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Tuesday, March 9, 2021


When I first arrived at Rockstar Island, I was warmly met by the automated greeter, saying “Greetings Thomas1 Bellic, Welcome to Rockstar Island.  Where the music is live, and Rockin' high above the snow-topped mountains and in the clouds with the Aurora Borealis. Join Rockstar Island Music Events to see what Rockin the Island is all about!

Aurora Borealis?  Snowcapped Mountains?  This place definitely had my attention now.  I followed the Teleporter to the main concert area, where I saw DJCanuck (Canuck Dismantled Bloodrayne) getting set for the evening’s entertainment.

Josh Bellic (JB)  "So, Canuck.  Just what is Rockstar Island all about?

Canuck Dismantled (CD): It's a live music venue, dedicated to the Rock Music Genres from classics to modern rock.  The theme is “Winter Island at Night with the Aurora Borealis”. It's multi-levels.

JB:  Did you do all this yourself?  Or did you have help, and how do you divide the responsibilities?

CD:  No, I didn’t do this alone.  I had a LOT of help with building the venue.  I can thank my lady, Devil, a lot, for helping to make that possible. I said to my lady “Devil, I want to open a winter-themed live music venue.”  I’ll let her explain from here.

Devil Bloodrayne (DB): Canuck had been involved in the rock concert scene for some time now, working with some of the largest and best-known bands on the grid.  One day he rather whimsically indicated how much he wanted to do that again.  I love to build in SL, and when he said that, it gave me the perfect opportunity to do what I love, for the man I love. He told me what he was looking for in his decorations and I went with it.

JB: I understand your family lives with you here on the region.  Do they help with your shows as well?

 CD:  Yes. They are a BIG help. They have always supported the venue, and one of them even works here as a host for some of our Live singers when they come to entertain

DB:  Some of the kids live here, and they do help out here on the sim.  I generally take care of any building that needs to be done, like the staging and platforms, scenery and the Tip Jars for the performers.  Canuck is the Face and Voice of Rockstar Island, while I provide the needed technical and building support.

 JB:  So then, just where did the idea for RockStar Island come from?

CD:  lol. Well, my last tribute concert group I had was called Rockstar Entertainment, so when I stopped doing those concerts, I decided to make use of this parcel on our sim that had been used for my tribute concerts as house shows when not booked into the venue and rename it from Rockstar Entertainment Arena to Rockstar Island.

JB: I see your Venue is built to accommodate Stage Bands.  What kind of shows do you run?

CD:  Rockstar Island is a multi-purpose music venue with 2 levels. Designed for Live Music, this stage is fully equipped with lights and pyrotechnics by OD Designs & UR Wares.  The drums and keyboards are also from OD. Mondays and Tuesdays there is a band on stage with the singers called Bad Reputation. It's the long-time backing band for some of the Moonlight Music Singers. Seren, who sings here, asked for my help in forming the band here at Rockstar Island.  So, I started IMing my SL friends that I used to work within my tribute concerts, asking if they know who would like to get on a stage with some live singers at my newly opened live music venue.  So Bad Rep was formed and performs here every Monday and Tuesday with a group of my friends.  We meet some amazing new people and have fun doing what we all love – Being a Rockstar!

We use the Concert Area for Tribute Concerts we hire to come put on a concert once a month, usually on Sundays. This area can hold up to four stages at one time if ever needed, with room for the dance floor. The Groups we currently use are Thunderstorm Entertainment*TSE* and Havok Entertainment.

JB:  How long have you been in the DJ Business?

CD:  Well, I’ve DJ’d online over 19yrs. I started DJing on TSO (The Sims Online) with various online radio stations and finally Aug. 14, 2007, came to SL while with as my 1st avatar, Canuck Jetcity. In 2008 I left Voltradio and went back to (DJ for them in TSO).  I DJ’d there for six months in SL, before they went under.  I became an independent DJ in SL, and got my own stream with digiSTREAM and to this day I still use the same.

JB:  Tell me about your dogs.  They seem very loyal.  They never seem to leave your side.

CD:  Not much to tell.  I'm a dog lover in RL , but can't have any real due to allergies. I’ve always loved the Rottweilers and American Bulldogs. These dogs are “Animesh companions” made by Rezzroom here inworld.

JB:  Do you still run the occasional Tribute Concert?

CD:  Not currently, but I am working a few special projects with Moonlight Music Co-op of Second Life with a few of their live singers to take the SL tribute concert to the next level. I won’t give any more details, but I will say this:  ONCE THEY ARE READY, THEY WILL ALL DEBUT HERE AT ROCKSTAR ISLAND!

JB:  Tell us about some of the musicians you have hosted here in the past?

CD:  We are Moonlight Music as a venue and promoter for their singers, and we host three of them weekly.  They are Seren McGillivary, Wolfie Moonshadow & Rocker335. Every other Saturday we have Maximillion Kleene.  Some of the Concerts we have had include The Rob Zombie Experience (owned and operated by my good friend Wire Frost) here twice and some of the monthly concerts with *TSE* were Metallica/Megadeth , Godsmack/Shinedown, and Havok's Lynyrd Skynyrd

JB:  And how can a reader learn more about upcoming events at Rockstar Island?

They can follow us on the Rockstar Island Facebook Page, or join our inworld group Rockstar Island Music Events. You can also hit our scriber in the venue on the right side of stage. Our FB page is:

JB:  Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes.  Just this.  Rockstar Island is the Hottest Island on the grid, so just Jump On your Sleigh and head on down to Rockstar Island where the music is LIVE!! Rockin' high above the snow-topped mountains and rockin the Aurora Borealis

 So, there ya have it folks.  If you are a fan of Rock Music, then Rockstar Island is THE place to experience the best in Live Rock on the Grid.  Come chill out alone, or with a friend, to some great tunes under a brilliant sky.   Rockstar Island.  You’ll be glad you came.

Be there.  Aloha!





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