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Showing posts with label Josh (Thomas1 Bellic). Show all posts

Tuesday, August 29, 2023


SecondLife is truly a land of infinite possibilities for those with the determination and the imagination to make their dreams come true.  For the artist, the possibilities of pixel art are amazing.  And for the music lover, world-class performances with top-notch talent are only a few mouse clicks away.  But by far, the vast majority of musical entertainment is provided by DJs and their talented Hosts.  Together, they work to provide residents with a fun and engaging musical experience.

The best of those DJs and Hosts rise quickly to the top of the heap, and I was fortunate enough to meet two such individuals on my last trip to Saddles  Canyon Country Retreat. Laser Stratten is the DJ of the Month at Saddles, and Abby Walker has been selected as the Saddles Host of the Month.   I was able to catch up with these two extraordinary entertainers between sets the other day, and they were willing to share with me the secret of their success as DJ and Host.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellis) JB:   Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.  Sooo…tell me, please.  Just how long have you been in the DJ and Host business?

Laser Stratten (LS):   I started DJing when a friend of mine was a manager at Wildcats when it was just beginning around 2012.  I was still working in RL doing a job that required many hours of my time, so I was mainly a fill-in DJ. I didn't really start taking permanent sets until a few years later.

Abby Walker (AW):  I have been hosting for close to 10 years now. Although, it does not seem that long.

JB:    What made you get started in this job?

LS:    I've always enjoyed listening to music.  I joined SL out of curiosity but soon got caught up in going to live music events and gained some DJ friends.  I really didn't have plans to be a DJ  until this manager friend convinced me I should.  I had help getting set up with a SAM Broadcaster and began accumulating music.  I also got help from some experienced DJ's on how to use the SAM and set up music to present to the club VIP's. I developed my own style over the years.

SB:  How many clubs are you currently hosting?

LS:    I am only working at one venue at this time, but I've worked a many different ones through the years. I'm not averse to working in multiple clubs, but working at only one club can sometimes turn into a family atmosphere which I enjoy.

AW:    Currently, I mainly only host at Saddles. I am a host at two other clubs: Copperhead Roads and I’m a fill-in at Bearfoot & Buckwild.

JB:      What genre of music do you play, and do you have a favorite?

LS:    I play mostly country and red dirt. Some classic and Southern rock, too.  I like to highlight my home State of Texas and the large variety of musical talent that exists here.

JB:    Do you have your own group? 

LS:    I do!  My group members are called Laser Beams!


AW:       As a host, I do not have my own group. However, I do know a few hosts that have a large enough following for a group.

JB:    You two make a great team, and we can see the real chemistry there. Do you two normally work together, or do you do separate gigs?

LS:    Abby and I met at a club quite a few years ago.  She would host for me at times, but it seems that she is my exclusive host at Saddles.  She is a misplaced Texas girl who grew up not far from where I live now in Texas, so it's fun for us to work together.

AW:      Lately, we have been working together a lot. Especially at Saddles. But in the past, we have not always worked together even though we have worked at the same clubs before. We have known each other for several years.

JB:    The best DJs and Hosts are usually good-looking, friendly, and outgoing…at least the good ones are. And as semi-celebs, they must have people looking to hook up, don't they? How do handle the Fans who may want more from you than just your music?

LS:    My DJ mentor, Strummer Skytower actually warned me about that.  I was in a committed relationship at that time, so when I did get a few flirty IMs, I'd just ignore them or laugh it off. Yeah, it does happen at times, I guess.  And if a DJ is so inclined, they can meet some new people that way.  These days, I am a happily married man in both RL and SL.  We met in SL and are now married in RL.  We met when she was a club owner and I was a DJ looking for work.  I tell her when someone IMs me to tell me they like how I DJ or comment about my voice and she tells me..." Yeah, they're trying to flirt with you" and we chuckle about it.

AW:      There have been a few times where someone has tried to hook up with me. I always try to be friendly to everyone and even flirt a little, but if it gets too much, I let the person know they need to back down. I simply tell them we can be friends and no more.

JB:    Awww…so your marriage, Laser, was truely “A Match made in SL”.  So tell me, how would you advise someone who wants to get into your line of work  What would it take?

LS:    It takes a working knowledge of the music you intend to play.  And you need to be able to express yourself over a microphone.  Most club owners don't want you to just be a radio.  They want you to engage the VIPs and make it interesting. I try very hard to do that.

AW:      I would say if someone wants to become a host, they should watch how other hosts operate in the clubs. Keep a notecard up and if the host says something you really like then type/copy it down and even reword it to make it more personal. I would encourage them to jump right in and just do it. Most clubs are willing to let someone new try it out and they will help them along.

JB:      Why is it that people often don't tip the host or tip the host less than the  DJ?

LS:    To be honest, I don't usually get notified when a host gets tipped.  But being a host, a GOOD host, is hard work.  I've hosted before, and it's not fun to me! They have to be on their toes to greet the VIPs and disseminate all the information the club owners and managers need them to make known.  So tipping them less than the DJ is just not right.  I always tip them the same as the DJ unless I really know the DJ well.

AW:     As a host, I do see this often. I think most people feel the DJ does more work and must pay to get the music. They don’t realize that the host is not just up there looking good. We send out all notices, spam multiple groups, welcome everyone into the club, and monitor chat for any issues going on, if we hear something wrong with the music or can’t hear voiceovers, we should contact the DJ to let him know. DJs and Hosts both play a vital role in the success of a club and the set and we do an equal amount of work to make it a success.

JB:    Point is well taken, Abby.  So…Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Readers? 

LS:    People need to know that running a SL club is not an easy, or inexpensive undertaking.  I would bet that most clubs are not money-makers.  So, when the DJ or Host asks for donations to the club, please know that it is expensive to pay for clubs.  These owners do all they do as a labor of love and all their support - and yours - is much appreciated

AW:       I would encourage anyone who would like to become a Host or DJ to just do it, and not be afraid. Most people here in SL are very supportive and really, it’s all about just having fun.


Wednesday, August 23, 2023


One of the really Cool parts of writing for SL’s longest running and most respected publication, is that I often get to rub elbows with some of the true Greats of the Visual Media.  It’s a tough job, but SOMEBODY has to do it. This week, I had the very real pleasure of interviewing the star of the Screen, the original pin-up gal, and the beloved dream girl of people the world over  (OK…OK…Mostly of MEN the world over)  - The incomparable Miss Marilyn Monroo.

I caught up with Miss Monroo at her seaside home on the west coast of the Blake Sea, where she graciously agreed to answer my inane questions about her rather checkered career as the quintessential  Movie Star

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  So Tell me, Miss Monroo.  Just how did you get started in acting?

Marilyn Monroo (MM):  When I was 16, I was hitchhiking to Hollywood and was picked up by a famous movie producer in a shiny sports car. When he heard that I wanted to be a singer and actress, he said he could help me.  And the rest is history!

JB:     Did you ever get nervous before a big movie scene? How did you handle it?

MM:   I sometimes do get nervous, but my agent gives me a pill or a taste of whiskey to calm my nerves.

JB:    What kind of hobbies did you enjoy outside of acting?

MM:   Knitting and gardening are my favorite hobbies when I am not being a movie star or on a date with a famous, rich man.  I also like noodling around with Quantum Physics, and I am also researching Einstein’s family tree and seeing how that supports his “Theory of Relatives”

JB:   What's the most exciting part about being a famous actress?

MM:   I got to sing Happy Birthday Mr. President to John F. Kennedy for his 45th birthday at Madison Square Gardens. I received a Grammy Award for my singing.

JB:   Were there any challenges you faced as a young actress? How did you overcome them?

MM:   My first paying job in High School was as a Babysitter,  but that didn’t seem to go so well.  Moms never seemed to like me for some reason – especially Moms with young Boys..  I don’t know why.  The Dads were just the opposite.  They would fall all over themselves, being nice to me, and always offered to drive me home at night.

The main challenge I had was the size of my boobs. That challenge was overcome by me being casted for movie parts as a full chested bimbo.  Oh…and in case you were wondering, these puppies are ALL  Marilyn.  No silicon in THIS Girl.

 JB:   Did you have a favorite role you played in a movie? If so, which one and why was it your favorite?

MM:   I liked being a showgirl named Lorelei Lee in “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds,” because I was able to bathe in lots of white and pink diamonds on the set. I also got to sing which is one of my strongest talents. 

JB:     What advice do you have for people who dream of becoming actors or actresses?

MM:   My advice is to do what I did... quit school and hitchhike to Hollywood. Dating lots of famous rich men helps too.

JB:   Did you enjoy being famous, or did it have some downsides too?

MM:   I love being famous, who wouldn’t? The biggest downside is that everyone wants a piece of me. I am tiny so don’t have many pieces to give out. 

JB:     What was your favorite thing to do when you weren't working on movies?

MM:   I have started taking night classes, that way I can be a secretary if being a movie star doesn’t work out for me.  I also have an application to work at House of Waffles, but those jobs are so few and far between...and they are REALLY competitive.

JB:     Did you have to practice a lot to become such a great actress?

MM:   I sometimes need help with big words. I also take voice lessons so that I can sing my solos in the movies.

JB:     Did you have a favorite outfit that you wore in your movies?

MM:   I have two favorite outfits – the pink silk gown and diamonds from “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds” and my birthday suit in the pool scene of “Something’s Got to Give.”

 JB:     What's the coolest thing about being famous?

MM:   I published a book called “Marilyn’s Famous Quotes” in which I give my tips and advice to all of the aspiring actresses who want to be famous like me.

JB:     What were some of the funniest or most memorable moments on set while filming?

MM:   There were many funny and memorable things that happened to me in my movies. The best moment was in “The Seven Year Itch.” I was standing on a subway grate in a flowing white dress when the wind blew my skirt up. I wasn’t wearing any panties…

JB:     How did you handle being in the spotlight all the time?

MM:   I always keep a tube of SPF 45 Coppertone nearby.  Additionally,  I read books like Ulysses, War and Peace, or The Sound and the Fury. If they aren’t available, there is always the phonebook.

JB:     Did you ever get nervous before going on camera or performing in front of so many people?

MM:   I don’t usually get very nervous because of the type of parts I play. I am usually cast as a dumb blond bimbo type where I just smile, laugh, and act sexy. It would be hard to mess up that type of acting, right?

 Well, Miss Monroo, I want to thank you for taking time from your schedule to answer my questions.  You have inspired generations of moviegoers as the quintessential Movie Star and helped define the genre.

 Writer’s Note:  Special Thanks go out to Sara Box, the creator of the Marilyn avatar seen in the photos above, and without whose help I would not have been able to do this article.


Sunday, July 30, 2023


I have always been a fan of County Music. Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, (and his son, Junior), Tammy Wynette – All would regularly belt out their tunes from the Radio in my Ford Ranchero.   Since before David Allan Coe noted that the perfect country song would include “momma, trains, trucks, prison & getting drunk”, Country Music had captured the hearts and minds of people world-wide.

Recently I was privileged to enjoy the dulcimer tones of oomissoootrishoo.nightingale, one of SecondLife’s newest live country singers.  I caught up with Miss Nightengale while she was relaxing following a recent concert. She graciously agreed to answer a few questions, the answers to which I now share with you, the SL Enquirer reader. 

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    So, tell me, Trish. How did you initially develop an interest in Singing? 

oomissoootrishoo.nightingale (MT) I have been singing since I was just a toddler.  My dad's side of the family all sing (most of them yodel) and I used to love hearing my dad sing so much that I started trying to sing with him to the radio.  I got into choir in the 5th grade at school and have continued singing all of my life along to the radio or in karaoke bars or on-line karaoke.

JB:    Do you perform as a Singer in RL? Maybe in a Church choir, or in the kitchen?  Or in the shower?

MT:   I sing at karaoke bars sometimes and am always singing along to the radio or just belting out a song in the shower or while cleaning without any music.  My poor husband and kids must be tired of hearing me sing by now!! haha

JB:    How did you first come to learn about Second Life?

MT:    I was in a Singsnap room on paltalk and my friend Arra kept mentioning having concerts she had to do later that night.  I said that I wished that I lived near her so that I could hear her in concert.  She told me that it was not IRL that it was in second life and I could make a free account and come hear her sing so that is what I did.

JB:    How did you decide to be a Vocalist in SL?

MT:   The first month I was on SL I just logged into my account to hear Arra and Angelikus sing then I would log back off.  I looked like a naughty school teacher in my original avi and I carried around a torch at all of their concerts.  I think I was embarrassing them so Angelikus told me I needed to get my avatar fixed up.  I bought some lindens and she helped me fix up my avatar then she and Arra took me shopping and taught me how to save my appearances.  I spent the next week playing with my new clothes and getting outfits together so I could look cute at their concerts.  Then my other friend from Singsnap, mittzy, logged into SL after many years of being gone just to take me to the O'lounge to start singing over here.  It was all uphill from there :)

JB:    Have your musical tastes changed over the years, or were you always a C&W fan?

 MT:   I have always been a C&W fan but I grew up around pop, rock and heavy metal due to my cousins and my brother all loving everything but country.  They all used to make fun of me and my country music! haha  But I am thankful for them because I know all kinds of music today because of them :)

JB:    Who has had the most influence on your singing style?

MT:   I have always been a Reba fan my whole life but I would have to say I love me some Carrie Underwood as well!  Everyone seems to like me doing a lot of Pam Tillis songs though for some reason! haha

JB:    You have made amazing progress here for one so young to the ways of SL?  A list full of Favorite locations and a detailed, fully developed avatar – things not usually seen in one so new to the game.  Would you care to share your secret, if I promise to keep it just between us, and maybe some of our 90,000 readers? Cross my heart!

MT:   hahaha I would love to share :) So Angelikus Deo (a dear friend of mine) gets 100% credit for my Avatar.  She took me to all the stores to pick out what I wanted to look like then she remoted into my pc to put it all together for me and didn't she do an amazing job!!! Arra gets the credit for taking me shopping and helping me learn how to save my outfits so I could look cute at her concerts.  Mitzy gets the credit for taking me to the O'lounge to get me started in my karaoke on SL.  Urban Harvy gets the credit for my sound setup, pushing me to stop singing flat,  taking me all over the grid to karaoke to get my voice heard, helping me build every single thing I have including but not limited to my tip boards (I have so many) my house, my self-streaming stage and karaoke board at my house, painting my house re-modeling my whole house and for taking me to Saddles to get my first job.  Ashley, the owner of Saddles, gets the credit for getting me on the actual stage to be a performer by  hosting my debut performance at Saddles on 6/8/23.  She made me a GM of her venue and taught me all the ropes of running a venue, hosting, and helping me get lots of practice singing in front of a live audience. 

JB:    Did you know there is a SL Music Hall of Fame? It is for those who “have demonstrated a commitment to the art that is UNSURPASSED.”  Might that interest you at all and have you looked into that?

MT:    I have not heard of that and I would be delighted to learn more about it and am definitely interested in being a part of it!

JB:    Where would you like to be in SL in 5 years?

MT:   I would like to be known to have touched many people’s lives in a positive way either through my singing or through hanging out and sharing in many many laughs or known for my very giving heart.  I would love to be a positive influence for the SL community for sure!

JB:    Is there anything else you would care to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

MT:    I have a genuine love for people.  I love to see people happy and having a great time.  When someone else is hurting I am right there crying along with them like a big ole baby.  I can't handle seeing someone homeless and out in the cold.  I feel God puts these people in my path because he knows I will not turn my head to them.  I will do everything I can to try to help with either a phone call for them or some money or a hot meal.  I always put everyone else’s needs before my own.  My kids look amazing when they leave my house but I may look like a hot mess!  When I love I love hard and I do not hate anyone nor do I hold grudges.  If I am mad, you will know it, then I will be over it and apologizing to you and wanting to hug your neck! haha

I am a foster mom and married to a minister IRL.  I had no idea he was a minister when I got with him that came out about a year later as he had not been in his ministry for several years.  He got back into it and has been full force into ministry about 3 years now.  He is working on me and my sinful ways but I am definitely a work in progress!!! haha  I would love to be a good obeying Christian woman but I definitely do fall short of grace!  Hopefully I will get there someday!  I love the Lord with all my heart but definitely am not perfect nor do I live a perfect Christian life!  Pray for me, y'all, and I will continue to pray for you all too! <3


Group: secondlife:///app/group/1f0114d3-d31e-7f88-e1c3-769ee51e2ea6/about




So, there you have it, folks.   For the absolute best in Live Music, found anywhere on the Grid, you simply HAVE to catch one of Miss Trish Nightengale’s Concerts. 

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there!  Aloha!


Friday, July 21, 2023


It’s Summertime! …School is out and a person’s mind turns toward the “V” word.  I am talking about “Vacation”.   Visions of an Island paradise, turquoise blue water with a pleasant surf…and of course…the delicious notes of music that wafts effortlessly over the sand dunes.  You made it.  You are here!   You are not at just ANY beach.  You came to Charley’s Beach Club.  And unlike most OTHER beach clubs, where all you go home with is a wicked sunburn and sand in your shorts, at the end of the night when you have been at Charlie’s you will feel different.  You’ll feel like you were in the presence of family members…the good family members, and not that nasty sibling who stole your bestie when you were in High School, and who would mess with your Nintendo when no one was watching.

I was poking around the SL Destination guide the other day and stumbled upon this jewel of a club.  It was near closing time, but even at that late hour, I know I had stumbled into a special place with some really spectacular folks. They had already had a “last call” and I asked the proprietor, Amilee, if she would sit for a moment and chat with me about Charley’s, and she graciously agreed.  This is her story.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    Soooo… tell me Amilee.  Just who was the Namesake behind Charley’s  
Beach Club? 

 Amilee (Amiliee1) (A1): Charley (jeepguy56) was a DJ, FOXY Radio station owner, and a great friend to many of us, as well as a club owner.  During his ten years on SL, he owned several clubs and made many friends.   Charley considered himself a “Southern Gentleman” and never met a stranger.  He was always making friends.  He was loved and is missed by many. Those of us who knew Charley wanted to keep this place running as a tribute to our good friend, mentor, and confidant.

JB:    What is your preferred musical genre, and what kind of music are guests most likely to hear?

A1     Our DJs play classic rock, pop, country western and have even been known to have Disco sets.  Once a week we have blues at Charley's Mystic Blues.  Mystic Blues is a beautiful Blues club above the beach club.

JB:    You recently changed locations.  What was that all about?

A1     After Charley passed away, I wanted to keep this amazing group of people together and give us all a place to dance, laugh, support each other, and of course keep Charley's vision alive - his love of music.  Charley's Beach Club was created on a small piece of beach but we always had our eye on the beautiful corner beach next door.   When it became available it was an easy decision to move and expand Charley's


 JB:    What a lovely build.  Did you do this yourself?  Or were others involved, and what were their roles?

A1     When I opened Charley's the plan was to recreate as much as possible from Harbor Breeze, Charley's last club.  So, things like the stage and a few other items were used. Gjalt Lander, my partner, did all the amazing landscaping and made the club so beautiful.  It still holds some of the original Harbor Breeze Charm.  That was our intention anyway...and I think we achieved that to a certain extent.

JB:    There are many beautiful beaches out there. What is the Charley’s Beach Club difference? 

A1     What Charley's offers is great DJs and music, fun and friendly people in a very welcoming atmosphere.   I think you will see it immediately upon landing…from the friendliness of the DJs and Hosts to the beautiful layout, as well as the selection of dances available.  Couples, Singles, or Group line-dancing….it is all available at Charley’s Beach Club

JB:    Who would you envision as the ideal guest?

A1     We are a moderate club so I would think that most adults enjoy an array of music genres.  Folks who like to dance, laugh and have fun, and make friends.  As a moderate club, we are here for the one who truly appreciates fine music and classic rock.  If someone is looking for just another sex sim, they might be happier if they just kept on looking.  But for people who want to hear some wicked good music and a place to hang with their friends…Charley’s Beach Club is the place for you.   

JB:    And just how might a guest learn what’s happening at Charley's Beach Club?

A1     Joining Charley's Group is the best way.   That way you will receive the notices we send out regularly.  Also…we post the schedule of events on a board on the sim.  And finally, just ask.  DJs always announce when their sets are starting and what genre they will be playing.   They will also announce if there is a theme or contest during the set.

JB:    What has been your biggest Challenge in Managing Charlie’s Beach Club? 

A1     Successful advertising is always the most difficult activity.  Friends can tell friends and bring them in but being found by new people is the challenge.  With all the venues available in SL, it can be hard to decide if all they know is the club’s name.  We are expanding our focus on advertising in hopes of getting the word out to more people.

JB:    Do you have any plans for future development?

A1     Charley's Mystic Blues Club is something I have been working on along with the club managers, AJ Rover, Jessie Rover, and Gjalt Lander.  I have visited several Blues clubs in the area, and we wanted to build something uniquely ours. Mystic Blues is a cozy, inviting club where Blue's DJs can come and showcase their favorite blues. Come for a visit and I guarantee you will want to return time and time again.

JB:   So then, Amilee.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

A1: I want to thank Gjalt Lander, (my partner) for all the many hours he spent landscaping and setting things up. Charley's is a beautiful place to come and sit with friends, play Greedy, and listen to great music, with or without our DJ's present.   I want people to know they are always welcome at Charley's.  Also, Josh, I want people to know I am looking at adding singers and concerts to Charley's line up     We are hiring DJs and Hosts.  If you are interested in knowing more, just talk to me. 


So…there you have it Folks, for the finest in Beach entertainment, scoot on down to Charley’s Beach Club and Mystic Blues.  It will be well worth your time and you will be so glad you did.  Say “Hello” to Amilee.

And when they ask how you found the place, tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there.  Aloha!


SURL Charley’s Beach Club:

SURL Mystic Blues:

Tuesday, July 4, 2023


Among the many musical styles available in SecondLife, Blues is certainly one of the most prevalent.  Iconic among those clubs is a place called Crossroads Blues.  Long a staple of the Blues community here, Crossroads has been around for nearly two decades, as a gathering place for aficionados of the genre.  Many a blues lover was disappointed when Crossroads closed its doors a while back.  But guess what?  They’re Baaaaaack! (Said in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice)

I happened to be in the area the other week, when I heard the distinctive sounds of a blues harp, wafting over the airwaves.  Not just ANY old harmonica solo, but the kind that reaches deep inside you, moving you to the very marrow of your bones.  I just had to check it out, drawn in as if by some hypnotic trance.  There I came upon The Front Porch: Crossroads, and the new proprietor, Anodyne Darkes.  She needed a break from the exhausting work of moving pixels around in preparation for their Grand Re-Opening, so she agreed to chat with me about this well-known establishment.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    So, tell me, Anodyne…  Just what is The Front Porch: Crossroads all about?

Anodyne Darkes (AD):  The Crossroads is a Blues Music venue, featuring some very serious straight forward Blues DJ's guaranteed to bring you to your feet. Our mission is to showcase the BEST in Blues Music, whether you're a die-hard blues fan or a casual blues lover. I have always had a deep fascination with Robert Johnson and the whole Crossroads deal which was my inspiration for The Crossroads venue. The Crossroads attracts a world-wide family of Blues fans and musicians. The Front Porch build makes for a perfect blues-juke joint ambiance where visitors can relax, dance and make new friends. Every day is a Music day at The Crossroads and you can expect to hear some of the best blues music here. The vibe. We are all about the vibe.

JB:      Crossroads has long been an iconic institution in SL.  Can you share with us a bit of background on this Historic Venue?

AD:    We originally opened in June 2006, there were no blues clubs and not a lot of blues music fans so we called ourselves "The House of Tunes" to attract everyone. We wanted to call ourselves House of Blues but settled on Tunes. Shortly thereafter we moved to a private estate and The Crossroads was born. We used to have a road going around the sim and people could rez and ride a motorcycle. The Crossroads was ran/owned by other people during my absences but we keep coming back and hope to remain in SL for many more years to come.

JB:      What sets Crossroads apart from the many other clubs out there with a similar theme?

AD:    The Crossroads is an experience like no other. It combines a truly unique setting. We are a Blues Music only venue where some clubs mix music genres. The Crossroads was one of the first blues venues and people have oh so many memories here. I gave a lot Blues DJ's got their start here and for many, this was their 1st blues experience in SL.  We became known as more than just a club in SL, we became a place where music feeds the soul.

JB:      Who do you hope to attract to your build? What special group of people might The Front Porch: Crossroads appeal to?

AD:    The Bonfire out front burns nightly under the large oak trees and provides a warm romantic welcome as you enter the rustic surroundings. The Crossroads gives the visitor that "Juke Joint" feeling as you travel up the steps to the "Front Porch". This warm vibe is what draws people in. Once inside, you feel like you have stepped into the blues as you look around. The wall of portraits autographed by the "Kings and Queens" of the Blues and the other surroundings attest to the quality of your entertainment.  We want this to be your "date night" destination and we'll keep the Bonfire burning.

JB:      What has been your biggest challenge in reopening Crossroads?

AD:    Trying to give all these wonderful DJ's the times in which they can DJ here. There's just not enough hours in the day.

JB:      Just how many guests can you host on the sim here?

AD:    Currently we are 40 guests because we are on mainland, that will change soon as we move to a private estate.  I feel very comfortable with 20-30 people at any time.

JB:      It must take quite a staff to run an operation like this.  How big is your staff, and who are some of the key folks here?

AD:    It is my absolute pleasure to (business) partner and host The Crossroads with Captain Schorr. He and I have been friends for over 12 years in SL and together we have decades of Blues club experience and knowledge. We currently have a handful of great hosts and 20 DJ's and we adding more. We are always looking for Blues DJ's, but we seek that DJ that plays more than just mainstream blues.

JB:      Do you plan to host Special events here? Weddings?  Funerals?  Rezz Day Celebrations? Bar Mitzvas? Blues Festivals?  And how might someone learn of any scheduled activities here?

AD:    We love special events and themed parties. If it's your Rez day, let us know, we'd love to celebrate your day. We also have LIVE musicians perform periodically as well as Live tribute shows involving a cast of the band that we are doing the tribute of.

JB:      And how about the future?  Do you have any plans for future development?

AD:    There's a full sim in the works with Club/homes for those that wish to live at the Crossroads and also re-adding our beloved Blues Museum and the roads to ride. Stay tuned.

JB:      Is there anything else you would like to share with our SLE Readers?

AD:    I know a lot of folks can't get out to RL clubs and SL gives them that feeling and experience of Clubbing and socializing. If you want to feel the realness of the Blues, please join us for a memorable blues experience at The Crossroads.


So…there you have it, folks.  If you are a current Blues fan, or maybe even a future blues fan but just don’t know it yet, head on over to The Front Porch: Crossroads Blues, at the location below. 

You’ll be so glad you did.

Tell ‘em “Josh sent ya!”

Be there.  Aloha!




Wednesday, June 21, 2023



In the 1980 hit movie, The Blues Brothers, Elwood asks a proprietor of a bar where they are scheduled to perform, “What kind of music do you usually have here?”  The proprietor replies “Oh, we got both kinds. We got Country AND Western.“

I was sim hopping the other day, looking to find some really Great Country Music, when a hopeful pop-up appeared on my screen… “Do you want to allow music from this source?”  I clicked “Allow” and what immediately flowed from my speakers was a feast for the Aural Senses – The Saddles take on Country Music. Saddles is a place that excels in that department as well.  Their particular mix of Music is “Just what the Doctor ordered” for any true lover of the genre.   My Spidey senses kicked into hi gear and I looked for the owner of this musical oasis in a desert of pedestrian music.  I saw Ashley (littlebit31okla), deep in the throes of preparing for her Special Event set to kick off the weekend. I asked if she could spare a few moments to share with me the story of her success at Saddles, and she graciously consented.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB:    So, tell me, Ashley.  Just what is Saddles all about?

Ashley (littlebit31okla) AL: Saddles is about having a fun enjoyable environment to enjoy time in second life by spending time with others enjoying Live Music, Dj Events, Concerts, and the beauty of arts in second life, place where people can come enjoy, relax, with top quality entertainment.

 JB:      Where did you get the idea for Saddles, and is there some history here?

AL:  Saddles was created back in 2014 by myself and a female friend of mine. She was also a real-life friend and we both love and enjoy riding horse so Saddles was the name that we both came up with.  She was only able to be in SL a short time, because her real life would not allow her to remain here.  Saddles became a Live Music Venue loved by many. Due to health issues, I was forced to close for a few years, but I still had many supporters that gave me advice and showed me the way of the friendly live music community. 

JB:      Who managed to put this thing together and what role did each of you play?

 AL:    Gaza and Ashley Bayside both play a part in sim design and landscaping

JB:      Could you share some of the interesting things that visitors and guests can do at Saddles?

AL:   Enjoy Live Music, Dj Events, Concerts, Games/Tabletop, Romantic Swan ride through the tunnel of love under the club and under the dance floor in the ballroom, Ballroom dancing, Coffee shop, Pool to relax by and visit with friends, and a dining area for couples to enjoy.  Saddles can also do weddings for group members.  We also have Hunts, Shopping areas for rental space.  Artists can use Saddles to display art and have Art openings and similar events in the ballroom or around the Gallery,

JB:    What sets Saddles apart from the many other clubs out there with a similar theme?

AL:   Saddles has a wide range of events as well as activities for members and guests to enjoy,

JB:      Who do you hope to attract to your build? What special group of people might find Saddles especially appealing?

AL:  We hope to attract County Music fans as well as Live music performers and fans, Artists,  and  Photographers

JB:      And how about the future?  Do you have any planned changes in mind?

AL:   We are very happy with the current build.  We still have little more we like to do but we are keeping that a secret for now, with more to come, so keep coming back enjoying what we have to offer,

JB:      What has been your greatest challenge in building Saddles?

AL:   Finding the quality of staff that holds to Saddles’ top quality standards

JB:       Do you host Special Events?  And how might someone learn of any scheduled activities here?

AL:  Saddles Holds Special VIP Events as well as upcoming Charity events.  All Saddles events can be found on our FB Page as well as in “SL Events”, so join our Saddles Groups or stop by the venue and check out our event board,

JB:       Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

AL:   Over the last 10 year I have meet a lot of people come through the door of Saddles and I have to say I have been truly blessed after all these years. I can say that some of my dearest friends are still today walking back though the door of Saddles, coming in enjoying our events as well as memories we all have shared in the past years.  So many people missed Saddles and asked for me to bring it back so we all Saddled up and grabbed the rains to bring back Saddles so more memories can be made and more friends to enjoy,

Please share with us any social media, Websites, Flickr, etc that may be of interest to our readers? Flickr:

SURL: Update 8-1-23



So, there you have I folk!  For some of the BEST Country music out there in a fun and wholesome environment, you really do owe it to yourself to check out the scene at Saddles. You’ll be glad you did, and may even make a lifelong friend or two.

Go ahead. And when you do, tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

You’ll be glad you did.

Be there! ALOHA!


Sunday, May 28, 2023


Those of you who follow the fashion trendsetters in SL have no doubt heard of Posh Events.  Every month Posh invites independent designers and businesses to display their latest creations at a Posh Event.   I happened upon one just the other day.  Posh was there, putting the final touches on her displays, calming nervous exhibitors and generally ensuring all was in readiness for the next opening.    Not having spent a lot of time myself buying women’s apparel and accessories, I did manage to get Posh to share some about what a Posh Event is all about.  This is HER story.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB:  So tell me, Posh.  Where did you get the idea for Posh Events? Is there some history here?

Poshbarby Sun (PS): Welll..I guess I got the idea as it developed out of my Idea of wanting to connect with  other women on friendly, business basis,  That was how the concept started – wanting to meet other strong-minded, hard-working women who owned businesses. 


JB:  So then, who managed to put this thing together and what role did each of you play?

PS:  I am the owner I am responsible for all things.  I put the event together and work hard to keep it going. One of the toughest parts if this is making sure we have enough participants month after month.  My continuing role is to make sure my event has the participants it needs.  I make sure the exhibitors are well taken care of, and that they meet all the required deadlines.

JB:    There are many fun and interesting shopping malls in SL. What is the Posh Events difference?

 PS:  What makes my mall different from all the other malls out there is that this is not some cold shopping mall.  When you come to a Posh Event, you can feel like you are at home.  You don’t have to worry about being harassed or mistreated.  You are treated with love and kindness, and are made to feel very welcome.

JB:    Well then, just how big an area do you own?

PS:  We have a 30,000 prim property, split among the mall, a beach area, and special entertainment  venues scattered around the place to host special events.

JB:    Tell us about some of the different areas on the property?

PS:  IN addition to the main Events build, we have a complete shopping mall with shops for rent, a lovely beach area too relax those tired feet from shopping, and various other rentals available. 

JB:    Do you have any plans for future development?

PS:  Absolutely!  I am always looking to expand.  Join the group to be informed of upcoming events and activities.

JB:    Tell us about some of the designers you work with?

PS:  Some of these folks are truly amazing.  But I don’t really want to say any names for concern of leaving someone out who deserves to be mentioned.  We know that designers come and go in SL, but I am so very happy to be able to help those who are shining stars in the design world.  I do hope that, when they make it to the big time, that they will be able to appreciate the assistance I gave them in their climb and when they reach the top of their industry.

JB:    Shopping areas are not normally known for their Special Events.  What kind of events have you hosted and plan to host in the future?

PS:  I am hoping to host parties and do more sales and weekend sales

JB:  So tell me Posh.  If a designer wishes to get in on this, exactly what do they need to do?

PS:  Designers are cordially invited to participate in the Posh Event  June Round

Posh Event has Been around for 2 years. we are a well established development, with a Facebook Flickr Instagram sites. And we have loads of media sponsors

You can check out preview at

We cater in all types of Art Nails Hair Skin Furniture clothing gadget ext

You will need to comply with Linden Labs Policies (including Intellectual Property

Also, your behavior is expected to be professional and courteous to both event staff and fellow designers.  New and minimum 1 exclusive item is to be set for sale at your booth

Payment is open  7th - 13th

Set up/ Event timeline

Setup starts: 20th

Setup deadline: 27th at 12:00 AM SLT

Opens: 1ST

Closes: 17th

Thank you Hope to See you:)


JB:    Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

PS:  If you are a creator with a creative soul, feel free to apply to participate in a POSH Event.  There will always be a place for you.  I really enjoy supporting the up-and-coming creators. 

JB:    Please share with us any Social Media sites you have?  FB, WebSites?  Twitter?  Discord?  FLICKR? Any others?



Designer Application:


So there you have it, Folks.  For the latest in Grid Fashions and accessories, head on over to the next POSH Event! 

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya. 

Be there!  Aloha!!