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Friday, June 4, 2021



The suspense intensifies! The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR jury has chosen the 12 finalists! Now in the final race for the prestigious title and the prize pool of L$50,000 cash: Annough Lykin, Becky Kenaan, EleanorJean, Hunipet Delicioso, Imogen Spark, Jude Tatham, Ksenia Jovinavic, Laycie Pearl, Nonoya, RoyaleSun, TaraAers and Valsnia!

The Big Twelve will now be invited to participate in three live events in Second Life, during which they will have the opportunity to showcase their strengths and their ability to represent LUXE Paris.


First there will be the Judges' Brunch, on June 19, where each of the finalists will have to present a short speech explaining why she would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris. The judges will also have questions for them.

Then, on July 3, it will be the first Challenge-Show, on the theme '', Reveal the LUXE Paris star in you ''. For this challenge, the finalists will have to choose a movie star and dress her in LUXE Paris, for a particular film or a scene they have invented.

For the second Challenge-Show, on July 11, the finalists will have to present a LUXE Paris outfit to go to the  `` Save the planet '' ball, a tribute to Greenpeace and its great benefactors, Elton John and Stella McCartney. This challenge will be immediately followed by the unveiling of the results and the crowning of the new LUXE Paris ambassador, our LOOK of the YEAR 2021!


The three LUXE Paris final events will not be open to the public in order to minimize the lag and allow the finalists to shine brightly in front of the judges. However, both shows and the crowning will be broadcast live on YouTube by Villa Media. The links will be posted here in The SL Enquirer and on our website two days before the shows.

More information at LUXE Paris LOOK of the


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