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Showing posts with label live entertainment. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Red Pug Pub presents Live Singer Icecremn Merlin - Rock / Blues -Wednesdays 4-5 pm SLT


Come see our newest attraction - LIVE SINGER MUSICIAN Icecremn Merlin... he will entertain you with his awesome talent! Every Wednesday from 4-5pm SLT


Friday, February 4, 2022

The Red Pug Pub Grand Opening Saturday February 5th 4-7pm SLT - comedy and live music!


Feb 5th is our Grand Opening!



Please join us for 3 hours of live music and a Tribute to George Carlin. See our Calendar for details! Live auditions Sunday at 1pm!

Sunday, January 31, 2021

LIVE at Terry's Sunday Showcase - Grace McDunnough & AcousticEnergy Nitely on January 31st 2021


Join us on Sunday, January 31st beginning at 3pm SLT for Terry's Sunday Showcase, sponsored by the SL Enquirer! This week's featured artist is Grace McDunnough! Grace is an indie singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA, and draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of folk, soul, alternative rock, and blues. An SL AMA and Avi Choice Award winner, Grace throws down a variety of acoustic cover and original sets with an old guitar, rich lyrics, and powerfully raw vocals that will leave your heart pounding - in a good way.  This will be Grace's debut at Terry's and is sure to be a spectacular show!

Also debuting this week at 4pm SLT, Terry's is proud to welcome AcousticEnergy Nitely performing LIVE on our outdoor stage!  ACOUSTIC ENERGY breathes life into original ballads and pop songs that inspire intimacy. His blend of comedic and poetic entertainment leaves you with memorable moments and an uplifted heart...writing in perspective to real-life relationships, he composes songs that help rediscover your purpose and enlighten you. Maybe you've never heard his songs before, but your soul has sung them a thousand times. AE's "cafe style" performances and flirtatious soul leave you relaxed yet entertained as he covers songs from Eric Clapton to Norah Jones; Guns N Roses to John Mayer as well as ORIGINALS that will leave you BREATHLESS!!

Come support live music with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!!!

Welcome to Terry's Place, your friendly neighborhood pub where everyone knows your name! Home to some of the hottest DJ's and live singers on the grid, there's a little something for everyone here at Terry's when you just need to get away from it all. Dance as we spin tunes for all walks of life, show off your talents at Open Mic every Friday, or enjoy a live concert out in the park at our Terry's Sunday Showcase!  With events happening five nights a week, be yourself and escape the chains of real-life with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!


Performer Websites:

Grace McDunnough -

AcousticEnergy Nitely -

Friday, November 13, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Grand Re-Opening of the SLAYBOY CLUB, Friday, Nov 13, 2020

                                    This Ain’t your Daddy’s SLAYBOY! 

Yes folks!  This is the Opening you’ve been waiting for. 

Miakoda Tala (sackawho) has assumed the role of General Manager for Ken Edge’s SLAYBOY CLUB.  Mia has scoured the land to find you the best in Live entertainment for what is destined to become the Finest Gentleman’s club on the grid. 

Patterned after the Gentlemen’s Clubs of the 1970s and 1980s, SLAYBOY captures the grace and timeless elegance of a bygone era.

Entertainment this weekend includes:
Friday, 13 Nov, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM SLT -  Sheyz

Sunday, 15 Nov, 
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM SLT-  Dreama Summerwind
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM SLT - 11Winter11

Additionally, at the Newly created SlayBoy Theme Park, Grand Opening:
9:00 PM SLT - Sharaz

SLAYBOY CLUB is a part of the SLAYBOY Enterprises, Including the SLAYBOY Swinger Resorts and Condos.  For rental information, contact Ken Edge

VIP membership is available for the most discerning guests.  Attire will be suits or smoking jackets for men, and sexy cocktail dresses or gowns for the ladies.
Panda Girl costumes are optional.

For further information, contact Miakoda Tala (sackawho) or Josh (Thomas1 Bellic)
See you Friday!


Tuesday, August 25, 2020


If you look in the dictionary for the phrase “Quality Entertainment”, you will most likely see a picture of Sapphire Beach Club (SBC).  Long known for presenting some of the best and hottest live entertainment on the Grid, SBC has recently reopened following a complete rebuild. The Sinclair family has done a bang-up job too.  I was recently given a sneak preview of some of the new areas designed to delight and entertain even the most discerning of SL Visitors, and believe me folks when I say this is one place you have to see for yourself!
Recently I was able to sit down with SBC co-owner, the lovely and gracious Claudine Sinclair, as she discussed the exciting changes of late.

Josh Bellic (JB):  Claudine, I recall visiting Sapphire Beach Club back in 2019, and was impressed with it then ( )   How has Sapphire Beach Club changed and how is it different from the other Beach Clubs out there?
Claudine Sinclair Jewell (claudine.jewell): (SC): We are different from other places in that we have a variety of events and venues.  These are constantly changing, and we continually offer our guests new places where they can have fun. We have a welcoming attitude towards everybody in SL and of course we have an exceptional staff.  In fact, we have the most professional and best run team I can imagine. But the BEST way to find out about the Sapphire difference is to ask our guests :)

JB:    You mentioned your staff.  Can you share with me something about the key staff members here?
Claudine and John Sinclair own the Sim. Amber Sinclair is our Manager. Christine Sinclair is our Host Manager. Maggie Sinclair is our Assistant, Ace Sinclair is our Promoter and of course we work together with Live Artists, DJ's, Tribute Bands, Dancers. 
John, Claudine and Amber have worked together since May of 2019.  Christine and Ace joined in October of 2019.  Foxxy started hosting at Sapphire this year and Maggie joined our Team at the end of July 2020.  We are like a family and we are blessed with a supportive crew. I love them and I can't imagine my SL without them.
JB:    What changes have you made since the last build?
The whole Sim has changed and has a totally different layout now with many places for new Venues. We have always stressed LIVE events, and now we have MORE live events than at any time in the past.  
At our New Beach we have a Natural Pool with Waterfalls, a Grotto, a Tropical Beach Lounge, along with many other private beaches, cute little shops, and of course the big Tropical Hill / Skyhill. We will be adding Game Tables and Beach Loungers in the weeks ahead to make these places even more enjoyable for our guests.

JB:    What are the inspirations for your ideas? How do you come up with these themes?
We take inspiration from wherever it comes, and in whatever form.   Some ideas are inspired by people.  Others may be inspired by a movie theme, or perhaps from a song.  Just about anything can serve as our inspiration.
JB:    Is this a complete rebuild, or were they just major modifications to a few areas?
Oh yes.  We did a complete rebuild of the Sim – from the ground level up.  We have several brand-new concert venues, and we can accommodate anything from smaller, more intimate gatherings in a club, to full blown stadium events with room for hundreds of guests.

JB:  I see that in addition to the base Region, you also seem to have several Skyboxes.  What is up there? It seems like they are an important part of your operation here and part of what makes SBC unique among clubs.
We currently have one Full Region and quite a few Skyboxes.  The number of skyboxes changes with the season, or with the inspiration. In addition to our standard favorites, we create seasonally themed spaces as well.  We shift the landing point around from venue to venue, depending on the specific event at the time, so our guests don’t have to walk from a static landing point all over creation to wherever the event happens to be.  We drop them off right at the door to the event. 
We use skyboxes to mix it up and for themed parties a lot.......the current ones are ...
  • The Universe: Our First skybox we created was “The Universe”. That theme turned out particularly cool as a skybox. 
  • The Stadium: The Stadium skybox was built because we used to host tribute Events. The Tribute Bands mostly use bigger stages and need more space for guests. We built a Skybox especially for a Baby Metal Tribute, and we put the Stadium up so we have space for future Tribute Bands. 
  • The third current venue is the Country Barn. We built that for our Country Event which lasted a weekend and it was so popular that we decided to keep it. Complete with a mechanical bull, you can almost smell the scent of fresh-cut hay bales in the loft and animals roaming the premises.
We also had a set up for a Dance Show so we have stools we can put out there. The stage we have there now is used for Live Singers. We have tentative plans to host another Tribute Show one day when we can work out the details. 
Skyboxes come and go all the time, and we change them with the season. We had one for Halloween; another one for Valentine’s Day.  John also built one with a Cat Tree theme, but they’re not rezzed anymore. We had a winter themed one as well, that filled an entire region.

JB:    Which area here is your personal favorite?
Claudine Sinclair: I’m undecided.  I like all the areas. I like the change so it never gets stale. 
Amber Sinclair: I love the beautiful natural pool at the bottom of the waterfalls.  There are some amazing “Kodak Moments” for the budding photographer, making this an ideal location for events.
John Sinclair: The Natural Pool with the Waterfalls is indeed a very special place. I also like the Grotto.  I think we can host a number of great events there. But in the final analysis, I really end up liking the entire Sim.  Wherever you go, it’s.
JB:    So, what’s next?  How can we learn about any big events coming up?
SC:  Certainly Josh.  We maintain a full calendar of all our events at:  Check it out for a full line up or all our activities
JB:    Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
We appreciate every Visitor, Guest, Group or Social Media Member who takes time to come and visit us, and wish to thank you all so much for your continuous Support. We try to keep our place Drama free but it's not easy in SL. We have also had our share of weird experiences and we cannot make everyone happy but in the end we do it all for the people and the great community in SL. We are paying, planning and organizing so people can have a good time and an immersive experience at Sapphire BC while listening to the best Live Artists.  Check us out in person, or visit our Facebook pages at 

So there you have it, folks.  Sapphire Beach Club: A Paradise in Pixels.  Check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.
Be there!  Aloha!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Schedule of Performances for Week of July 26 at PETRA's

Tuesday, July 28

2pm    Lisa Brune
6p-8p  Edian Tey

Wednesday, July 29

3pm   Agatha Martin
4pm   Savannah Rain
5pm   Djembe Dragonfire
6pm  Noma Falta
7pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, July 30

5pm   Wolfie Moonshadow
6pm   Turner Harbrough
7pm to 9pm   A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, July 31

2pm   Max Kleene
3pm   AMforte Clarity
4pm   Annette Cifuentes
5pm  Savannah Rain
6pm  Red Heaven
7pm  TwinGhost ronas
8pm  Voodoo Shilton
9pm  Funky Freddy Republic


Saturday, July 11, 2020

F.L.M. Summer Festival - Proudly supporting KIKA July 11th and 12th

TELEPORT NOW! is an initiative from a small group of people to raise money for a Dutch charity program.

This year is chosen for KiKa, the Dutch Children Cancer Society.

In the Netherlands dies every 3 days a child with cancer. This has to change!

Children Cancer is the cause of death number 1 amongst children. Maybe you even know somebody who has sadly experienced this.
1 on 4 children doesn’t survive Children Cancer.
With your help has KiKa the possibility to pay for more research about Children Cancer and to make Children Cancer a disease from the past.

Saturday 11 July and Sunday 12 July is your opportunity to help us raise the money we wanna donate to KiKa.
On these days 20 Artists will perform a great show for everyone and we hope to see you all on one of these days or both and give what you can miss
The more people the more donations the more money we can donate to KiKa.

We can’t make this event without your help! So note the date, be here maybe ask a request and donate.

On behalf of KiKa, the team but most of all on behalf of all the children and their parents, siblings who have to deal with Children Cancer we say:
Thank you! Thank You for helping with your donation. You make the world more beautiful!

Media Chanel's:

If you wanna stay informed Inworld then copy the next line and past it in local to become a member of our inworld group: secondlife:///app/group/146271b8-4d2a-34c6-dab0-c39f6320e27b/about

If you have no groups left you can also subscribe 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Music Venue Ownership and A Popular Singer: Scarlet and Jeffah- Fynnyus Resident Reporting

This is just a hunch, but I believe that most of what we do in Second Life is pretty haphazard. It’s a place to escape, have fun, and get away from reality for a while. It’s rare for me to make plans or set a time or date to do anything. I kind of like the serendipity of not having a plan and just going with the flow, so to speak. And so it was on a Monday morning in early June. It was then that I received a group announcement from Scarlet (scarletexiles) who owns Scarlet's Ranch & Resort. A popular singer would be performing there in the next few moments. The message said: "Canadian born-and-raised, Jeff has performed all over the RL world, and quickly became a fan favorite in SL. His attention to detail and explicit emotion in each song will bring you back show after show. Whether you like rock, pop, jazz, etc. Jeff will sing your requests. Come and experience a musical journey as this multi-award winning vocalist performs songs the way they were truly intended to be heard! Join us for an hour of great music." Being a newly minted music writer for the Second Life Enquirer, I thought I would go and see what’s up. So, off I went and teleported to the venue.
Upon arrival, the singer was just starting. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I messaged Scarlet to get some information about music venues and what it was like managing and owning a virtual place for music. Here’s how the conversation went:

Fynn: Hi Scarlet, is this your place?
Scarlet: Yes Fynn, it’s one of 3 I have here on this region primarily for music, but we do some weddings, too. I have Red Rocks and Scarlet's Aquarium here also.
Fynn: I'm curious about what it's like to run a music venue.
Scarlet: You have to love music and have deep pockets, at least for live artists. It's fun, I do it for the fun.
Fynn: If I might ask, what does it cost?
Scarlet: Well, you have to have land obviously, you don’t have to have as much as I have but you need a decent spot and then you build or buy a club. The cost of artists varies but if you’re going to have very many your looking at a nice amount of dollars going out. I have had over 35 live artists that sing at my venues. Some don’t cost, but not many work just for tips these days. The better known they are the more expensive they can be.
Fynn: Is Jeffah well-known?
Scarlet: Yes, he has been with me both at Red Rocks and here, but he is an entertainer who promotes his shows and has decent crowds come to listen. I just enjoy the music, building, and fun. I've been doing this a little over a year in SL now.
Fynn: You seem to have done a lot in a year.
Scarlet: I'm just ambitious and I don’t like people telling me I can't do something. I started out with a DJ club and a second venue with occasional live events. DJs have gotten harder to build on, but good live performances bring the people.

Scarlet was busy during the live performance managing patrons, greeting new arrivals, and such, so I didn’t get to talk with her as much I would have liked to, but it made me think I might delve into music club ownership and management at some point.
Then my partner, Misty, happened to log in so I teleported her to come and dance with me. Misty is really smart about music and has played guitar her whole life. I asked her what she thinks. She always impresses me with her understanding of music history, and he’s always honest as hell. I love that about her. We dance and listen and talk about the singer and other things. Her perspective is in this writing. She’s an inspiration and influences my thoughts as I write.

There’s lots of ways to categorize music in Second Life. Two broad types are those who accompany themselves while singing, usually with guitar or keyboard, and those who use prerecorded background instrumentals while they sing. The latter, a karaoke-style of performance, is quite popular in Second Life and it is what we hear at this performance. Jeff (Jeffah24) has a very distinctive vocal quality. It’s quite unique and he is very engaging with the fans who have shown up, and for a Monday morning there’s quite a few (of course it’s not “morning” everywhere in the world, lol). He sings works by Elton John, Aerosmith, Adele, Neil Young, Roy Orbison, and more. During the performance, Jeff actually explains what he’s doing: he has a microphone with software for background accompaniment. He can add reverb and other voice altering techniques, which he uses proficiently. And then there’s the karaoke background music, some with choral background vocals in some songs. It all makes for a fun show.
Doing my research, I find out that Jeff has been performing in Second Life quite a while. In fact, he was interviewed for the Second Life Enquirer a few years ago when he won Second Life’s Got Talent Award in 2015. His profile describes him thusly, “A six-year veteran of the SL live music scene, Canadian-born Jeff has spent his entire life devoted to music. He has performed solo all over the RL world, and tours with an internationally recognized band. His SL shows often feature Rock, Pop, Jazz, and many other genres. Experience who fans have dubbed the "Human Jukebox" as this multi-award winning vocalist takes you on a musical journey!”
Also, “Outside of SL, Jeff toured for over 4 years with the internationally recognized Fiddle Rock band FIDDLESTIX, playing keyboards, Irish whistle, sax, and vocals. He spent a further 3 years living in Lisbon Portugal, and just recently returned to Ontario Canada and has begun touring with Fiddlestix again. His vocal recordings on SoundCloud have surpassed 2.9 MILLION plays, averaging over 6000 plays per week, or 850 plays every day.” 
Very Impressive, in my opinion! I spoke with him after the show:

Fynn: Generally, why you do this? 
Jeffah: I've been a professional musician most of my life.  it's second nature to me to be an entertainer.... and SL is one of many avenues that allow me to do that and reach a wide spectrum of audience members from around the world. :)
Fynn: Where has music been and where do you think it’s going?
Jeffah: I can only speak for the past 6.5 years -- but I know that SL live music started a very long time ago as a platform for solo instrumentalists to play music for each other. It has evolved over many years to include all forms of live entertainment from instrumentalists, to vocalists, to bands and even spoken word and  stand-up comedy.  Only time will tell where the scene goes from here on forward. :)
Fynn: Tell me a little about your style.
Jeffah: I don't really have a single style.  I love and greatly appreciate all genres of music and love to perform Rock, Pop, Country, Romantic Ballads, Jazz/Swing, Broadway, Disney,...
Fynn: I am curious about the karaoke style, there seem to be those who play guitar or keyboard, and others like you who use karaoke-style. Maybe there's other ways, but those seems to be two main ways musicians accompany their vocals.
Jeffah: I'm a musician who plays almost every major instrument class.... but I perform in a band in RL several instruments, and so in SL I choose to be a vocalist.
Fynn: What's it like to be a SL musician?
Jeffah For me, it's quite a lot of work.  I don't have a manager making all of my bookings for me, seeking out new venues, keeping in touch with the venue owners, or handling all the administrative work... I do all of that myself.  On average, a one-hour show takes about 3 hours of my time.  There is promotion to be made, advertising to be posted, multiple forms of communication to my fans and followers letting them know the show details for each day, etc.  Usually the one-hour show is my time to finally relax and have some fun, provided there are no technical issues during the show!  lol... and there have been countless technical issues over the years.  I have way more to do and take care of during my show in SL than I do as a singer/musician performing in my RL band.  Not only am I the performer, I'm also the sound technician, the lighting controller, the request manager and the problem solver.... I wouldn't be able to survive a show without my amazing assistant!

It was at this point that Jeff had to return to reality for dinner. We said our goodbyes and I thanked him for his time and his insights. And hey, another success with serendipity! Give it a try, I swear it works! Until next time, I remain your Wannabe Music Critic, Fynn!

Monday, February 24, 2020


Just when you think you have seen it all, heard it all, done it all in SL.  Guess what? You haven’t. I’m talking to the tens of thousands of you out there who have never observed a wrestling match in SL.  Premier Wrestling has elevated this contact sport to an art form seldom seen anywhere on the Grid today. Their uniquely modern treatment of a sport that is as old as mankind is truly worth your time to see. 

The owners Vince Aftermath and Trey Steele-Legendary™  (DrNeurotic Resident) have combined experience of almost 20 years in SL wrestling.  The Chief Operating Officer, Jasmine Tryce, has also been in SL wrestling for over 5 years. Recently I had the very real pleasure of meeting these folks, along with Premier wrestler Shereif “The Ace” and they shared with me some of the reasons for the success enjoyed by Premier Wrestling in SecondLife.

Josh Bellic (JB):  How long have you been involved with Premier Wrestling in SL? 

Vince Aftermath (VA):  I've been involved with Premier since the very beginning which was about a year ago. Trey Steele and I sat down together in real life and said “Let's do it”. While I was away for while dealing with the real world I had a tremendous amount of support from so many of my friends who wanted me to return in some way shape or form.  Some of you reading this may know me from the VAW days when I was the owner there. I believe when VAW was around it changed the game in many areas. We created the first Fan Interaction HUD and we were the only federation at the time to travel from Sim to Sim for almost an entire year all around Second Life. Now I’m back...Trey and I came back into the game with a different perspective on how SL Wrestling could be presented, taking our craft to a whole new level!

JB:  I understand there are several wrestling Sims in SL.  How is what you have here any different from all the other wrestling venues out there?

Shereif “The Ace” (SA):  Most wrestling shows are live shows only, fans go watch live.  Premier wrestling is different that its main focus is its YouTube channel.  We still have fans come and watch but with a limit of 15 tickets per show, every show we do is fully taped and uploaded online for our wider range fans to watch. Also a major difference is that we are the only federation that pays its staff and wrestlers per show

JB:  You limit your ticket sales for events to only 15 people? Why is that?

Jasmine Tryce (JT):  We only limit each episode show to fifteen people because we want to keep the lag down to a minimum so the wrestlers can perform their matches to the best of their ability, without being hindered by the monster called lag. We also do what is called a  “House Show”. This is a show we usually have off-sim and sponsor land. This is to help them not only bring traffic to their land but it also helps up get the word out about SL wrestling and Premier in general. Anyone can have a show at their land for a small fee, they just need to get in contact with me.

SA:  Since our priority is on the quality of the videos.. we don't want the sim or the performers to lag when too many fans attend at same time. You said we limit it to 15, but it's more like we removed the limit all together and upload to YouTube so even 100 or 200 can watch without any lag issues.

JB:  How can our readers learn of upcoming events? 

VA:  YouTube is our main network so please please please Subscribe. You can also follow us on our Website. So why are we pushing YouTube? By being on YouTube we are able to capture many fans across the world and not just in Second Life. This allows us to not only show them what Premier Wrestling can do but can also show everyone just how powerful the Second Life engine is. By doing this more people will come into SL for the first time wanting to participate in what Second Life has to offer. That is a good thing Josh!

JB:  Vince, who would you say is the greatest wrestler of all SL Time?

VA:  I'm not entirely sure, that is a very interesting question. There are three things that make a good wrestler into a star. First, you have to have the look..meaning that you have to stand out from the crowd.  Second, is voicing... You connect better with the fans when you are able to talk and show your emotion. A lot of people use text while calling out their foe but that doesn't have the same effect as voicing. Last but not least is in-ring performance.  Back in the day it wasn't such a big deal. Everyone had the same moveset for the most part but now, thanks to Team Wildfire and specifically the Prime Hud, you are able to do things that at one point seemed impossible to do in Second Life. If you have two out of three of these, you are on your way to becoming a huge star in the Second Life Wrestling business.

 JB:  Are there prizes for winning?  And if so, who funds those prizes?

Trey Steele (DrNeurotic Resident) (TS):  The prize for winning, is well.. You move up in standings. Each match you compete in could put you closer to the ultimate prize, the World Heavyweight Championship for the men and the Women's Championship for the women.

SA:  Winning or losing doesn’t matter in our business, it's not a competition, it's a performance.  We all work together (some in backstage and some in ring) to make the perfect show come to life every week so fans can enjoy it.  Everyone who works gets paid by Premier Wrestling. We have partners sponsoring us in return for getting promoted on our shows, on our social medias and in our videos. We can even go throw a show on their lands to bring them traffic.

JB:  In RL Wrestling, it is widely assumed that the matches are all "fixed"  and the winner is usually the one with the most elaborate costume. So, your secret is safe with me (and our 30,000 viewers each month)....Are the results of Premier Wrestling Matches "pre-determined"? 

VA:  Haha.  Well there is only one way to find out. To all 30,000 of you reading this  we are always hiring. We are always looking for that next star that is ready to make an impact in Premier Wrestling. If anyone wants to know, including you, Josh, sign up and tell me how your first match goes. Hahaha.

JT:  Well, let me ask you this? Would a magician tell you how he does his tricks? SecondLife Wrestling is an art form. It is a sport, it is also a skill that people work very hard to hone and perfect. Wrestlers work tirelessly to perfect their match and make it look flawless. They do it by hard work and dedication - Upgrading their moves, working on their ring skills and their presence. Are the results of Premier Wrestling matches pre-determined you ask? I ask you:  Does it really matter as long as the fans are enjoying what they are seeing and having fun at the shows?

TS:  Pre-determined?! I tell you what.. You step into the ring with me and I'll let you decide if its pre-determined or not. Lol

JB:  Thanks for that generous offer Trey, but I think I will take a “pain-check” on that, if its OK with you. Anything else you guys would like to share with our SLE Readers?

JT:  Join our in world group and go to a live house show and judge for yourselves. I think you will like what you see and if you would like to get involved we are always looking for wrestlers commentators, valets and also now extras for our shows. So if you would like to join the fastest growing wrestling federation in SecondLife, please IM me Jasmine Tryce and I can let you know how. And also check us out on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and our in world fan group. Thank you for your time.

If someone is interested to be a premier partner they go to this website:


So, there you have it folks.  Premier Wrestling! Now available on a YouTube channel near you