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Showing posts with label Inspiration island. Show all posts

Friday, February 7, 2020

WBH: Nutritional Resource Center @ Inspiration Island February 7th at 6 am SLT

Nutrition Resource Center, built and maintained by Jasmine Lordenwych, provides integrative holistic health information for every taste and dietary design. Recipes, menus and guidance on our quest to thrive!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


We bring retired people to Inspiration Island so they can benefit from the comprehensive brain-training activities we provide here. 

Many of these are newcomers to virtual worlds who are guided in by Buddies we train to introduce them to our research-based program.

We also offer professional development courses for teachers and other professionals. 

And, of course, our island is open to all residents of SL who accept the limits of a Moderate-rated sim. We are actually a region in the Rockcliffe University Consortium Estate.

**Because we want to be as welcoming to mature newcomers, students, and professionals as we are to established SL residents, we ask everyone to READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY:

Although Inspiration Island is a Moderate sim, and we do allow some latitude in clothing requirements, we prefer that you wear clothes while on our island – especially because of the possible presence of newcomers and professionals.

We understand that - for some avatars - clothing choices are a matter of principle. We also appreciate that many of you are thoughtful and valuable contributors to our activities. 

***However, the hosts of programs on Inspiration Island have the final say about clothing policies for their parcels and programs.

They do try to let visitors know in their Notices if they have a clothing code. However, nobody can be perfect about doing that beforehand. So we also ask nude avatars to understand that program hosts may IM you on site to explain that their kind of program does require G-rated clothing. 

We hope you can make an exception and use an alt then, in order to attend the program. If not, please leave quietly and graciously. Our goal is to respect everyone who visits us, and we ask for respect in return.

Another way we try to respect the sensibilities of everyone is to offer visitors ways to take care of themselves by following a few simple steps:
If you feel uncomfortable seeing a nude avatar, you can de-render or block it (make it invisible to you in your viewer) temporarily or permanently. Everyone but you will still see that avatar. 


in Firestorm, right click directly on the avatar you want to de-render, then click on More, then click on De-render and choose Temporary or Blacklist;
in the SL Viewer, right click on the avatar you want to make disappear and click on Block. You can later choose to Unblock them if you wish by going to your Blocked list.

If an avatar is speaking in voice in a way that disturbs you, you can mute their voice by going to Nearby Voice and lowering their active mic.

And you can, of course, IM a program host to ask for advice and help. 

We want you to enjoy the time you spend with us. Your brain will thank you.   :-)

                 MORE ABOUT THE ISLAND
We are the home of Whole Brain Health. Our parent nonprofit (501c3) organization is Ageless Mind Project. We are also a Collective of over 30 SL residents who collaborate to offer programs and activities designed to improve the well-being of our visitors.  

Inspiration Island has 4+ levels of exciting discoveries. You can explore them by using the globe teleporters to visit over 30 locations here.
You can contact us and send us feedback using any of the dropboxes around the island.

The Welcome Boards give you a Navigation Hud to the whole island, access to our google calendar for hosted programs, a Group Joiner and Subscriber button for the Whole Brain Health group, links to our Facebook page, website, and more.

If you need help, look for our Buddy Boards. If you see an avatar’s picture there, click on it to submit a message through the Board.

We also have a self-guided Newcomers Orientation Center that can be reached from here:    

Come back often and bring friend. Tell retired people outworld about us. 

AND if you would like to become trained to become a Buddy too, contact Lissena (aka Wisdomseeker).
Lissena (Wisdomseeker)  owner of Inspiration Island, Executive Director of Whole Brain Health
Thuja Hynes (Tooyaa) – WBH Associate Director 
Francisco Koolhoven (Fran) – WBH Media Director
Katsii Tennen (Catseye) – WBH Recruitment Manager