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Showing posts with label Memorial Cruise. Show all posts

Friday, August 31, 2012

Interview with Ocean Radio’s Pippa Emmons. In Memory of Epi Emmons: Memorial Cruise September 1, 2012 11:30am slt

Second Life is an amazing place where your imagination is really the key to an amazing adventure. The things you do and the people you meet become a part of your virtual reality, sometimes even becoming part of your real life. I often meet interesting people from around the world that leave a lasting impression on me and Pippa Emmons is one of them.

I contacted her via IM because I saw notice in the Fruit Islands group about a memorial cruise. I wanted to learn more about it. We got to talking and she shared a story with me.

Pippa met Epi Emmons in Second Life and married him in real life. In March , 2011 he surcombed to brain cancer. Today she has made it her mission to keep his memory alive and help the fight against cancer.

On Saturday September 1, guests of the voyage will set sail in honor of Pippa’s beloved husband, Epi. It is a celebrate life of life for him and others being remembered and is only part of a day’s activities.

Interview with Pippa Emmons