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Showing posts with label Mika Palmyra. Show all posts

Friday, October 2, 2020



Grap your diary! LUXE Paris and One On One Agency are presenting INTERSTELLAR, a super fashion show that will take place on October 11th, 9 AM SLT, and where are the guests will receive a beautiful mink coat as a gift!

Yes it is THE fashion rendez-vous of the year and no, it is not a futuristic collection. The name INTERSTELLAR here refers to the poetry of stars and distant planets which inspired the LUXE Paris fall 2020 collection.

''As planet earth battles COVID-19 and chaos, we have decided to look to the stars, imagining them as so many little glimmers of hope that watch over our capsizing world''. explain Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, LUXE Paris designers and co-owners.

This vision translates into a collection with soft and reassuring colors but also with shocking, destabilizing effects, combinations of unprecedented shades and surprising amalgamations.
Dress, gowns, pants, swimwear, furs... LUXE Paris INTERSTELLAR explores all facets of fashion with that wonderful aura of chic and class that has made the reputation of the brand.

But if the fashion presented will be faithful to the image of the refined elegance so dear to LUXE Paris and eminently wearable, the show will certainly transport us to another world. It is in the heart of a night filled with stars that the One On One Agency will welcome us, exploding the classic concept of the fashion show with delicious poetry that borders on magic!

Arrive early as places are limited and the event is highly anticipated.
Navigate your spaceship to the LUXE Paris INTERSTELLAR galaxy  at 

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Your attention please! Shine the spotlights! Here is the first group of 6 SEMIFINALISTS for the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition! Congratulations to Eva Madenwald, Tara Aers, Newokitty, Ali Reignn, Aealla Illyar and Lady Tiara!

Your photo is not there? Four other selections of semifinalists will take place in the coming weeks. Not sure of your photo? You can send as many as you want as long as they are different outfits. You didnt send your pic? What are you waiting for?

Still time to participate!
L$50 000 cash to win!

Remember: LUXE Paris is now searching the grid to find its LOOK of the YEAR, a stylish woman who will represent the brand and win L$50 000 cash! This contest is open to professionals and amateurs as we will train the finalists without experience.

Easy to participate: Wear a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title and send FULL PERM to luxeparislookoftheyear resident in world. Gift to ALL participants. A total of L$175 000 in prizes! L$10 000 cash to each of the two runners up!

The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest is a presentation of The SL Enquirer, Swank Event, Womenstuff, Tone Makeup, In-Nova Modeling Academy, Zuri Jewelry, ProPose Modeling Poses, Bon Amour Avant-garde Hairs, SL Confidencial magazine, L'Amour Diversity magazine, Villa Media Broadcasters and Stavros Hexem Photography. 

More information at LUXE Paris LOOK of the

and at LUXE Paris store Bao

Friday, May 15, 2020

LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR Contest: DO YOU HAVE STYLE? L$ 50 000 TO WIN!

Are you a woman of style? Well show it to us because we are looking for an ambassador, a woman who will become LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR and win L$ 50 000! 
This contest is open to all women of style. No need to be a professional model to apply as we train the finalists without experience! All you need is style, to express yourself through what you wear! We are looking for an elegant woman who will represent our brand with grace and character.

So do not wait longer, wear a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, snap a picture, write your name in the title, and send FULL PERM to LUXEParisLookOfTheYear Resident. Each participant will automatically receive a free outfit from LUXE Paris!
Every week for 5 weeks, starting June 3rd, we will publish the pictures of 6 semifinalists at and at slenquirer.comWe will also display them in the LOOK of the YEAR Hall at our main store on Bao/67/72/26.

When we will have 30 semifinalists, our jury will then select 12 finalists.
These 12 finalists will be revealed on July 8th and be invited to meet the judges at the LOOK of the YEAR Brunch on July 12th. On this occasion, the finalists will be asked to explain why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris. They will also be invited to select 10 free outfits each at our main store!
This brunch will be followed by one styling challenges show. This challenges-show will take place on July 26th, immediately followed by the grand finale and the revealing of our LOOK of the YEAR 2020.

L$ 100 000 IN PRIZES
Our ambassador will also win:  One year of free shopping at LUXE Paris (a value of L$ 30 000), a fashion feature in the magazines SL Confidential, L'Amour Diversity and The Second Life Enquirer (a value of L$ 25 000),  a gift card of L$ 10 000 at Tone Makeup, a scholarship at In-Nova Model Training (a value of L$ 4 000), a gift card of L$ 3 500 at ProPose, a crown by Zuri Jewelry, a value of L$ 1 500, 4 avant-garde hairs from Bon Amour (a value of L$ 1 000), an official picture by Stavros Hexem (a value of L$ 1 000), and an hour coaching with the famous top model Ponchituti Boucher.

Each of the two runners up will receive L$ 10 000 in cash, a gift card from Tone Makeup (L$ 2 800 for the first and L$ 1 400 for the second), a scholarship at In-Nova Model Training (a value of L$ 4 000), a Zuri tiara (L$ 1 000), a gift card from ProPose (L$ 2 500 for the first and L$ 1 500 for the second), 2 avant-garde hairs at Bon Amour (L$500), and an official picture by Stavros Hexem (L$ 1 000). They will also get an hour coaching with Ponchituti Boucher and be interviewed by SL Confidential and SL Enquirer.

Quinte, LOOK of the YEAR 2019

- Nany Jurado, LOOK of the YEAR 2018

''Winning the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest was the best moment of my Second Life'', confides Nany Jurado, a soccer mom from Medellin, Colombia, who has been a top model in Second Life for 10 years.

''When I think about the moment they said my name, I get excited again! I have no words to describe the power of the joy which filled me suddenly. I was crying and laughing in the arms of my RL daughters as the IM were coming from everywhere!''
For Quinte, our 2019 winner who comes from China and live in Las Vegas, the experience was surreal. 

''My favorite part is also the winner announcement'', remembers Quinte. ''It was such a shock!  My tongue would not work! So many top models in the competition and I was the one? Wow!''I never thought I could win! I had never been on a fashion catwalk before! But I worked hard to learn quickly. And the incredible happened!

All the experience was fabulous. The LUXE Paris team treated me like a queen! I would encourage anyone who enjoys fashion to participate, pros, and beginners!''   
Quinte was selected as the best ambassador for LUXE Paris among 196 entries. Elegant and very stylish with a lot of character, genuine and friendly, Quinte represents the LUXE Paris spirit perfectly.  We were really pleased to have her as our brand ambassador throughout the year.

The judges will give a score to each finalist for each of the two challenges at the final show and the total of those two scores will determine the winner.
The contestants will be judged on their style, elegance, and originality by a prestigious jury of 14 members: Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, owners-designers of LUXE Paris, Quinte, LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2019, Adonis Lubomir, owner of Swank Events, Frolic Mills, founder of BOSL magazine, Chemak Kamala, owner of SL Confidential magazine,  Ahn Avion, owner of the WomenStuff Group, Ava Jhamin, owner of L'Amour Diversity magazine, Naar Rexen, owner of In-Nova Modeling Academy, Nany Jurado, owner-designer of Bon Amour Hairs, Zuri Rayna, owner-designer of Zuri Jewelry, Ponchituti Boucher, owner of ProPose, Ever Courtois, owner and designer of Tone Makeup, and Lanai Jarrico, owner of The Second Life Enquirer.

You can enter the contest as many times as you wish as long as you present a different LUXE Paris outfit for each entry. The deadlines to submit your picture and qualify for the weekly semi-finals are May 28th, June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, and June 25th. Earlier you start, more you have chances to be selected semifinalist as ALL the candidates' pictures are submitted to the judges every week. Therefore if you are not selected the first week, you could be in the following weeks.