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Friday, November 13, 2020

Lanai's Diary: Entry 4,958- 2020 Can Go F%$@ itself! Do something for your country and Wear a @&%$# mask!


This isn't a politically motivated statement nor is it feeding into the overwhelming news of this pandemic and how it is affecting not only our communities but the world as a whole. If there is one thing that needs to be said it is COMPLACENCY NEEDS TO STOP! Whether you believe it is “just a flu” or the news is "overcooking" the situation and only reporting the worst case scenarios, there is in fact a global pandemic happening right now and people need to take a moment and realize the only way we can try to get this virus under control is to abide by the precautions put into place by our governments and community leaders. Like Tyrone would say....F*ck all that “I can’t breath” shit about wearing masks or the entitled Karens and Davids who feel it is their right not to wear a mask. F *ck You too!

They need to STFU just like I overheard my now ex boss say about me right before the lockdowns when I made it clear in the office that Covid was a serious thing coming and I was worried. 3 days later we were on lockdown for a month and a half. I live in Pennsylvania and the area I am in just reported a 3,000 covid case spike. The highest since the start of the pandemic.

Here we are over 8 months later and people are still catching covid and or dying in record numbers all over the country and the world. As of today,  there are a million cases in Texas alone!

 Hundreds of thousands sick or dead and yet people are still being complacent. Wearing masks under their noses, standing at bus stops with no regard for the person next to them who is trying to protect themselves and their families. Others walking around convinced  this is a hoax. Still having gatherings and acting like they are immune.  Of course, people want to get back to living their lives but realize one thing. This is the new normal and will continue to be if we continue on this path of not taking this more seriously.

It is time to wake up and realize we will not fight this pandemic half assed and EVERYONE needs to put an effort into protecting themselves and their families as well as the people they come in contact with if they even give a rats ass about anybody else. 

The sooner we can put down the political, entitled and ignorant bullshit and use common sense the sooner we can begin to get back to the things we once loved. I’m sitting here writing this worried because at work, two people tested positive and are out with symptoms and I JUST TESTED POSITIVE! The past couple of days I had a fever, headaches and sweats.  Should I be worried?  All I’m thinking about is my family. Since I was exposed, did I expose them? Could this get bad? I don’t know what to think. All I know is sh*t just got real. At what point do we all realize we are ALL vulnerable and will be for a very long time if we don’t get our sh*t together.



  1. People need to be aware this is no joke. Thank you for sharing your story and hope this brings the awareness needed to a real problem...affecting us all.


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