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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Spotlight on LUXE PARIS LOOK OF THE YEAR 2021 Winner Valsnia


The Annual LUXE Paris LOOK OF THE YEAR Competition is a fabulous event with some of the most beautiful models from across the grid competing for the crown and title of Ambassador of the LUXE Paris brand. It was a very tough competition. Each contestant goes through rounds with weekly themed photographs viewed by a panel of judges. 

Hailing from India, Valsnia found her way into Second Life attracted by Machinima and realized Second Life was much more than a game, but an extension of herself. Valsnia is confident, beautiful, and poised with a passion is for fashion. She will be an excellent 2021 ambassador for this very prestigious brand. Meet Valsnia, LUXE Paris LOTY 2021 winner!

Interview with Valsnia

SLE: We love that SL is a global community because we get to meet people from all over the world. Where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Valsnia: First of all, thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed by your amazing establishment. It's truly an honor. You are not understating when you told SL is a global community. I think at this point I know at least one person from every country and that would not have been possible without SL.


I am from India and the story of how I discovered SL is somewhat funny. So, I was watching Pixar shorts on Youtube (I was around 18 that time) and the auto-play was on. So the next video that played was this SL Machinima short film named The Date. Mind you, I had no idea what a machinima was and I was curious to see what other films this "Machinima" production house produced. And from there, my rabbit hole of research landed me in Second Life.

SLE: The pleasure is ours. What an interesting way to find Second Life. Machinima is definitely an art of its own. Would you consider Second Life an extension of your real life or just a game?

Valsnia: I, for sure, consider Second Life to be part of my real life. That's another reason why I don't date in SL. Second Life to me is a beautiful land where you get to be anyone and anything you aspire to be that your reality doesn't allow. Imagine the happiness a physically challenged person would feel when they can experience walking even if it's in the form of a virtual avatar. The feeling is truly unmatchable.

SLE: We couldn’t agree more. How did you get involved in the fashion/modeling industry in Second Life?

Valsnia: Well, as I said, I joined SL after seeing a machinima film. And immediately after I wanted to learn how to do machinima. One led to another, and I was there working at Mimi's choice as an in-store model. From there I got the link to join a modeling institute named FMU led by Hermoine. And that was just the first start of many starts.

SLE: Those are great references in the SL fashion world. Who inspires you the most in Fashion?

Valsnia: The people. I will never forget this party I went to, couple of years back. It was not like a fashion party or something. Just a birthday party of my friend, full of SL farmers. And I wasn't expecting anyone to dress up. I could not have been more wrong. The party was full of amazing styles and products from stores that are not much mainstream to models. I still remember many styles like a photograph. And that's what inspires me even today.

SLE: How would you describe your personal style?

Valsnia: I tilt naturally towards edgy haute couture and street style. But during the process of LUXE Paris contest, I had been flirting with chic and couture.

SLE: Congratulations on winning this year’s Look of the Year (LOTY) contest. It was a tough challenge. What were your thoughts when you realized you had won?

Valsnia:  Thank you. Honestly, it was a roller coaster ride. I know it's a common statement every winner says. But, hear me out. My wedding was planned for July 15th and my birthday was on July 10th. So I already had a pretty packed week and the finale was on July 11th. I did prepare ahead and made arrangements so everything goes smoothly. But the universe decided differently. My friend's gang came to my home to give me a surprise bachelorette party just 30 mins before the contest. You can imagine my state of mind. I couldn't focus and was shivering. I don't even remember how I managed to do the walk. So, to think I actually won! Wow, honestly, unbelievable. The best wedding gift SL could have given me. It is a dream come true.

SLE: Congratulations on your wedding,  we wish you the very best!  What was the most challenging for you while competing in this very prestigious role as an ambassador to the LUXE Paris brand?

Valsnia: As I said, I am a naturally edgy stylist. But LUXE Paris is a brand that focuses on reiterating elegance in the SL fashion world. So, it was a big learning experience and an even bigger challenge to refine my styling sense and be the girl LUXE Paris deserves.

SLE: Now that you wear the LOTY crown. What will you be doing to represent Luxe Paris in Second Life?

Valsnia: We have some big plans. You will have to wait for the official announcements. For now, you can expect some designs that celebrate Indian culture.

SLE: We can’t wait to see the new designs. What advice would you give models who want to compete in the next LOTY Competition?

Valsnia: Keep learning and extend your hand for sisterhood. And obviously, have fun.

SLE: That’s right never forget to have fun. How will you use this prestigious winning to further yourself in Second Life, be it a business or modeling? Or do you see yourself branching off to something completely different?

Valsnia: I am definitely not branching off the SL fashion world. I will stay in the SL modeling universe one way or the other.

SLE: As a Model, what other fashion-related events do you see yourself getting involved in in the future?

Valsnia: I will take part in any event that aligns with the interest of me and LUXE Paris fashion house.

SLE: Fair enough. Besides modeling in SL, what other activities do you like to do on the grid?

Valsnia: I love to do photography. That's my second favorite thing. Apart from that, I love creating textures and retexturing full perm outfits for myself in SL.

SLE: Valsnia it was a pleasure to interview you. Again, congratulations on your new life as well as your Second Life journey. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Valsnia: Do stay safe and get vaccinated. And visit LUXE Paris whenever you get the chance.

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