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Showing posts with label DFS. Show all posts

Monday, October 4, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Out Shop Cancer 2021 is Here


The 4th annual Out Shop Cancer event is now open with more than 70 participating stores both in-world and on Marketplace featuring items for men, women, children, animesh Zooby babies, plus home and garden, DFS items and more. New for this year there is a grid-wide hunt along with all of the shopping opportunities. Speaking with Savannah Annamemnon, event co-lead, “Yes, we are very excited about adding the hunt feature to the event. There are so many wonderful things designers have donated, it is definitely time to shop ’til you drop for a great cause.” Additionally, there will be special raffles throughout the month. LumiPro has donated two complete systems to be raffled. The first raffle runs October 1 – 15 and tickets can be purchased at the Out Shop Cancer office. While there you can also pick up the Shopping Directory notecard to plan your shopping excursion. Aside from in-world shopping, shoppers can visit the Second Life Marketplace and use the keywords “Out Shop Cancer” or “Making Strides” to find items on sale with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Looking forward to mid-month there will be a Pop-Up Market where many of the participating designers will set out their vendors. The Out Shop Cancer Pop-Up Market will run from October 15 – 31. More details will be coming soon on the location. Out Shop Cancer is a main store and marketplace shopping event and a signature Strides Campaign in Second Life in support of the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and research which started in 2018. Now in its fourth year, the event continues to grow. The goal remains the same – to raise funds for breast cancer research and support while driving traffic to merchant’s places of business. All proceeds from this event go directly to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services. It’s important to note that your support is helping! Even though breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, rates are down 40% in the U.S., meaning 375,900 lives saved from breast cancer. These decreases are believed to be the result of earlier detection through screening and increased awareness, as well as improved treatments.

Office LM/ Hunt Starting point/ Raffles - Website - Facebook - Flickr -

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

On The Horizon Ice12192 Dover Digital Farm System (DFS) -DreamOfEssence Reporting...

I had the pleasure of sitting with Ice1210 Dover,  To talk about the Digital Farm System (DFS), That everyone Has been talking about and all the new things that are coming out. He stated that the Digital Farm System (DFS) back in the start of October 2016.
I asked him how he started with SL, Ice Went on to tell me, A friend told him about a game that he could create and develop your own world and be able to make money , On the  System, Since he has projects going around, Making wed sites, Software applications and all kinds of things. He decided to go give SL A try to see what it would be come.
He commented  on  that when he had come to Second life, it was a very big adjustment since he has not seen a system/game similar to SL where you can make things that othersuse inside the game.
I asked him what inspired him to first start working on the Digital Farm System (DFS), Ice  share  that he has always loved the idea of farming/growing your own food in real life and in games, Ice checked out another farming system,  and saw that Second life was missing a big modern farming system, so after he did some research on what people wanted or needed in working on our own farming, That was more user friendly.
Ice said  his big first big break in Digital Farm System (DFS),  as they put it together a lot of his close friends wanted to help them test the product and they stated telling everyone at Auctions that they were running and people seemed to be very excited about it, Icerealized that everyone was telling everyone and they all wanted to try it, He also said that it went from 10 people in a few days and then in one week he had over 50 people doing the Digital Farm System (DFS).
I asked Ice who were some of his mentors along the way on making the (DFS) project,Icesaid he did not have any specific mentors as they all grew together and learned from one another and those people that started with him are still in the system and proudly doing it and helping New farmers start there farming.

I started out with  question of asking what he would recommend if someone wanting to start with Digital Farm System (DFS), He stated and suggest that they go through the learning center and see the amazing things and guide they setup there, They can get there by sitting on the teleporter in the front of the store, Ice also stated that they have a lot of useful information on the web site at,  and IceSaid that  they also have a group called  DFS : Digital Farm System where there is a lot of people who have been doing it scent it open.
We both, talked about some of the biggest hurdles Ice faced with building The Digital Farm System (DFS), Also what was his biggest accomplishments with  Digital Farm System (DFS), Ice told me that it was a difficult question to ask him to answer as the whole system and experience has just been so amazing, and what still surprises him so much is that he now has over 3000 users registered on the  Digital Farm System (DFS) and there growing every single day with new people starting, The biggest hurdles he has faced is the issues with second life when communicating to external servers and the limitations that it has on scripting, but that just made it so that he had to find different ways to work around those issues.
What is the future With  (DFS)? and were do you see it going, Ice told me that The Plans for the future is so big for  Digital Farm System (DFS), That to have a whole range of animals, That also Ice wants to cover or be able to cater for all types of Role Play from Gor, Future, Western and anything that we implement, Ice also said that He would love for  Digital Farm System (DFS) to become a about any scenario. He stated that he also has had so many thanks and compliments, that he changed peoples Second life lives and brought their family's back together and give them something to do on here and have a lot of fun doing it.

Ice went on to tell me, The things he is currently working on is redoing the pizza so you can actually hold a slice and eat it then it and will give you the EP, He also stated that they are working on a mini games that tasks you can do thru the community and a whole Role play system where you can order items from the stores in the community for delivery and events for fire station and medical center to come deal with.

I asked Ice , Are there going to be any more animation like rolling the dough or things like that, He mentioned, he did do something like this with the Barrel Crusher to be animated as you can sit on it and it speeds up time a little bit, but the issue was people were giving him feedback as they wanted to multiple cooking recipes at once and not just do one thing at a time, everyone seems to love to multi task so Ice had to change them to the rest and be able to use multiple items at once.
Ice and I talk about, The new productsto come out with to make Beer and that I see Ice had it were you could make Juice and wine and Beer, I ask scents he has all that is there going to be something with soda coming out, Ice gave me a preview on the upcoming products, They been discussing that and still have to figure out how to do it properly, so that  you can make your own bottles and all, he has a lot of plans that hasn’t been implemented or finalized so those types of items will also be happening.
Ice ,Told me  the next animal that he will be coming out with will be sheep, That way others can make items such as cloth, carpets and ect.He elaborated, on that it is still growing and will become bigger then it is now and everyone is so excited and is looking forward to the new things to come out.

Preferred contact: Ice12192 Dover 
Reporting DreamOfEssence

A Big Thanks to Ben Usher For letting us use his farm for the photo's.