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Showing posts with label DaphneArts. Show all posts

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Outlandish Blazon of Art at Daphne Gallery: Frencha la mode showcase of surrealistic artworks – Triuzla Reporting...

An exhibition “Beautiful Bizarre” highlights 12 renowned artists, trying to fathom out the reasons influencing the unconventional charm usually comprehended as abnormal. Consistently returning to issues of vision and perception the authors inspect the nature of distressing emotions and feelings. One of the halls of DaphneArts Gallery is devoted solely to the unique sculpture crafted by virtuoso Theda.

DaphneArts is a virtual art complex named after the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne. The atmosphere here is both breathtaking and provoking deep thoughtfulness, calling for a serious contemplation on the artworks. Spaces created specially for comfortable conceptual consideration of the exclusive works will make you come back again and again, discovering new details in familiar pieces of art. It’s also worth of admitting that classical music playing at the site helps to “turn on, tune in, and drop out”.      

The exhibition features 12 2D objects and one 3D sculpture and is already been open for more than two month. I admitted many artists among attendances looking for inspiration. Guests can be found hypnotized by highlights of an attractive object, which they truly admire. The atmosphere of intimacy can be regarded as a big advantage of DaphneArts. The works call attention to the tension between beauty and bizarreness, attracting, therefore, those, who got accustomed to ambivalent perceptions. One can be gazing at the Loki’s masterpiece named “Vicariously” for hours. In case if you fell in love with “Eyes Unseen” by Paradox Messmer, you can buy it just for 296 L. However, “Tarantula” by Sabbian Paine or “There’s nothing left to take” by Rainbow Mubble could have caused some blood-curdling screams in those who are too impressionable. Turbulence and gradient of emotions can definitely come to their climax while staring at “Deceitful Beauty” created by Angelica Corral.  

Theda’s “beauty in strange feelings” can be undoubtedly called the hidden pearl of the exhibition. Renaissance backgrounds with photorealistic layers cause an effect of burdening mix of emotions, thoughts, and excitements left unspoken. It feels like there’s some hidden message you are ready to catch, which is missed all the time. Is it true that in order to form imaginary ideal identity one rejects the parts of self that are inconvenient or incongruent with the identity he/she choose to accept? How’s is it like to conform to the standards of beauty? There’s nothing surprising that the artwork can hit some hidden stereotypes living at the ceiling of our souls.  

The sculpture work “Bizarre is always beautiful” by Theda displayed at the separate red hall stimulates another flood of experiences one is left to filter and consciously formulate after leaving the exhibition. Silhouettes levitating with a bunch of pieces will live your heart squeezing at the thought of beings suffering so cruelly. It clearly calls us to meditate on the Greek Myth of Appollo and Daphne and impossibility of love between perfect avatars.


An exhibition “Beautiful Bizarre” highlights 12 renowned artists, trying to fathom out the reasons influencing the unconventional charm to be comprehended as abnormal. Consistently returning to issues of vision and perception the authors inspect the nature of distressing emotions and feelings.

Interview with Theda

Triuzla: How did you manage to showcase your works at the exhibition? Was there any open-call or a curator addressed directly to you?

Theda: Daphne owners asked me to do 1 2d work and 1 3d and gave me the theme.

Triuzla: Could you kindly tell us about the originating of "Beauty in strange feelings"? What was your mood and thoughts while creating it?

Theda: when I think about bizarre I see the beauty in it and all weird feelings a bizarre image can touch us. And I guess all my works are a bit bizarre. Well not sure if I can explain well, English is not my native language, as I am from Brazil. I tried to show how we are all bizarre in all our deep/hidden feelings and it can be beautiful too.

Triuzla: Sorry, I wish I could ask questions in Portuguese, but “Obrigado” is all I can say. Pre-last question. Did you take part at UWA 3D Art&Design Challenge?

Theda: no problem. I have a work at UWA for Immaterial show; it’s called “Ethereal”. I was thinking about immaterial, something I can't touch. I imagine the angels flying and their aura and good feeling they send, so I tried to show it with slowly movements. I am at LEA too. My site: If you are interested, have a look, please.

Triuzla: Oh yeah, I watched it patiently and saw a poem under the painting called “Bluebird”…

Theda: Oh “Bluebird” is an art installation I made inspired by Charles Bukowski 's poem... He is my favorite, because he is so bizarre. But my last installation is based on a singer ~Sainkho Namtchylak. I also like Sylvia Plath poems... colors of Pedro Almodovar films... It’s a mix!

Triuzla: My final question would be a technical one. Which software do you operate while working on your 3D and 2D pieces of art?

Theda: I work on Blender and for 2d I take pictures IW and manipulate them on Photoshop.

Triuzla: I am very grateful for your time. It was a pleasure to talk to you. Maybe you'll give any final advice for those, who come to watch your works?

Theda: hmmm… I try to show a soul behind the avatar. Thank you for your interest on my work.

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