Cinemax Late Night'.

What is Fracturd Reality Roleplay?

The Fractured, a stranded, a spaceship, crashed in a time and space fold into Worlds. to explore,
Experience , RLV, Meter Assisted, Themed Role Play Area. No child, or non-human like Avatars in this erotic sci-fi area 
(Vulcan/Andorian yes, wookies, no)


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