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Tuesday, October 12, 2021



The wind whistles through the bare branches, scratching, scratching, rising the hair on the back of your neck. As you stand at the crossroads, the foul mist creeping over your toes and up your legs, eyes peer out of the gloom and you know you're being watched. Which way to go? Where can you find shelter on this night, the veil between worlds thin and nebulous? What lurks in the swamp, is that a shack you see hiding behind the great mossy trees? Or should you try one of the abandoned houses in town... you can see bonfires through the trees to the East, the forest with the oddly glowing trees, is that the safe way to go? It means passing the burning church and traversing the graveyard. Hideous cackling comes from that direction and you hesitate, turn towards the Carnival gates and shudder...... It's that time of year again! A full SIM of spooky, creepy, and cackling horrors await you! Grab your information notecard at the Whimsy landing point, once at the hunt location, get your hunt HUD, find all the bones and claim your custom Halloween decoration for your own spooky spot.



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