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Sunday, November 29, 2020

SLE Police Reports- BREAKING NEWS! Beware of the Desperate potato packin half assed womanizer!


Second Life- 11/29/2020

During a concert at Terry’s Place on Sunday evening an outfit confused avatar by the name of TheEliteAlpha committed the shameful act of hitting on women who were dancing with their significant others.  This clown claimed to (BLEEP) their wives and show their husbands proof amongst other buffoonery claims. With nearly 2 years under his belt he still cannot complete a single outfit and totally went balls to the wall trying to be a two pump chump and not being able to make a slam dunk. If you see this clown at your venue please show him the door before he embarrasses himself any further.

Victim #1

[18:36] TheEliteAlpha Resident: quite the outfit

[18:37] Victim #1: Thank you my hubby got it for me

[18:39] TheEliteAlpha Resident: what can i say

[18:39] TheEliteAlpha Resident: guys got good taste

[18:39] TheEliteAlpha Resident: in more things than clothes 2

[18:40] Victim #1: tell him that

[18:41] TheEliteAlpha Resident: men dont interest me

[2020/11/29 18:40]  Victim #1’s Hubby: you want the store I got the outfit for my wife?

[2020/11/29 18:41]  Victim #1's Hubby: why not move along to someone who is wanting a person like you to randomly hit on them

[2020/11/29 18:42]TheEliteAlpha Resident: the thrill of it

[2020/11/29 18:42]  TheEliteAlpha Resident: excites me

[2020/11/29 18:43]Victim #1’s Hubby: laughs you realize my wife is showing me the whole chat Mr I am not into guys

[2020/11/29 18:43]  Victim #1's Hubby: well that is nice, try wearing one pair of clothing it might help, I mean two pairs of shoes and two pants, you look like an idiot But hey good luck in your random "excitable" 12 year old boy ways

[2020/11/29 18:44]  TheEliteAlpha Resident: i could have come here naked and gotten more women here than you

[2020/11/29 18:44]  TheEliteAlpha Resident: your wife is next

[2020/11/29 18:44]  TheEliteAlpha Resident: bitch

[2020/11/29 18:44]  Victim #1's Hubby: wow that is an accomplishment

[2020/11/29 18:44] Victim #1's Hubby: LOL

[2020/11/29 18:44]  Victim #1's Hubby: kid you have issues, you should get some help

[2020/11/29 18:44]  TheEliteAlpha Resident: it will be when shes moaning to my cock wont it

[2020/11/29 18:45]  Victim #1's Hubby: LOL ok child, delusions are a great thing

[2020/11/29 18:45]  Victim #1's Hubby: too funny

[2020/11/29 18:46]  TheEliteAlpha Resident: wait for the proof of me (BLEEPING) her. i sware to you its coming

[2020/11/29 18:46]  Victim #1’s Hubby: ok studly, you have fun in your dreams

[2020/11/29 18:48]  TheEliteAlpha Resident: be careful who you insult, especially if he tells you he gets off to (BLEEPING) with other guys girls. it probably means hes not to be (BLEEPED) with

[2020/11/29 18:48]  Victim #1’s Hubby: So scary keyboard warrior LOL BTW Read about sexual threats in Linden TOS studly

[2020/11/29 18:49] Victim #1’s Hubby: oh that is a threat of something of importance? Child go play your little games elsewhere.

Victim #2

[18:07] TheEliteAlpha Resident: quite the moves

[18:08] Victim #2: thank you

[18:10] TheEliteAlpha Resident: my pleasure

[18:12] TheEliteAlpha Resident: (Victim #2’s Name) is it

[18:27] TheEliteAlpha Resident: its just i was having difficulty deciding if your name were lovelier

[18:27] TheEliteAlpha Resident: or your face

Victim #3

[18:37] TheEliteAlpha Resident: nice moves [18:37] Victim #3: thank you :) lol [19:40] TheEliteAlpha: my pleasure [19:40] TheEliteAlpha: (victim#3's name) was it [19:41] Victim #3: yes [19:44] TheEliteAlpha: cant decide if your name is cuter [19:44] TheEliteAlpha: or your face [19:44] TheEliteAlpha: tough choice haha


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