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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Max Kleene - A Triple Threat on the SL Music Scene - Orion Baral Reporting

Streaming from Niagara Falls, Maximillion Kleene brings a vast repertoire of popular music to Second Life. 
Max started his music career with formal study of piano at the Royal Conservatory but quickly realized that it was the guitar guys who got the chicks. By 19, he was seriously immersed to the very center of his musical soul in AC/DC and from there branched out to experiment with sounds that range from Pearl Jam to Foo Fighters, The Beatles to Jason Mraz.

Max brings high energy and a vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers to Second Life. Oozing charisma and charm, he provides his fans with an hour of musical magic.

Orion Baral (OB): Thanks for taking the time to give me this interview Max. I will start out with a few simple questions to get the ball rolling. Where are you from and how did you find Second Life?

Max Kleene:  I'm an in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  I found Second Life when I read an article in the August 2006 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.  The story was about Second Life and about how it was a fun virtual world.  There was mention of live music, but I decided to log on and explore.  A few weeks in, I found a live music event and was hooked.

OB: Well we are glad you read that mag and you found SL. You have been in Second Life for a long time, I remember meeting you and going to your shows back in 2008-2010. So tell the readers how has it been performing for so long in Second Life?

Max Kleene:  It's been awesome.  I enjoy my time performing, developing, and learning about music, songs, all of it.  The friends I've made, the jams I've been lucky to be a part of.

OB: So tell the readers what got you into music? A musical family? Friends? Or just the love and desire to be on stage ogled by women while you swoon them while on stage?

Max Kleene:  I learned music from a young age and had formal lessons on piano.  A family of singers, not so music musicians.  I started to get serious with music and performing when I was learning and progressing quickly on guitar through my late teens and early 20's.  I just kept going until I was in bands and playing the bar circuit.

OB: You have a very distinct voice, is there any artist that you believe you sound like, or maybe you believe they sound like you? :)

Max Kleene:  I've been told that I sound similar to Paul Simon and I agree.  I can't think of any other artists that I think I "sound" like.

OB: Ok so next concert I go to I am requesting Call me Al damn it :) Now,  I have a two-part question now. Might not be the most comfortable questions because it will speak on your own limitations and likes and not likes, but who said this would be easy right? So, with your vocal range, what genre do you like and feel comfortable in. And the second part of the question is what genre do you like to stay away from either it be lack of appreciation for it or just something that you vocally can’t get into?

Max Kleene:  I think I'm comfortable in the pop/rock genre.  I'm not an aggressive singer, so I tend to avoid harder rock although I love hard rock.  I think I'm a tenor voice, but I do like taking on the challenge of really developing different singing styles out of my comfort zone.

OB: As we stated earlier you have performed for years and years and I do remember you doing a lot of Dual Streaming with other performers. Which performers do you like to dual-stream with and why?

Max Kleene:   All of them ;)  Making music with other people.  A pleasure that needs no explaining.

OB: All of them? Looks like you will be performing dual-streams a lot then. :) So Max you have done a lot of performances with artists in Second Life. But in meet-ups in real life,  is that something you enjoy doing?  A lot of people like the anonymity that the computer gives. Is that something you thought of before starting to go to the meet-ups to perform?

Max Kleene: Yes, the meetups are fun.  It's great to hang out for a weekend and jam and talk and have a fun time.  Everybody comes with open hearts and just an overall positive vibe that energizes me.

OB: Well once this pandemic is over and travel restrictions are removed it will be a great time to throw one hell of a jam session. There are a lot of performers in Second Life. What advice would you give those who would like to build a following like yours as well as to those just starting out on the Second Life Music scene? And what was the best advice you were given when you first started performing in SL?

Max Kleene:  My best advice is simple and that is to make it fun.  Go and listen to lots of different performers so you see and hear and discover the whole scene.  Sing songs you love, take on challenging songs to develop your performing.  The best advice I was given when I first started performing in SL was to do a shot before the show ;)

OB: Thanks again, Max. Now for the easiest question of the interview, Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Max Kleene:   I love you SL LIVE MUSIC!! :)  

Alright folks, there you have Max Kleene, one of the friendliest (no not just cause he is Canadian) people I have known for years and a great performer. You need to check him out, you will love his shows. 



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