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Showing posts with label Freewings Resident. Show all posts

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A New You for a New Year- Freewings Resident Reporting…

Many people in Second Life get bored of their appearance and want to look different. With plenty of stores to choose from it could be hard to find the perfect place to shop. Here’s an item by item list of some of my personal favorites to help you find what you are looking for.
Maya boots - Wow shape and skin, truth hair, slink hands

Get comfortable in your Skin by finding one that fits your style.
There are so many skins to pick from and so many features available in Second Life©.
Your skin is the first thing a person will notice other than clothes and hair, so it is important to pick a skin you love and that looks good. 

There are all different tones, cleavage, dimples, and freckles you can chose from as well as makeup you can add to your makeover to enhance your look. That being said, here are some skin and makeup stores to browse.