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Showing posts with label KIKA. Show all posts

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Together As One (TAO) Christmas 2021 Opens Friday November 26, 2021

Main Event Dec 10-12th | In support of Feed a Smile

Together As One (TAO)
Our one and ONLY aim is to raise money for children's Charities through mainly a Live music festival! If you want to be part of our Group on Facebook, for news and events, join us here: We also have a Second Life Group, here is the Group Key if you want to join! 9daf20f8-059f-f10b-2fbb-190f76c74b46 And now we also have a Subscriber, that is located at the front of the stage! When you come to our events, you will notice there is only ONE Tip Jar that is rezzed by the Charities themselves! A point we stress is that we have no part of the money that comes and goes through our festivals, we are simply the organization that puts the event together trying to raise the money for the children! Up until now, we have done 4 Together As One (TAO) events. The 1st event was in Christmas 2020, where we raised a total of 520,112 Lindens in a 2 day weekend, supporting Feed a Smile.

The 2nd event was in Easter 2021, we raised 930,000 Lindens in a 3-day event supporting KIKA. The 3rd Event was in Summer 2021, we raised 1,266,000 Lindens in a 3-day event supporting Feed a Smile. The 4th Event was Halloween 2021, we raised 1,262,641 Lindens in a 3-day event supporting KiKA At each TAO event, there is also 'The Market' that hosts many stores from a lot of Creators here in SL. Please have a look around when you can. This time we have a total of 20 stores if you are interested in going Christmas Shopping! Another feature we provide in order to raise money for our cause are Raffles! At each event, you will find the Raffles Area with a lot of interesting things to Bid on. So make sure you get in, have a look, and put your bids in! One of our newest concepts and traditions we have at TAO events are the "Meet & Greet" hourly Events, that occur in the 2 weeks Prior to the Festival that the land is open to the public for shopping, bidding, and Games! At the Meet & Greet, performers from the current TAO Festival will be singing and answering questions to their fans, from their fans. adding a more 'down to earth' and personalized relationship between performer and fan! This Event has a BIG Treasure hunt, that will give a great prize at the end! We have named it "The 12 days of Christmas Hunt" and you can begin at the Christmas Box located at the front of the stage! Finally, Don't forget to Grab your Free TAO Teddy also located at the front of the Stage! Adding to your collection of TAO Teddies! :) Let's raise some money for 'Feed a Smile' Together! Thank you and see you soon! TAO Management ll ƜIƝƬƐɌ ll (11winter11) | TAO Owner and Festival co-coordinator HσƖƖყ GιƖҽʂ (hollygiless.heartsong) | Manager and Raffles Manager BB 'Beebs' Woodford (bb.woodford) | Store and Market Manager KissiTulips | After Party Floor Manager


Feed a Smile FACEBOOK

Feed a Smile SL GROUP secondlife:///app/group/c64ccfe7-bae1-6fef-39f7-45be27b2b42d/about

Saturday, July 11, 2020

F.L.M. Summer Festival - Proudly supporting KIKA July 11th and 12th

TELEPORT NOW! is an initiative from a small group of people to raise money for a Dutch charity program.

This year is chosen for KiKa, the Dutch Children Cancer Society.

In the Netherlands dies every 3 days a child with cancer. This has to change!

Children Cancer is the cause of death number 1 amongst children. Maybe you even know somebody who has sadly experienced this.
1 on 4 children doesn’t survive Children Cancer.
With your help has KiKa the possibility to pay for more research about Children Cancer and to make Children Cancer a disease from the past.

Saturday 11 July and Sunday 12 July is your opportunity to help us raise the money we wanna donate to KiKa.
On these days 20 Artists will perform a great show for everyone and we hope to see you all on one of these days or both and give what you can miss
The more people the more donations the more money we can donate to KiKa.

We can’t make this event without your help! So note the date, be here maybe ask a request and donate.

On behalf of KiKa, the team but most of all on behalf of all the children and their parents, siblings who have to deal with Children Cancer we say:
Thank you! Thank You for helping with your donation. You make the world more beautiful!

Media Chanel's:

If you wanna stay informed Inworld then copy the next line and past it in local to become a member of our inworld group: secondlife:///app/group/146271b8-4d2a-34c6-dab0-c39f6320e27b/about

If you have no groups left you can also subscribe