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Showing posts with label MizDeMeanor Morpork. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SCREW BARBIE..I WANT TO BE A ROLLER DERBY GIRL - MariellaAnna Resident reporting...

A friend of mine suddenly and out of the blue announced that she was in the SLRA roller Derby team and did I want to come along and watch a match?  I searched my sketchy mental database to come up with any point of reference I might have had as to what she might possibly have been talking about. Here, let me just point out I’m English, most of us haven’t heard of roller derby much less know what it’s about and it’s for that possible reason I eventually came up with a mental picture of female ex-cons or women with excessive tattoos racing round a track on roller skates, trying to kill each other between chugging down cans of lager and chain smoking cheroots.