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Showing posts with label Club Carnage. Show all posts

Monday, May 31, 2021

May 31- Celebrate Memorial Day @ Club Carnage Starting at 6 pm SLT

From 6-8, Come help us thank those that fight for us to be free. We remember those that have served and gave their lives in our military today. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Come honor them and celebrate our freedom for which they fought. Wear any uniform of the armed services or carry a flag!

No one EVER HAS to dress for events here. A lot of people come to hear the awesome music and socialize.



Saturday, September 24, 2016

Club Carnage: Through Thick and Thin- LilyaLuv Reporting...

Club Carnage today

They’ve seen it all. Club Carnage has been around for 11 years and owner, Caemlyn Witherspoon, tells us her story about how she came to be the owner the club after an emotional struggle - and that time pensis and vaginas kept dropping on the floor.

Caemlyn Witherspoon

Caemlyn shares the genesis story and evolution of Club Carnage in a notecard to all guests. As the story goes: Club Carnage was originally founded by Klayton Vaughan who sold the club and the sim it was on to Angela Glitter. After Angela Glitter suddenly sold the sim while Carnage staff were having a party, Carnage was left without a home. Since Carnage’s staff cared deeply about the club, they put their money together to rent land to house the club. As the Club got more popular, nearby residents complained that they couldn’t get into their own homes because Carnage had filled up the sim, so the club had 24 hours to leave the land they were on. Caemlyn came to be the current owner of Club Carnage after the other owners backed out, leaving Caemlyn in charge. As Caemlyn recalls, “I remember tears running down my cheeks as I tore down the walls of the old place, wondering how I was going to do this when I had never run a club before!”

What inspires you to keep Club Carnage running after all these years?
Carnage is more than a club to a lot of SL avatars. It became home to them. Even when it is slow I still want a place for people to come home to if they want. I want people to know we will always be here.

When was the most satisfying moment for you during Club Carnage’s 10 years on SL?
Carnage satisfies me many many times but the most satisfying moment had to be in 2007 when we had 108 guests here along with 2 Security, 2 Dancers, a Host and a DJ and I looked out over all that and saw how much fun everyone was having.

If there was one thing you would change about Club Carnage, what would it be?
You know, I honestly don't think I would change one thing about it. Each thing that happened has made it what it is today.


What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen at Club Carnage?
Two instances come to mind. A woman was here dancing and obviously AFK. Suddenly her water broke and her baby fell out of her unto the floor. It bounced across the floor a few times. She grabbed it up and left.

The second time was when attachments would fall off of you randomly. There were penises and vagina's laying all over the dance floor. I got an IM the next day that "Avatar567 has returned your ass to you from XXX Sim. Your ass can be found in your lost and found folder." Got my ass handed to me!

What do you think it is about Club Carnage that attracts visitors?
I like to think it's the fact that we welcome everyone. We don't care if your avatar is a cardboard box or the most sophisticated avatar marketplace sells - we welcome all the same.

Club Carnage’s VIPs

What is your vision for Club Carnage in the future?
I would love to see SL flourish like it did back in 2007-2008 and for the Club to be filled with people laughing, talking, dancing and having fun. Club Carnage will strive to keep up with the times and demands of our customers.

What would you like your visitors to know about Club Carnage?
I want them aware of our age and that all are welcome.

Visit Club Carnage’s Facebook page for upcoming events.