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Showing posts with label Mexican culture. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Mexican culture. Show all posts

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here's What's Happening Today in Second Life:

Cinco de Mayo ( May 5th) is not a federal  holiday in Mexico or the United States. However, it is still celebrated. This day commemorates the Battle of Puebla in which the Mexican army claimed victory over France during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. In the United States and Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican Heritage with parades, festivals, traditional music and food. For others it is just another reason to get their drink on! (Even if it lands on a Thursday this year)
In Second Life, there are a few events happening but don’t forget to dress up first!

Mustache & Sombrero

La Fiesta Women Outfit

La Fiesta Mens Outfit

Festivities Happening May 5th

7:00 am  SLT  at Cinca de Mayo Day at La Maison
Get your drinking hats on Gents, the girls of La Maison are in a partying mood...
Loose clothing (aka easy offs) and looser morals are in style all day...
The Exclusive Lap Seats are out and the ladies are eager to warm as many laps as they can today in celebration of all things Mexican..So no Siesta all Fiesta...
The VIP lounge is open to haul your favorite or favorites in for a more intimate fun time..
Yi yi yi yi...
See you here Amigo's and Amiga's

12pm SLT at Steel Horse Saloon
Cinco de Mayo! Come join DJ Ivana and her hostess Lyni as we rock your world and get you in the party spirit.  We will have a free 50L Wetherby's gift card for one lucky person.  While you are here, check out the sim.  We have stores, bowling alley, game room, amusement park, and for those who enjoy riding their cycles, we even have a track for you to use.  And don’t forget our sim wide faire this weekend.  Fun to have for all.  Why not check us out?

4:00pm SLT at River's Song Restaurant and Catering
On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French army at the Battle of Puebla. This single military battle signified defeat of a European colonial power, and a victory for the Mexican people. This single battle was the roots of Cinco de Mayo.
What Cinco de Mayo has come to be, is much more than one battle in the colonial history of Mexico. Rather, it has come to signify Hispanic and Mexican pride and a time to celebrate the rich culture.

7pm SLT Cinco de Mayo at Club Eros with DJ Eco Spiritor
It's festival time!!   Wear your Spanish style dress, grab your sombrero and come party!! DJ Eco Spiritor will be spinning the tunes and taking requests.  Dress in theme and enter our contest or just come for the friends and music.  As always, our Sexy Cupids will be here to tease and tantalize you. 

Wherever or however you celebrate just remember to have fun! Happy Cinco de Mayo 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Celebratig Cinco de Mayo in Second Life- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Photograph Credits:
After the Mexican American War and the Reform War, the Mexican Treasury was nearly bankrupt, Banito Juarez, the then Mexican President issued a moratorium to suspend all foreign debts for two years. In response Britain and Spain negotiated with Mexico and withdrew their naval forces. However, France was then ruled by Napoleon III, saw it as an opportunity for a Second Mexican Empire. In the late 1861, the well-equipped French fleet won at Veracruz making the President retreat. Moving on to Mexico City, the strong 6000 French army was a defeated by 2000 ill-equipped Mexican army on May 5th, 1862 at Puebla.
Cinco de Mayo is a festival to celebrate the victory of the “Premier army in the world”. It symbolizes the unity and pride for the Mexicans to establish a much needed sense of national unity and Patriotism.
In Second Life, there are various events and hunts to celebrate this occasion.


It is a grid wide hunt for all residents from April 20th to May 15th, 2015. There are 12 hunting Sombrero. The hunting prizes are laden with accessories, clothing, colourful decorations and furniture exclusive for Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Fiestas. Kamiek Resident is the contact person. The hunt starts at Fashion Boulevard For more info on hints and slurls visit

Photograph Credits: Store Funtastic Designs

·         Marketplace

If hunting is not a good option for you, you may try the market place which has many items starting from clothing, accessories to dance floor, flag, food and cakes which are in line with this occasion. Follow the link to get a hold of what you like the most

·         In world Shopping

Photograph Credits: Second Life Destinations
Bable’s 4 seasons by Meris Oyen offers full perm accessories, clothing, flags, decorations and fireworks suitable for Cinco De Mayo which you may try to look at here
·         Events
There are many events lined up for May 5th and a few for May 6th too.
At 12 pm on 5th of May, Dj Kaos with Host Carma and at 4:00 pm with Dj Weylyn and Host Dina Kozlov would be having parties at The Broken Spoke Biker Sim on Laconia. Here is the landmark

At 11:00 am Dj Pamcakes, 1:00 pm Dj Cazza and 3:00 pm Dj Neilio, on 5th of May with Host heavenlyfray would be having a party at The Players Club. Visit the venue here

Pure Attitudes would celebrate on 5th of May from 2:00 pm for 10 hours with Host Gar Vexath. Your limo is here

A formal event, American Classical Ball will be held on 5th of May, at 2:30 pm for 2 hours with Host Colin Scientist at The Blue Lagoon Club on Gorlen Bay. Your landmark here

At 4:00 pm on 5th of May Thornbridge Radio would present a Cinco De Mayo party with Host Dione Bingyi. The landmark is

The Wall in Transylvania would host a party with Kloe Kidd at 6:00 pm for 2 hours on 5th May at

A 1000L$ split would be given at the party on 5th May at 6:00 pm with Dj Kiera and Host  Zanne Boucher at The Dusty Wanderer pub on Dusty Heights

At 6:00 pm on 5th May Sir Marqs DeSade would sing live for an hour with Host Laz at Pavilion on Xaara

At 6:00 pm on 5th May for 2 hours with Dj Cathrine and Host Butrfly77 Machintyre would At party at Rock N Roll Social Club and Mall on Wedge

Club Eros would celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Dj Guido and Host Persian Chevalier on 5th May at 7:00 pm with Contest Prize for best male and best female in theme at L$ 200 each. Teleport here

For more events follow the link or search for the key words “Cinco De Mayo” in the search tab at

*Note: The events listed above are of different maturity ratings, although most are rated moderate.