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Showing posts with label Kylie Jaxxon. Show all posts

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Art Auction: a fabulous farewell to Kylie Jaxxon Auction start: 2nd August 2015 Ends: 10th August 2015

Kylie Jaxxon's beautiful sim, The Trace Too, is closing at the end of August as she has departed SL. Kylie created a beautiful sim that has become special to many people. Kylie was an avid blogger and somehow managed to find the most beautiful trinkets to decorate her lovely sim, then shared them with the community.

In honour of Kylie and her gorgeous work that has touched the SecondLife community, there is an art auction at her sim to celebrate her talent, and wish Kylie a fabulous and final farewell: 

The auction was originally intended to raise funds to keep her beautiful sim, The Trace, open until the end of August. Due to people's generosity this goal has already been achieved, what an amazing result!

With this in mind, all proceeds from the art auction will now go to Relay for Life in Kylie's honour. This group raises money for the American Cancer Society within SL and we think it would be a very special tribute to Kylie if we could donate as many lindens as possible to this fantastic cause on her behalf. This is our way of collectively saying thank you for all that she has done for the SecondLife community, and remembering her talent.

A bunch of talented and generous artists have donated original pieces to the auction, and all their work is available for you to look at around The Trace. Each pictures has been placed as close to the location they were shot as possible. Check every corner, boat  and deck to ensure that you don't miss any!

We really hope you'll join us to make this goodbye one of the best there has been in SecondLife.

Happy bidding! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Somber Look At The Trace Too

The Trace is a wonderful work by Kylie Jaxxon.  Kylie's way of creating beauty with subtle, simple creations, are beyond compare. The Trace is seasonal, and changes with the seasons,

Visit here.

In 2014 she informed us all that she had leukaemia, and had to close the trace to take care of herself.  After several chemo sessions, and occasional waves to us on the SL feeds, she announced that her leukaemia was in remission, and that The Trace was returning!  We were all elated, and could not wait for it too open.

The Trace opened (now called The Trace Too) and we flooded in to see.

Sadly now we have not heard from Kylie.  Her SL account is gone as well as her blog, and other websites.  One of her last pictures called "Anchored and Gone"  is here on Flikr

We at the spaceport paid the sim's tier up to the 29th of August.

There will be fundraising events for tier at The Commune Utopia, with 14 DJ's on Thursday the 23rd of July. and Lagrange Point Spaceport on Sunday the 26th, with a few hours of live music.  More info on these events to follow.

Trinity Yazamoto informed me that she would hold an art auction at the Trace.  The exhibition should start around the 2nd of august and she’s accepting submissions of photographs or digital artwork featuring The Trace Too from now on. You can IM her in world (no notecards please).
This is also a call out to Kylie's friends to get involved.  If you love Kylie and the Trace please contact me!

We are going to try to keep the Sim open till September the 1st, so you can come to The Trace and remember.  Sadly after that The Trace Too must close so we can keep the Trace safe in our own memories.

So please do come out and visit the lovely Trace Too, and celebrate Kylie's Life with us!"