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Showing posts with label Lathilda Janssen. Show all posts

Monday, October 24, 2022

Model for only a few months LATHILDA JANSSEN, LOOK of the YEAR 2nd runner-up A NEW STAR IS BORN!

A novice in the world of modelling, Lathilda Janssen surprised many, including herself, by obtaining the third-highest score in the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition.

An interview by Ely Catronis
Photos by Mika Palmyra

EC: Before we get to know you, what was it like to hear your name called as the second runner up? 

‘’I was in shock to be honest! I am very new to the modelling world, and I do not have a lot of experience on a runway.  I never expected to be 2nd runner up in the first fashion contest I entered!’’  

EC: I can still feel your excitement! That is so incredible Would you share a little about yourself and how you found this world of Second Life?

‘’I discovered Second Life by chance. I played a lot of games before and saw SL advertised on a website and it sounds interesting.’’

EC: While being in SL, what brought you to the world of modelling and fashion? Are there models or designers that inspire you?

‘’Last April, I started thinking about the possibility of doing something else apart from building, my other passion, and I realized that I would love to learn more about fashion. I always enjoyed creating new outfits. A friend told me Naar Rexen had a modelling academy, 
where she offered a free taster course. I joined straight away!

''One of the designers I admire the most is Iris Van Harpen because she does not only create fashion, but she also creates 3D works of art’’. 

EC: Do you have any advice for people interested in fashion or modelling?

‘’If you are passionate and serious about being a model or want to learn more about fashion you can find a lot of modelling courses here in Second Life. Join one of them and 
start learning something new.’’
E.C.: What is your favorite memory from the LOOK of the YEAR Contest? Or what will be your big takeaway moment from the experience? 

‘’The best memory for me is meeting so many nice people! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, from the designers who created our clothes and jewellery, LUXE Paris and ZURI, to ONE On ONE Agency team who helped us throughout the challenges and also the other eleven contestants!’’ 

E.C.: Aside from those wonderful memories and great experiences, are there any other events or organizations that you are involved in?

‘’I am currently attending modelling classes at Naar Rexen's In-Nova Models Academy, and also, I have been working for many years as an interior designer and landscaper together with my friend and business partner Cloe.’’