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Showing posts with label Hip Hop History Event. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The History Of Hip Hop – A Second Life Event- October 9th-11th 2015

India Umia-Delgado, Producer
Shon Larsson, SPG ENT. Producer

A First Of Its Kind Cultural Event Produced For The Second Life Grid
On any given day of the week there is a DJ spinning Hip Hop music at a party on SL.  You will hear different styles from old school to new school, remixes to new releases.  There have been events involving groups of DeeJays of two to three and up to five at times, coming together for rezday, birthday, anniversary parties etc, but there has not been an event celebrating and paying homage to Hip Hop as a whole until now.

From October 9-11, 2015 DJ India Delgado, and Shon Larsson (DJ Rebellious1) are co-producing (a first of its kind on Second Life) three day History Of Hip Hop Event paying homage to the four elements of Hip Hop.  What will make this a historic event is we have brought together for the first time ten of SL’s best Hip Hop DeeJays from different regions of the USA in one place at the same time along with nine of the best hosts.  For three consecutive days, these DeeJays will represent their love of Hip Hop music.  We will cover the history of Hip Hop by era, by influential record label, conscious and gangsta MC’s, and by representing their region.  The DeeJays are: DJ Cinfull, DJ Styles Finess, DJ Soopa Uglee, DJ Mattmatrix, DJ MC Boogie James, DJ Ghost Dee, DJ Vendetta, DJ India, and DJ Rebellious1.  The Hosts for this event are: Z-Fatality, Quixotimus “QT”, PINK, Capricorn, Tasty Temptation, Chulamami, Kinkiie, Mkayla, and Thick Stakz.

You can’t talk about the history of Hip Hop without acknowledging B-boys and B-girls.  So to join us in this historic event, we have seven organizations performing break dance routines. Those organizations are: Xi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Theta Delta Alpha Sorority, Theta Delta Alpha-Teens, Theta Delta Alpha-Babies, Ksi Iota Sigma, Alpha Sigma Omega, and The Twin Star Dancers.  These groups will represent the East coast, West coast, Dirty South, and the Midwest.  If this wasn’t enough, you can’t talk about the History Of Hip Hop without talking about battles.  If you are familiar with the SL DJ scene, you know that DJ battles are few and pretty much non-existent unless it’s a female DJ battle.

For the first time ever on SL, we the DeeJays have come together to give the battles of all battles!  The DeeJays will battle it out on each of the three days of the event: Battle of the eras, Battle of the labels, and the grand battle, Battle of the coasts/regions.  This is not about who is better than the next DJ.  This is about our collective love of the music as we represent the coasts of choice.  East vs West vs Dirty South vs Midwest will be a wild free for all and an all-around epic event.  We are doing this event for all of you, but we are also doing this event for us.  We spend a lot of time performing for others but rarely show our appreciation for our brother and sister DeeJays.  We love the music and love sharing it.  It’s also a thank you to each other. 

We could not produce such a huge event without the assistance of our VIP sponsors.  Thank you to the following sponsors for believing in our vision, and helping us bring this event to life. 

Our primary sponsors
T.C. Enterprises, CEO Thicks Elizabeth Carolina and

STRAIGHT No Chaser, Owner Angelous Amante

Cruiz Cotton Club, Owners Cruiz Control & Starlaa Boa-Control

Mynd & Body Fitness, Owner Lex9d9 Ryada

Haus Of Ito, Owner India Delgado

Shotta 106 FM radio, Owner DJ ScratchG Shotta

TGF Motorcycle Club, President Dirty Foggarty, VP BlkChina Foggarty

IKWE Boutique, Owner PocaHotness Mankiller

PHAT Fashion Fair, Owner Desirecinquette Dannunzio

Bougie, Owner Desirecinquette Dannunzio

The Charmed Titanic, Captain Ra charming

Sigma Upsilon Nu, Founding Soror Cleopatra Kellman

Sunburst Premier Grid Entertainment, Owner/CEO Shon Larsson
Join us October 9-11 beginning at 6pm slt, as we make SL Hip Hop History.  Check the following links for additional details and locations of the events.