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Showing posts with label Glossom Jonesford. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Get into the Christmas Spirit: Glossom Resident Reporting…

Still didn’t get into the Holiday spirit? Enjoy the Holiday ride out on the streets of SL and celebrate the Christmas season with several activities promoted by dedicated and creative residents who gave all they had to provide leisure facilities dedicated to the season. There is a diverse program across the grid for all tastes and ages that incorporates the traditional illuminations and decorations, music, fashion, traditional food and drinks, fun family activities like treasure hunting, Winter Sports (see and so much more. Second Life becomes a fulgent magic playground.

We are on the countdown to Christmas so SL Enquirer gathered a list of activities that deserve all the highlights for being so faithful to the Season. With SLE’s activities selection SL Resident will run out of excuses for not getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas Markets:

There is no better way to spend this festive season than with a break to explore the most beautiful and colorful seasonal markets where you can find that special gift, allowing you to enjoy the ritual of Christmas shopping in a environment full of tradition. Gifts Trade, seasonal decor items, fashion and typical food/drinks unite residents from all over the world. Small wooden houses recreate once again the spirit of a small Christmas villages all over Second Life where beautifully decorated stalls are set with the finest products coming out of the hands of artisans.

It is time to get into the spirit and visit all those friendly markets, bazaars and fairs and see what they have to offer:

Christmas Fair - A typical Christmas fair embedded in a beautiful and cozy village covered in snow. Kiss your loved one under the many types of mistletoe spread all over town. Take a ride in a marvelous little Christmas carousel and wake up the child in you. Browse the many shops available onsite where you will find everything you need for a wonderful Merry Christmas.

Moedling - Einkaufs-und Veranstaltungsort in Niederoesterreic - A traditional Austrian market for those who like to explore other cultures and traditions.
3D Republic – Christmas Market - Home of the famous full perm sculpties and mesh store, 3D Republic now hosts a traditional Christmas Market. 80 top designers in Second gather on a single venue to display their unique and original pieces that will make Christmas even more special.
Diamonds Place/Shopping/Winter Park/Christmas Market/Family
Explore this cozy, little market with its snow covered booths. Indulge yourself with a nice slice of Christmas cake and a hot cup of mulled wine to warm up your soul while doing some last minute shopping. Soak up the festive atmosphere.

Second Life is the scene of much musical entertainment, Christmas Shows, bands, singers and deejays with performances ranging alternating between the various points with repertoires prepared for the festive season. Considering the important role of music in getting into the Christmas spirit, the next few days promise to be crucial to ascertain the feelings of this festive season. It is the season for special concerts, for warm hearted events where friends and family celebrate together.

2014-12-22 – 06:00 PM - Live Music Christmas Concert with Rocky Toocool at Winter Wonderland

“Everyone is invited to Wicked Diva's Winter Wonderland Christmas Concert.
Rocky TooCool and the TooCool Band will be on Stage singing your Favourite Christmas Songs.”

2014-12-23 – 11:00 AM - Christmas with Farr ~ Winter Wonderland

“Come and catch the Christmas spirit with this fabulous drummer who has dedicated his life to music.”

2014-12-23 – 02:30 PM - An evening of Christmas music with DJ Colin Scientist

“Join us as DJ COLIN SCIENTIST plays a selection of carols and other Christmas music to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  Come to dance or just sit, listen and chat if you prefer.  We suggest informal dress. …”

2014-12-24 – 02:00 PM - Christmas Eve @ The Original Broken Spoke Saloon
“Come in hang out and make a new friend… We’ll be here from 2pm till 6pm… with DJs and hosts, after that… we will be spending time with family outside the club...”


Les Sucreries * Original Clothing, Accessories and full perm is a quality store that stands for the difference and originality. The products selection is varied, from unique decoration items or special Christmas clothes. One can find multiple treasure hunts ad pasted on one of the walls

Enjoy solving all the riddles and jumping from place to place where you find the most amazing holiday settings. And who knows if you will not find that perfect gift for a special someone in one of the prizes.

Merry Christmas (Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st) - Full perm hunt for creators

Silent Night Hunt” (Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st) - Christmas decorations, clothes, textures, etc..

Candy Cane 6” (Nov. 29th – Dec. 25th) - Gridwide hunt for female, male and unisex clothes -

Funny Christmas Hunt” & “Scary Christmas Hunt” (Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st)   -
- Various funny or scary Christmas items -

ROCK XMAS HUNT” (Dec. 3rd – Dec. 30th) - the name says it all


In the center of a Christmas village a fascinating shinning blue gem rests on a frozen lake. The ice palace gives us back the childhood dreams. One feels immediately invited to explore it on a ice skating trip back in time, to other Christmas times. We will not spoil the surprise. Just jump on the balls and experience something rarely seen in Second Life. You may want to see this!

Happy Holidays


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ITS WINTER SPORTS SEASON - Glossom Resident Reporting…

The air smells like snow. Do you know that smell?  Waking up to a frosty morning, a cold, crisp day, the frost breath on our mouth, these are reminiscences of how this 7th natural wonder of the world smells like. Winter wears its beautiful white coat landscapingon every path and making Second Life even more beautiful.

The next few weeks are perfect for practicing Winter Sports. Thousands of Ski and Snowboard fans seek the best places to slide on the snow. With breathtaking scenery as a backdrop and with unique landscapes, winter sports provide so much fun and entertainment to children and grown-ups of all ages who enjoy the snow.

Winter sports are a fantastic way to experience nature. Some residents love the white flat surfaces, while others prefer to burst down the slope at high speed. The keywords here are snow, play and fun. From ice skating to skiing, building a snowman and challenging friends to a snowball fight, whatever the sport or activity, the opportunities are endless.

The SL Enquirer went around SL and found six wonderful trails for the best winter sports. Here are some reasons why you should not fear to adventure into the virtual snow.

Armadon East - "The Boom Winterland Wonderland"

Start your journey with a sleigh tour around the venue, revolutionize the sport of ice dancing with an original choreography; take a lift up to the mountain's peak where you can start exploring the site with a snowmobile, or test your bravery by snowboarding downhill at high speed. And after a well spent day in the snow, there is nothing more comforting than nice cup of hot chocolate.

 Holland Paradise - "Rib & Caycee's Winter Paradise"

Virtual Fishing, snowmobile rides, couples ice skating, carriage rides, horseback riding and sledding are some of the Winter Sports available in this beautiful venue. Here residents coexist with wildlife but no conflict has ever been reported.

Aero Pines Park - "Winter Festival at Aero Pines Park"

The famous Aero Pines Park is celebrating its 8th Annual Winter Festival. Among many other attractions, Winter Sports are a highlight on the calendar of events. Horse Sleighs, Sleds, Snowmobiles, Ice Skating on a beautiful Ice Rink and Cross Country Skiing are some of the offers on this multi-sim venue.

Grand Canyon North - "Lake Tahoe Ski Resort"

Grand Canyon plus Snow is equal to magic. Lake Tahoe Ski Resort offers a wide range of snow sports, like sledding, snowboarding, slalom skiing, snow tubing and snowmobile riding. On a beautiful setting, it inspires couples to romantic sportive adventures.

Landing point:

StarRiderII  - "Christmas and Winter Holiday Village - Ice Skating!"

At this typical Christmas Village you will find a beautiful frozen lake with all the facilities for ice skating. After a nice ride up on the ski lift you will reach the mountain slope where a wide open area is available for other sports like skiing and sledding. Fishing on ice holes is also available for those who prefer less active activities.


As you arrive at the Winter Ice Rock Festival venue your eyes will rest on magnificent mountains reachable by sky-rail and full of opportunities such as skiing and sledding.  At the mountain base, an ice skating rink awaits you, among so many other offers.

Landing point:

Grab your warmest clothes, depart on an adventure, climb snowy mountains and have a wonderful time.

Happy Holidays,