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Showing posts with label Club Accessible. Show all posts

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Club Accessible in Second Life - Hang out with friends – Joymell Reporting...

In Second Life we can learn many things about the technological environment, but also learn more about ourselves and others in the global virtual community.

The Club Accessible is one of the places that shows us that virtual actions can make a difference in the real world. 

The club provides a safe and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their differences. There are people with disabilities and those who do not have disabilities, the bottom line being all can enjoy fun, dancing, friendship and social interaction in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In the club, you will find different environments, such as a beach and a coffee house ... just come hang out with friends! Enjoy the open view of the sea, chat with friends with a cup of coffee in the little coffee house "The Captain's Cup."

Accessible Club is a region where everyone can enjoy their Second Life.  Real life people with disabilities are often unable to participate in certain events, which sometimes can lead to a feeling of isolation.   At the club, a disability does not affect the enjoyment of anyone.  Some members show their disability with the use of a wheelchair, prosthetics or hearing aids, others hide their deficiencies and yet other members are not disabled at all. The atmosphere makes everyone feel comfortable and secure, regardless of their differences …

The focus of the club is to be social and friendship is highly valued.   It’s a great source of support for many people.  Joining the club assists recently injured people, some of whom are still in rehabilitation, to find the support of other members with similar life events.

I interviewed Mrs. Megan Flinders, one of the owners of the club.   See the interview below:

Joymell: What is the Club Accessible?

Meghan Flinders: “The Club Accessible is a place where everyone can enjoy his or her Second Life through music and friendship. Everyone is equal and fully accepted. Whether you have a disability or not... you are welcome to come visit us at Club Accessible or at the Captain's Cup”.

Joymell: What events are offered by the Club, currently?

Meghan Flinders: “The club presently has DJs who entertain us three days a week. We hope to expand this and are always looking for new DJs and entertainment. There is a lovely beach across from the club where you can swim, relax on the sand or gather with friends at the lounge area. Beside that there is a small romantic gazebo for quiet moments or peaceful contemplation. For some extra fun we have a "Greedy" table and a "Can't Stop" table which you are welcome to play. A special part of Club Accessible is our cozy waterfront coffee house....perfect for you to "sit awhile" and catch up with some friends. A small snack bar is guaranteed not to make you gain weight! The theme of the area is a beach front look but we love decorate for every possible holiday or event (especially for Halloween or in winter)!”

Joymell: How can people get more information, and contact the group?

Meghan Flinders:If you have any questions please feel free to message any of the following owners...and their native language are listed: Alexis Odgar (Spanish), Meghan Flinders (English) or Zirrus Zabaleta (German).”

Taxi to The Club Accessible: