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Thursday, March 28, 2024

SPOTLIGHT ON STURBRIDGE GROVE- A Wholesome Family Community- Leave your drama at the door- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

If you have spent some time exploring Second Life you will know that it is a grid full of close knit communities and activities that cater to various lifestyles. From Vampires and Furries to Music, Fashion and culture with families that create communities they call home; Sturbridge Grove is an SL community based on the old Sturbridge village in Massachusetts founded in 1738. 

Sturbridge Grove in Second Life is a community where safety and a warm home awaits families and kids of all ages. You will find homes and businesses that create a hometown charm that welcomes all to a wholesome pg-rated roleplay community.

 The SL Enquirer met up with Owner of Sturbridge Grove; Adam Papp Gatier (petenka) to learn more about what makes his community so unique.

Interview with Adam Papp Gatier

Lanai: Hi Adam, it’s a pleasure to see you again. Thank you for sharing such a well designed community. I took a tour and was drawn to how organized and detailed it was. Your attention to detail made it easy for me to navigate through the community. Can you share with our readers how you discovered Second life and what led you on your path to creating this unique community based on the real Sturbridge in Massachusetts?

Adam: Thank you, Lanai, it's great to have you back, and thanks for your kind words. My journey into Second Life began many years ago as a quest for creativity and community. Right away, I saw its potential for connection and imaginative roleplay. Inspired by the quaint charm of Massachusetts where I attended Private Boarding School myself, I sought to bring the same sense of hometown warmth into Second Life. Thus, Sturbridge Grove was born - a place where roleplay families can come together and create cherished memories.

I must say, though, the credit for the beautifully detailed community truly belongs to our dedicated team.  I believe that the lasting success of any community is rooted in having a cohesive team of individuals who not only work together but also genuinely care for one another.  Everyone has poured their heart and soul into creating an organized and immersive environment for our residents and visitors.  

Lanai: A strong and dedicated team is key to success and it shows in the beautiful environment you all created.  You mentioned part of your motto is “Leave your drama at the door”. As with many communities on the grid there are some bad apples here and there that can interrupt the peace and harmony of an environment. How do you ensure your SG residents can feel safe and secure in their neighborhoods?

Adam: We've implemented various measures to ensure our residents feel secure in their homes. From a dedicated security presence to community guidelines that promote respect and positivity, we strive to foster a welcoming environment of trust and camaraderie. For this reason, we have a zero-drama policy. It's not worth the rent money or the traffic that certain people might bring. What's more important to us is our residents' well-being, so that they can truly feel safe at home here while fully immersing themselves into the joys of family roleplay.

Lanai:That is a wonderful approach.  At the community center, I browsed through the beautiful homes kiosk. How can SL residents find their perfect dream home at Sturbridge Grove? 

Adam: Like you said, finding a home at Sturbridge Grove can be as easy as a visit to our inworld Community Center where we showcase a diverse range of housing options to match every taste and budget, from spacious family homes to cozy apartments, with a wide range of prim amounts and rental prices. You can also travel with ease in our community by using our bus stop system as well as our train station. 

Lanai: I see that you have a promotion going on now. Can you tell our readers about that?

Adam: Absolutely! As a token of appreciation for choosing our community as their new home, we're offering a special deal to our new residents: Pay one week's rent, and receive an entire month rent-free. It's our little gift to welcome new families and to help kickstart their Sturbridge adventure.

Lanai: That’s a generous deal! From businesses that line some streets and family orientated activities like mini golf, a drive in theater, amusement park and public services like a Police station, recycling center and a church, it looks like you have some great amenities to accommodate families and their role play experience. What type of community events do you host for residents of Sturbridge Grove?

Adam: Our community events are the heartbeat of Sturbridge Grove, bringing residents together for fun and memorable experiences. We offer themed parties and seasonal festivals to community-wide scavenger hunts and talent shows. There's always something exciting happening in the neighborhood. 

Lanai: Sounds like a fun community to be a part of.  Roleplay is a big part of Sturbridge Grove. It seems to be a great way to interact with others in the community aside from the usual club scenes and concerts happening across the grid.  Does everyone in the SG community roleplay a certain role or job?

Adam: While participation in roleplay is encouraged in the community, it's entirely optional. Residents are free to explore their own interests and narratives, whether they choose to embrace a specific role or simply enjoy the vibrant community atmosphere. We're open to the many ways someone might want to find their place or make their mark in Sturbridge Grove.

Lanai: I may have to show up some time and roleplay a reporter lol JK.  For those not too familiar with roleplay family communities, is the community center where residents and visitors can meet and learn more about the various storylines happening in the community? Is there a schedule for certain things to happen?

Adam: Yes, our Community Center serves as a hub for residents and visitors alike to come together, socialize, and immerse themselves in the various stories and experiences that make up Sturbridge Grove. Here, you'll find information boards detailing ongoing storylines, upcoming events, and opportunities to get involved. Additionally, we host regular meet-and-greet sessions and orientation events to welcome newcomers and help them acclimate to life in our community.

Lanai: It sounds like you covered all the bases for a well rounded functioning family role play experience.  It takes a community to create that authentic roleplay feel. What words of advice would you give new residents who move to the neighborhood?

Adam: My advice to new residents is simple: Embrace the spirit of community and let your imagination run wild. Sturbridge Grove is a place where every resident plays a part in shaping the narrative and creating memorable experiences for themselves and others. Don't be afraid to get involved, make connections, and explore the endless possibilities that await you here. Whether you're a seasoned roleplayer or just dipping your toes into the world of family roleplay communities, there's a place for you in Sturbridge Grove.

Lanai: Child avatars carry a stigma in Second Life with some people not understanding it or making wild assumptions. Can you give our readers an insight on how families with children interact in the community?

Adam: Our community values inclusivity, diversity, and respect for all residents, regardless of age or avatar appearance. Child avatars help enrich the roleplay experience when seen exploring the neighborhood, participating in community events, and spending time interacting with their roleplay families and neighbors. I have many rp sons and daughters myself, and they have brought me many years of smiles, laughs, and fun adventure. I wouldn't want it any other way. And really, it's all part of having a truly immersive family experience in Second Life, and one of the main reasons I wanted to open Sturbridge Grove on the KiD GRiD next to Next Generation Adoption Agency where family roleplay is supported and encouraged. 


Lanai: I’ve dabbled in family roleplay myself throughout the years and it does bring a sense of family in a virtual world that you can count on in Second life.  Not only does it take the residents to create the roleplay atmosphere but also businesses help with the various storylines. Are you currently hiring for certain positions and roles within the community?

Adam: Oh, definitely! We're always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our community.  In Sturbridge Grove, it's all about the fun of creative roleplay spilling out into the streets and creating a truly vibrant and active community. Whether it's by being the local baker, town librarian, family photographer, community gardener, waste management supervisor, family counselor, fitness instructor, magazine editor, or the hundreds of other possible roleplay positions, we want people to feel open to create their own memorable stories through whatever unique roles they choose to bring.

Lanai: Thank you for your time, I know you are busy as the “Governor” of this well put together community. I wish you the very best with Sturbridge Grove. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers and what’s to come?

Adam: Any time, Lanai. It's been a pleasure chatting with you. What's to come is really up to what people bring. We encourage collaboration, creativity, and active participation with our residents. Their input plays a vital role in shaping the future of Sturbridge Grove. I invite everyone to join us as we all work together to elevate the standard of family roleplay communities in Second Life. Thank you once again, Lanai, for your interest and this opportunity to share about our community. It's much appreciated. 

Additional Information:


Flickr: Sturbridge Grove - Family Community | Flickr 

Facebook: (20+) Sturbridge Grove - Family Community | Facebook


Friday, January 5, 2024

Mystory Roleplay! 3 awesome places to visit for an immersive experience- Hazel Silvermoon Reporting.


 As we all know, Second Life is an amazing world where we can experience virtually anything we desire. In the last few years, it has become a lot more realistic. We can have babies, dance in beautifully designed clubs, and even simulate our real life needs with RP Systems. One of the best RP systems I have found is Mystory.

Mystory has made my Second life not only more immersive, but it also gives me a sense of realism. With the detailed HUD system, Mystory allows you to track daily needs such as: Hunger, Thirst, Hygiene and more. To track each need, you must roleplay to fulfill them. You must eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, and even use the restroom! This has led to some amazing opportunities for creators in Second Life to build some awesome and immersive places to roleplay, as well as make their own products to sell. I am going to take you along on a journey to 3 of my favorites!

G Corner Mart
G Corner Mart is an incredibly detailed grocery store and bakery. It offers a variety of Goods and services such as: fresh baked pies and cakes, meats, fruits and veggies, and even a variety of drinks! You can purchase these items as if you were in a real store, which makes the experience amazing. You can even push a shopping cart and have a bag for your groceries. Located upstairs is a restaurant to eat in as well.

G Corner Mart-


Redwood Gym-Redwood Estates
Getting healthy is an essential part of every lifestyle. It does not matter if it is real or virtual, a healthy body means a healthy mind. Redwood gym offers just that. Participate in a variety of activities such as: yoga, running on the treadmill, punching bags, and more! Redwood gym gives us a great way to relax, refocus, and fill those stat bars!

Redwood Gym-

The Flamingo Café

There is nothing quite as cozy as walking into a little café and having lunch with a close friend. The Flamingo Café is a colorful addition to your roleplay experience! You can purchase a large variety of cakes, snacks, drinks, and lunch items. The selection is outstanding, and anyone can find a meal to suit their needs! Flamingo café also offers a small seating area where you can hang out with your friends. It is by far my favorite place to visit!

The Flamingo Cafe-

No matter what you choose to experience in Second Life, the opportunities for a realistic experience are endless, and Mystory has really improved that for me. I hope you can experience this wonderful RP system for yourself, and really dive into what it is like to roleplay in a virtual world!


Monday, February 27, 2023

GridPlay Productions


GridPlay Productions focuses on grid-wide roleplay tools and services for SecondLife residents with over 10 years of experience in LSL and PHP scripting. We also like to do websites for SL residents using the latest website technology.

Visit our website at and see all that we offer.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Shark Week At LeLoo's World- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...


Summer is known for her iconography, things like beach days, cookouts, fireworks, parades, baseball and so forth. It is also known for Sharks, 

Sharks- unfairly- are summer's main Villain. A shark could kill you in a blizzard if you crossed paths, but you are more likely to run into Mr. Toothy during the summer months, when you are swimming. This sort of ties Summer and Sharks together. That's why the Discovery Channel does Shark Week in July, and it's why LeLoo's World is currently doing Shark Week.

I talked to LeLoo for a while, forgot to ask her what the sim does the rest of the year (I know she does some Halloween stuff, which I will check out at a future date), but we can get to that later. People like LeLoo, who have an interest and start building that interest into an actual sim, are who make SL go. What she is doing now is Shark Week. LeLoo is a shark lover, and she gives the sim over to the Fish Fatale every July. She expects to leave the sim up for about three weeks, so get to steppin'.

Sharks predate man, predate Moses, and at least some ancestor of theirs probably ate a dinosaur. They are, as Dr. Hooper described them, a perfect engine. They swim, eat, f*ck... nothing else. There will never be Shark Culture, Shark Science, Shark Economics... they are not in the running for Species Most Likely To Create Space Shuttles. Sharks have little need for all that stuff humans worry about, which is a shame because they'd really enjoy all the attention and celebrity that they get on the Discovery Channel. They just hang out and chow. Very few sharks right now are saying, "I haven't written anything for a month, Lanai is going to fire me."

Sharks and humans should never meet. Humans aren't designed for the water, and we only move through water with great difficulty and innovation. We need things like boats, inner tubes, scuba tanks, submarines, flippers, masks and wetsuits. Sharks, who need to be pushing through water in order to breathe, are equally unsuited for the dry land part of the Surf & Turf. Sharks are aware of this, and only come ashore by accident. Humans, on the other hand, figured out ways to survive in the water. Sharks, just by doing what they do, disturb that equation.

Humans pretty much run the planet, and are the masters of all they survey. That gets a bit touchy if a tiger or a cobra is around, but that's why the gods made guns and Rikki Tikki Tavi. For the most part, humans can avoid being killed by animals if they avoid areas that Lions or Crocodiles hang out. However, you can get Offed by doing something as simple as swimming, and it doesn't matter if you are swimming under the lights of New York City if a shark comes around. In fact ("fact" in this case means "legend,"), the first white guy eaten by a shark in America was killed in the Hudson River.

An American can laugh off a bear attack as a deep forest thing. They can laugh off alligator attacks as a Florida thing. But we all like to go to the beach, and we all like to go swimming. When we do that, we sacrifice our place at the top of the food chain. Humans don't do that too often, and the psychological effect is profound.

The Discovery Channel does not devote a week to people getting hit by lightning, although- according to the stats I'm looking at- you are 50 times more likely to die from a lightning strike than a shark attack. Come to think of it, I'd watch a show where it was just people getting hit by lightning, so maybe that's a bad example. 

OK, you are 800 times more likely to die of Extreme Cold. Aside from people who live in alligator country and want to laugh back at Yankees who laughed at them getting snatched by a crocodile, very few viewers would tune in to watch a week of programming devoted to people freezing to death. It would be a week of basically the end of The Shining. Freezing people just sit still and freeze, if you were clicking by and saw a show on it, you'd think the video broadcast had seized up. Bad for ratings. No Va.

There are at least some years where more people are killed by a vending machine toppling over onto them as they try to shake a Snickers loose than are killed by sharks. There is no sim on SL devoted to vending machines falling over onto people. I know... I checked. I'd also watch a show about that, but we're near the end of the tangent.

Freezing to death, getting hit by lightning or having a Coke machine fall on you, while killing you as dead as a shark would, won't eat you afterwards. That fact, plus the shark's basic Jungian archetypical role as America's Dragon, propel them into Superstardom.

Shark Week at LeLoo's World is a fun visit. It is a beach scene, although my Cape Codder beach radar tells me "Atlantic Canada" for some je-ne-sais-quoi reason. You can very easily spend a pleasant SL beach day here without even being interested in sharks, I posed with two sandcastle snowmen and floated on an inflatable shark which didn't try to eat me. One thing I learned as a wandering reporter is that sim design should have a main theme, like Sharks, but should also have a basic background blueprint, like Atlantic Canada. This sim nails that. It is a perfectly normal beach... with a deadly twist.

If the editors include the picture with me, the shark and the surfboard, know that I spent quite some time trying to flip from shore onto that surfboard for a more effective, close up shot. I was a cheerleader for the SLCS for a while, and I was- and am- very good at the flipping part. I can pretty much flip up onto any surface, and land on a dime. I'm known for it in the circles in which I travel. I could not stick that jump. I tried 25 times, each failure dunking me about 20 feet deep in the ocean. I had to walk out, too. I couldn't just flip back onto shore. The surfboard was about a half meter further than my best leap, even with a running start. Pissed me off... but that's not the sim's fault.

The other stupid thing I did was try the Dunk Tank. This is the basic carnival dunk tank, where you throw a ball at a target and dunk the person sitting over the water tank. This may be a Massachusetts thing, but this is a job usually handled by an insult comic in a clown suit at all the carnivals I go to. "Try to drown the rude, rude clown." However, at Shark Week, the water tank has a shark in it. I was by myself on this assignment, so I couldn't throw the ball while concurrently sitting on the dunking platform. I offered a fellow visitor 100 Ls if she'd sit there while I dunked her, but she declined.

I did sit on the platform (I nailed that flip), and even dropped into the tank for a picture with the shark that came out so well that I declined to use it. I jumped back on the platform, and then jumped off the platform afterwards. Too late to stop myself, I realized that I was emulating Fonzie. I was jumping the shark. I always knew that day would come, but the sudden self-realization was like a hammer blow.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Now Open - EverLove Maternity Clinic

Now open and servicing Second Life's Family Roleplay Community, Everlove Maternity Clinic strives to enhance your pregnancy experience through personal care and making each and every one of their clients feel like family.

Specializing in Mama Allpa and Hands on Mommy births, EverLove has several packages to meet each individual's personal needs (with payment plans available), as well as exclusive perks including a one of a kind Japanese Spa, customizable baby showers and more!

Offering 6 different birthing locations including Clinic Birth, VIP Suite, The Reef, The Waterfall, Homebirth, and a fully customizable option to make your birth the one of your dreams. Packages range from Mini Births, which includes intake and birth only to a no holds bar VIP package including photography, lamaze and massage.

At Everlove, care doesn't stop at birth. They take pride in offering two months of postpartum checks for both mommy and baby. This service they feel is one that is priceless- making sure mommies and babies are adjusting well after birth.  

Hit up Lydia at your consultation for a photography package that offers both pregnancy third-trimester photos as well as family photos following your birth.  Also offering a 45 minute Therapeutic Third Trimester Prenatal Massage and soak specializing in facilitating the comfort, health, and relaxation of their expectant mothers as well as an interactive, hands-on Lamaze-based comprehensive childbirth class to build your confidence, educate you about your options, partner participation and to empower you to have the safest, most satisfying birth experience. Don't forget to also check out the breastfeeding class to help answer any and all your questions from how to get your partner more involved to helping your baby latch better.

What makes EverLove different from the rest, you might ask?  The ladies that run it:

Dr. Ghostie Antwoord has been working as a midwife and doctor in SL for over two years!  With a true passion for roleplay combined with her RL medical experience as well as a deep love of family, Dr. Ghostie brings so much to the SL pregnancy experience, such as knowledge, love, humor, sass, fun and attention to detail. Dr. Ghostie considers it an honor and privilege to be a part of every client's pregnancy. Customizing her care for each mother to be, she will always go above and beyond to make your pregnancy memorable. Dr. Ghostie cares so much for every patient she sees that her clients constantly keep coming back for more.

By her side you will find Lydia Fairmount- midwife.  With two years maternity experience in SL and over 20 years of medical experience in RL- Lydia brings compassion to her work as well a cheer and love for all who she calls her friends.  Taking her patients not only as clients but making them too feel as family.  Lydia also carries with her credits as experience in pregnancy massage, lamaze classes and breastfeeding education to her clients.  Giving her clients the best and most realistic care in SL is what Lydia strives for each and every day.

Dr. Ghostie and Lydia built their clinic on the expectations that they as mothers themselves would want and expect with pregnancy and birth.  With the love and care that each of them bring to the table, each and every client becomes not only a name on a file, but a member of the EverLove family. Come check out EverLove Maternity Clinic today and make your pregnancy one to remember!




Dr. Ghostie Antwoord (Ghostie Wildmist)

Lydia (LydiaFairmount Resident)

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Spotlight on Eclipse Restaurant- A private Fine Dining Experience in SL - SLE REPORTING

Fine dining became a thing way back in the late 1700s in France. A Swiss developer by the name of Cesar Ritz partnered with a prominent French Chef at the grand hotel of Monte Carlo. I know this is useless information for a virtual restaurant but cool facts to know the next time you are fine dining and want to spark up a fruitless conversation. If it wasn't for Mr. Ritz and his buddy Auguste, we might all still be eating with our mouths rudely opened and using our hands being all uncivilized. Here we are almost 300 years later and we now have virtual restaurants where you can’t eat actual food but you can pretend you can and lives your best virtual life being able to afford to foot the bill for yourself and all your friends. Even impress your date with a fancy fine dining experience under the stars.

The SL Enquirer met up with Alassra, the owner of Eclipse Restaurant. It is the newest fine dining venue on the grid boasting a beautiful landscape that stands out in the midnight setting. There are different setups you can choose from, each with its own theme. It’s not open to random foot traffic though. You have to make a reservation!

Interview with Alassra (xalassrax)



SLE: HI Alassra, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Can you tell our readers where you are from and how you discovered Second Life?


Alassra: Hi Lanai!  It's a pleasure to meet you also, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today!  I am from the US, in the state of Illinois and I have been a gamer for a long time, originally starting back with Ultima Online ages ago!  From there I explored various other games and spent a lot of time on IMVU before finding my way to Second Life.  It actually took several years and the Covid pandemic for me to find the patience and time to really sit down and try Second Life.  I would always get instantly turned off by how difficult, or so I thought back then, it was to just get dressed.  However, once Covid hit and shut everything down for so long, I was looking for some form of substitute for some of the things I missed being able to do in RL, such as going out to movies, shopping, dinners, and dancing, etc.  That is what brought me to really sit down and put effort into trying Second Life.  IMVU lacked that ability to go to a mall and walk around browsing, trying things on, buying what you want since theirs was just a "shop", but Second Life gave that feel of something with a little more realism, since I could go to a "mall" and walk around with friends, trying on different things in a "dressing room", and just have that aspect of Roleplay that helped ease the lack of socializing and activity that RL was missing at the time due to the pandemic.  I just wish I had taken the time sooner, rather than it taking a pandemic and shut down of everything to get me to give Second Life a real chance!


SLE: The pandemic has certainly breathed new life into Second Life for many. Since we all have felt the effects of lockdowns. Missing our friends and families and even catching covid or losing loved ones to this terrible pandemic.  SL certainly gave many of us a form of social life and normalcy even if virtually. Roleplay Restaurants and dining services are a perfect example and a fun way to be social, go on dates, gather with friends, and even host business meetings. What inspired you to get into the virtual hospitality industry here in Second Life?


Alassra:  Yes!  They truly are!  Especially when RL doesn't always allow for those activities!  When Valentine's day 2021 rolled around, we were almost a full year into the shutdowns from Covid.  As I was browsing through things on Second Life, I found a post about Valentine's Dinner/Event, and I immediately went to the Sim location to check out the special dinner details.  I ended up purchasing not only a dinner reservation for myself and my husband, but also for my sister and her date!  I also ended up applying for a job at the business.  It was Serendipity's Weddings & Events, and I booked several RP dinner's there during my time on staff.  Serendipity's, unfortunately, closed its doors on March 31st this year, and it was that event that convinced me to open Eclipse.  I was sad to see such an amazing RP experience go, and while I enjoyed working as a wedding coordinator, it was partaking in the dinners that were my favorite part, my husband and I had several dinners there, we even had a family dinner event this past December that was amazing!  I wanted to continue to give Second Life a place that offered at least some of the magic that it would miss with Serendipity's closure. 


SLE: Absolutely! Can you tell our readers about Eclipse Restaurant and what services it provides the Second Life community?


Alassra: Oh I would love to!  Eclipse Restaurant is a place where you can plan a special night with your partner, your family, or a group of friends.  Something that gives more than just a "night out", we give our guests an experience that they will enjoy and remember.  We are all experienced in this industry, as well as being experienced in Roleplay, therefore we provide a full service, Roleplay aspect to your night out!  Our guests are asked several questions upon booking any of our packages in order for us to ensure that we have all the fine details needed to ensure that we give them a magical evening!  We have 3 different dinner venue options to choose from, giving our guests their choice between dinner at the beach, in the forest, or in a more elegant/formal venue.  We customize the color of the flower arrangements, and table settings to color(s) picked by the guest, and if there are any special events, we are sure to acknowledge it so that our guests know our staff is celebrating with them!  We have several different packages to choose from, and pricing that is fair and affordable!  We can also customize packages for our clients, if there are certain aspects they want in one package, but not other items in the package, we will work with each client to ensure that we provide what they are looking for in their Roleplay dining experience!  We can serve a small, romantic dinner for 2, or a large group event dinner service!  Our staff will always be professional in attire as well as behavior, and they will always provide an amazing roleplay experience.  We also have 3 options for arrival to the dinner venue that our guests have picked, including our very popular scenic Steam Coach flight!  This allows us to give our guests an even more memorable evening as they are flown over the restaurant in a short little tour before landing to begin their dinner. 


SLE: I love that you offer customizable options for your guests. I can see many different ideas visitors can come up with for special occasions. Do all your guests need a reservation? If so, how can they request one?


Alassra: Yes, we do require reservations at Eclipse.  This is due to us providing a private fine dining experience, rather than a more public, open dining venue.  We want to ensure that our guests can enjoy their evening in a more secluded, intimate environment versus a busy public restaurant type of venue.  We do have several ways that reservations can be made - you can purchase your package choice from one of the signs in our shop, or from the self-service kiosk at the shop, which will guide you to filling out the reservation form, either of these options will have a member of staff reach out to you and complete the reservation process.  Or you can book directly with a member of staff if one is available at the shop.  You can also contact me, or my assistant manager, ASH (tiptonik) in world via NC and we will get back to you ASAP to get your reservation setup!  We try to make sure that we have several options to make it as easy as possible for our guests to reserve a night in one of our beautiful dining venues. 


SLE: That’s great you plenty of options to make it easy for guest to book their special dining experience. During the tour, I saw you have some private locations for romantic dining. Can you share with us what each one represents?


Alassra: We have 3 beautiful private dining venues for our guests to pick from, and our servers have uniforms that were made with each venue in mind to add to the experience.  Our first dinner venue is the Beach venue and it is a little more carefree and relaxing in design than our other venues.  It puts the guests up in the air floating near the waterfall, able to view down to the little beach and waterway below.  It represents that feeling of class, and formality but with a little mix of carefree and boho added in.
Our next venue is our Forest dinner venue, and it is right in the middle of the forest, hidden amongst the trees, butterflies, unicorns, and just all the magical beauty that nature gives us.  It represents the feel of getting all dressed up but in a way to also enjoy and celebrate the amazing beauty of nature.
Our final venue is the Elegant/Formal dinner venue, which sits atop a giant pillar overlooking our large stage area.  It represents the traditional concept of the "date night" or "night out", where one would get all dressed up, and go for something formal, elegant, and classy and just pay homage to the traditional "night out" celebration.  This allows us to have something for just about everyone, whether they are just looking for a more carefree, relaxing experience, something in between, or the full-on elegant, formal experience.

SLE: All three are beautiful designs! What other amenities and events do you host on the sim aside from a fine dining experience?


Alassra:  That is a wonderful question, Lanai!  We do have several amenities and events on our Sims.  I say Sims because we have a "sister" Sim just below us on the map!  The Deviant Dragon Sim hosts Eclipse Restaurant & Events, it also is the home of the Dragon's Tail Tavern, which hosts several live singers regularly including Clairede Dirval, Essence, and Rocky TooCool!  We host holiday events in the tavern as well and have various contents there.  We also have the MilkyWay Skating & Arcade Hub located on the Sim, and it is getting ready to celebrate an 80's night on the 14th of this month!  There will be a Best in 80's outfit contest too!  The Deviant Dragon Sim also is where you can find the Dragon's Tail riding track, The Dragon's Dream Reiki & Tarot Spa, Lunation, and several other mall shops!  So there is always something to do, from mini-golf and skating, to live concerts, dining, shopping or just relaxing on our Adults Only beach area on the other side of Eclipse!  Our sister sim, Deviant Tranquility is an adults-only relaxation experience, with every aspect built with adults in mind.  You can relax at the beach, explore the crystal caves, camp out in the forest, or explore your adventurous side at Eden, the BDSM club.  So we definitely have a lot to offer our guests!  And both Sims do offer event hosting/setup services too!


SLE: Wow you have a lot going on! I love the 80’s so I’ll have to come to those events. Can you tell our readers why you created this sim? Did you see a niche needing to be filled? Or was this just a dream of something you wanted to create?


Alassra: When we started with Deviant Tranquility, it was to create a relaxing, adults-only hub that could be an escape and our own little piece of paradise.  As time went on, there was a need for more space and offerings, so Deviant Dragon was created.  My husband loves to DJ and loves all types of music, however, he would frequently get frustrated with a lot of restrictions at many clubs already out there in Second Life, so the Dragon's Tail Tavern was born, and became his own little space to host singers, DJ, and hold events and parties at.  After Serendipity closed down, I definitely felt the void that the loss of their restaurant services left for myself and others, and that is what led to a more focused drive with the Sim, and a desire to create this place that would provide various activities in one spot, whether it was a date night experience with a full-service roleplay aspect, or games, mini-golf, skating, shopping, dancing, or relaxing on a beach.  We just wanted to expand and having 2 Sims allowed this opportunity for us to do so.  We have something for everyone essentially!  Therefore filling all the little niche areas that we saw needing work, and creating something wonderful we could share with others in Second Life at the same time!


SLE: You and your team did an amazing job creating a romantic almost whimsical destination for a nice quiet evening under the stars. It takes a team of dedicated people to keep things running perfectly. Did you build the sim on your own or did you have a team of people helping? If so, who are they?


Alassra: Thank you so much, Lanai!  I definitely had help!  None of it would have been possible without my husband, Sarlorn (calimar).  He is such a creative person and always has the best ideas for layouts and amazing taste!  He is extremely picky so he really takes his time as he works on a project, so everything I found or set up, I would always run by him to get his opinion on.  He worked extremely hard on the Sim, and got everything set up with me, every step of the way!  My sisters, Scarlet (XxHoneyBadgerxX) and AllieCay Littlepaws were also instrumental in getting things together.  They were the ones that encouraged me to give Second Life a try and helped me learn the aspects of Sim setup, and they built Deviant Tranquility in all of its beauty from the ground up to what you see today!  They laughed when I accidentally retiled the grass with a shopping ad texture and showed me how to fix it, they never berated me for mistakes I made as I was learning and building, so they were a huge part of getting Eclipse coming to be.  I can't forget my wonderful niece, ΛSH (tiptonik), who has been a HUGE help with getting Eclipse going, and the Deviant Dragon Sim put together.  She is the Eclipse Assistant Manager, and helps keep my head on straight when dealing with the admin side of things!  She helpls reign me in when I get too overzealous with my shopping/decorating ideas too!  Ha!  She has not been on Second Life for very long, but she has learned so much, so fast, I trust her completely with decorating, setup, running Eclipse, etc.!  I also couldn't keep Eclipse going without the wonderful staff team that has stepped up to help undertake this venture - Dr Hikiera (hikiera) and Lunastra Blackwood, two of our servers; cσσкıe Sereηα Mυɴѕтer (cooooookiecrips) one of our amazing photographers; and two of our amazing DJ's, Tαm Lılıth Dαlgααrd (tamiqua.cheng) and ღ Hailey Day Rollins ღ (haileyday).  We would not be here without this amazing team of people!


SLE: It is very important to have a “tribe” of supportive friends in Second Life. It can be very difficult having to manage everything yourself so I’m so glad to hear that! Are you currently hiring? And if so, for what positions?


Alassra: We are!  We are hiring roleplay servers, DJs, sales reps, and photographers for Eclipse, and we also have spots for DJs and hosts at the tavern!  We also have several positions in general for the Sim.  Our application can be found at:


SLE: It was an absolute pleasure interviewing you Alassra, We wish you the very best with Eclipse and your sister Deviant Tranquility sims.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Alassra: I would just like to tell them that if they are looking for a wonderful date night, family night, friends night out, or dinner event of any type to come to check us out!  We are extremely flexible and we will do what we can to set up exactly what you are looking for in your dining/event package!  We have several other activities on the Sims, and I encourage them to check out both places, and explore all that the Deviant Sims offer, outside of Eclipse Restaurant!



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