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Showing posts with label Jingle Brawl. Show all posts

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Global DJ Federation Opens Registration for Jingle Brawl from November 21 to December 15, 2015.

Hosted by The Global DJ Federation and sponsored by Pure Power Streams Cheer Time, JCNY Jewelers and ZOha Islands. Jingle Brawl is a DJ battle competitions to find SL’s top DJ.
Registration is open now until December 15th so if you have what it takes to out spin your DJ opponents, step up to the deck and show music fans what you got! Guest of the event should expect to see a variety of DJ talent from across the grid with non stop music, hard battles and lots of fun as we all come together and raise money for the Victims of the Paris Attacks.
Preliminaries start at 3pm on December 15th and it will continue with a double elimination match up til GDF reaches the top djs in each of the genres which include EDM, POP, FREESTYLE, Rock and Hip HOP. EDM includes all Sub Genres  like House, Electro, Breaks, Trance and Dance.

Jingle Brawl will take place at Club Excalibur and will be open to Live Mixers and Radio Personalities with unique skills and talent.  
This is a fundraiser event so there is a sign up fee of $20.00USD via PayPal or Linden equivalent. Join the Global DJ Federation group and let a GDF staff member know you want to join the Jingle Brawl.

There will be great door prizes from our Sponsors and a Grand Prize Money Pot* or Linden Equivalent *the amount will be based on how many DJs sign up.

To qualify for this competition participants must be a GDF Supporter and Lover of Music. The rules are simple. Contestant must use properly tagged music. No downloaded Youtube material, copyrighted, illegal or torrent downloads permitted.

If you are interested in being a Jingle Brawl  Judge, contact Razor Popstar. We are seeking neutral judges who are not influenced by GDF to be fair and non discriminatory. The judging will be based on a 5 point voting system. Qualities that will be judged include Originality, Audience Engagement, Presentation and Popularity. Judges will vote in the criteria 1 thru 4 and popularity will count as one vote that way the contest cannot be rigged with a big follower base.  Even if they win the popular vote the DJ can potentially still lose. In the event of a tie, and trivia question will be given to determine the winner.

Remember this is a Fundraising event. Proceeds will go to the victims of the recent Paris Attacks. Seats will be limited so it will be on a first come first serve basis!
Additional Information

JINGLE BRAWL AT Club Excalibur
Group: Global DJ Federation
Twitter: @GlobalDJFed
Preferred Contact:Razor.Popstar ,or any GDF Staff