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Showing posts with label Darkprince Blackrain. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Grand Opening of Darks Customs- Car Show Friday July 31st at 8pm SLT

Darks Customs is celebrating a "Grand Opening" by a car show this Friday 7/31
at 8PM central time, bring anything you would like bikes, cars anything with wheels with  
no scripted vehicles it keeps lag down.

To qualify:
  •  must be your build
  •  You can use other creator's parts but would like to see diffrent types of stuff
  •  You may put the scripted version in a box beside the truck/car and set it for sale.
Darks Customs is an offroad shop and the only one in SL custom built lift kits to fit your vehicle just right. We also offer custom frame builds such as anything from rollcages to suspension high level of detail is put into Dark's work. He builds mostly with prim.

 Come  check out some of his builds in the showroom at

Darkprince also builds a few custom bike frames depending on what you want, anything from drift cars to drag racing.


Contact: Darkprince Blackrain for more details or to talk about a custom build