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Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Second Life is full of wild adventures, experiences and even surprises! From creating your own perfect avatar image and starring in your own SL story. There is always a good story to tell. Many avatars spend their time socializing with friends, going to concerts, parties and special events for a good time. These places are perfect breeding grounds for avies looking to date or even hook up. Many get involved in romantic situations.  Finding the right companion could feel like a whirlwind fairy tale romance at first that leads to some great love stories or unfortunate nightmares. The SL Enquirer set out to ask avies across the grid about their worst dating experience in Second Life and we got some interesting responses! * Names have been changed to protect their identities.

SLE: What is the worst dating experience you ever had in SL?

Dixie: “Dated someone who was into bestiality in BOTH worlds. The way he talked about it was so nonchalant like it was 100% normal in his eyes, he even gave pointers to a friend of mine on how to have a Horse give you a proper blowjob. I just tried to see past it, but it still haunted me and still does to this day. I am glad i never met up with him in RL. Lord knows what would have happened and to be honest I'd rather not think about. Yikes.”

Chase: “Well, when they proposed to me to tell my worst date in SL, I remembered having had various stories in SL, and the truth is that I would not know which one to qualify as the worst, one of my worst moments was at the beginning when they took me to a beach and they invited me to sit on a towel for the first time and I saw that in SL if it is possible for a woman to rape a man, I suddenly found myself making love with a girl and I didn't even have a penis, I was left naked without male member letting the menu of that towel be handled by that girl, until it seemed to me that she lost interest in me, I felt powerless of not having a virile member and I teleported from there ashamed. That's when I experienced how crazy SL could be. On another occasion, also at the beginning, I found a girl on a beach that I invited to a hut to have sex, she was totally arousing when she suddenly told me that I was younger, wow, all the arousal went down all of a sudden, then she told me That was a joke, but I no longer knew what to believe and I was totally perplexed, what a bitch :)).” 

Harold:My story comes from 2015 when a lovely avi at a dj set at a club IM's me with the line of "you did an amazing job on your avi".  A couple months went by and after we hit it off greatly, exchanged pics and talked on voice we were married in SL.  She portrayed herself as a Nurse from the UK.  Heavy British accent and the whole nine yards.  Amazingly beautiful RL pics as well.  A month or so goes by and I get a random IM from someone I did not know saying they are having a get together to discuss my partner.  Curiosity gets the best of me so I show up.  In a nutshell, much to my surprise, there are at least 15 people there and (2) other guys that she is partnered to on alt accounts on SL.  She was actually in the United States and never even been to the UK, it was her hobby to practice a British accent in her spare time.  The beautiful pics she sent........Haha were of an adult star (clothed) from Norway she pulled off of the internet.  Once I confronted her about it, she poofed and closed that account to never be seen or heard from again. The same with the other 2 guys she was partnered to on other accounts.  It just goes to show that if something seems too good to be true, odds are it is Haha. :)”  

Wendy: “I met my ex at a Halloween party back in October of 2017. I was invited by some friends and was dancing when he messaged me asking if I would like to dance.  I was fine with it but a little bit nervous. I never really had a partner in SL. I guess you could say I was an sl virgin. He was funny and nice and we hit it off. He wasn’t online too much so we saw each other when we could and went to concerts. He asked me to be his girlfriend after a couple of weeks and told me he wanted to show me what he was working on and he sent me a tp. When I got there he said it was his private home!  After showing me around we sat on the sofa to talk. He started showing me the different poses and one thing led to another and we were having sex. Not even a couple  minutes later some girl tp’s in right on top of us in the middle of it!!. He acted like he didn't know who she was and quickly ejected her and got really quiet and then logged off. I thought he crashed. As I was waiting there,  I got an IM from the girl he kicked out telling me that they were dating for a year and proceeded to insult me about ruining her relationship! I left and blocked her and unfriended him too. I never felt so humiliated!!” 

Parker: “My Date from hell! Was at a familiar club I go to often. My SL sister is a DJ there so I go from time to time just to listen to music and have fun. I was alone just having some Local chat laughs and a girl hit my box. She said hi and complimented me on how nice my avatar was. I thanked her and kept listening to my sister DJ. She continued to ask me questions about what I like to do in SL . So from then we have some basic conversations. SO I asked her if she wanted to continue our conversation while enjoying a dance, She agreed. The set was over and was late but we decided to meet up again at a place she liked . I thought ok why not sure lets do it. She told me she likes the beach so to wear some beach trunks. I didn't think anything of it so I agreed. Next day comes and she tp's me to a Beach, I was thinking of just US relaxing on a nice beach to get to know eachother better but she had other plans for us but to my surprise it was a SEX breeding beach. SHOCKED is an understatement, she invited me to an ORGY on the beach and was like come on over and join us ROFL. that orgy they was in voice and all those women suddenly becomes RL men with horrible trucker voices lol   I tped out so fast my head was spinning and of course I muted and BURNED her card over a bomb fire hehehe”

Claire : “I dated a person for a few months and things were progressing very nicely, at least I thought so. I found out from a friend of mine that he was dating a few other people at the same time. I questioned him about it and he obviously denied it. I wanted to put it past us because he made me laugh and happy when I logged in. But as the time went by, he would often IM me stuff that we weren’t talking about and actually called me someone else’s name. So I asked a few friends to “spy” on him and they found him in a Strip club with two women on his lap. I confronted him and he was obviously surprised and embarrassed and we broke up. A month later he msged me and asked me to voice. I said sure why not I can say a few things kinda like face to face. When we voiced it was a WOMAN and she apologized and said she wanted to try something new.. Damn, that was a slap in the face. Needless to say I told everyone about it and he/she doesn’t come around anymore probably on an ALT

Lenny:  um, have never dated beyond clicking on a statue in a castle once and got royally rogered! lololol”

Karen: “Don’t ask me about my personal life, I am offended and calling the police.”

As you can see the craziest things can happen while dating in Second Life. From gender imposters and catfishing to just plain horrible partners!  If you were caught up in an SL dating horror situation, share your story in the comments below!


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