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Showing posts with label Khanjan. Show all posts

Monday, October 12, 2015

Rolls Royce Drophead Enters the SL World With Comfort, Presence and Luxury- Khanjan Reporting...

One of the most expensive cars in real life has been created in Second life. That’s right we are talking about the Drophead Coupe based on the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. It is Unlike the real life version of that car which cost more than a third of a million pounds. (About $479,775 USD) The Surplus Motors Drophead cost L$2000 which is a great price I think for what you are getting including working rear-opening doors and great interior and exterior. Anyways let’s get down to business.

The Drophead Coupe does not have much legroom in the back so this would be one of those Luxury cars where you would prefer the front seats. If you click on the car and go into the menu click on Option>Advance>Resize. The rest is self-explanatory allowing you to resize so you can fit yourself and your friends in the car perfectly. The boot also known as the trunk is quite small but enough for shopping but for now nothing interactive can be done in there.

Drophead uses modified ACS scripts version 7.02 with great sound. Sometimes when I’ve been driving it I’ve been tempted to rev it just to see if the engine is running. Having put this on a race track in Second Life is when I’ve really noticed the engine doing its thing when I accelerate hard.

Dashboard Layout
 In two word the dashboard it’s simple & Beautiful. The interior of the Surplus Motor Drophead is textured incredibly matching the actual trimming of the real life version of the leather and wood. Both of which is assemble in beauty making both textures complement each other.  The dashboard of the car is very simple with the modern technology such as the media capability allowing accesses your favourite music.  I Love listening to Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park when driving the car.

Easy to Drive
In the car you sit very high with default camera view also being high which can be adjustable but I think it is perfect for a wide and long car like this. As you get to see the road you are driving on and you know where the road ends so you do not end up crashing into the car in front. Yes I admit I’ve crashed a few times in it but I have found that reversing and changing lanes and turning the whole car to the right or left is a bit tricky due to the length of the car.

 In terms of steer apart from what I have just mentioned due to the lovely ACS scripts modification it feels effortless to accelerate. However, in manual mode I think the car shifts more than it needs to at times which can be a downside.

Fun to Drive
The Surplus Drophead is a fun car to drive no doubt about that which is more enjoyable than I expected. However, this does not include the tight bends which was annoying especially though Morningwood Valley.

If money is not an object and you are happy to spend L$2000 this is the car when you are looking for Comfort, Presence and luxury.

Get it here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Most Realistic BMW Finally in Second Life - Khajan Reporting...

The NAI Munich based on the RL BMW  3 series  takes a shot to cutback the recipe of the BMW four-door coupe concept and  combines it dashing coupe-like looks with four doors and a big boot to creating a  family car with stylish detail. The Munich  is offering a bigger boot and easier passenger transport. The NAI Munich may demand a L$1,099 premium but is worth every penny.
From some angles, the swooping rear glass doesn’t look all that radical, and onlookers could be forgiven for not noticing the difference between the NAI Munich and a standard NAI Saloon 7 2014.

That said, NAI Munich is still a well dressed machine in the metal.
Inside, the layout will be familiar to anyone who has driven a Beamer from NAI. You get the same upmarket feel and smart design, and highlights include the slender buttons.  NAI have also included an excellent central infotainment screen where you can access your favorite sides such as YouTube to watch videos while you are on the move or tune into your favorite radio station.
The NAI Munich has a very spacious feel with the extra headroom. Despite that having the  low-slung seating position makes sure the car feels sporty enough.


In short, it handles very well with realistic steering, which is to say very well indeed – if lacking the final word in excitement as when your press done on the accelerator it takes about a second to just GO lowering the reaction time compared to other NAI cars and it’s competitors.
The Munich has huge amounts of grip and launch control and can really go when it hits top speed with four wheel drive.
The car’s engine is very detailed compared to its competitors a full on unlike other SL motor vehicles which have nothing in the engine bay or a poor detail textures.
You can buy the NAI Munich safe in the knowledge that it should match the reliability of NAI Brand. The can keeps on going and if you have any issue you could always reset or contact Ryo (NAI Creator)

The Munich can be customized with several colors including Lime, green, red, dark red, orange, yellow, grey, black, white  and many more. The lights can also be changed in terms of colors from super blue to evil green. The Munich also offers a tint feature allowing the glass on the car to be tinted. Other customizations that can be made to the car are interior colors, trims, gauges, wheels, and rims. In terms of body parts you are able to customize the front plate and have an option for extra shine if you wish.

Roleplay Mode
The Munich follows up on using the new muse scripts created by NAI which gives it a realistic feel as well as indicators so when turning you feel like you are actually in a real car. Even if you break down you can turn the hazard lights on giving you a realistic role play experience. The car also is fitted with an engine that you are able to fix in role play mode as when you are driving the car’s engine durability goes down. Therefore, allowing you to making repairs. The engine comes with a decently reliable rating from NAI standard which is stock but as you drive it you must make sure it is well looked after. NAI recommendation is making sure the durability is at least 20% and could be checked by going to the menu.
New Age Industries Munich 2015 is available from purchase on the Second Life Market Place: