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Showing posts with label Mariellaanna resident. Show all posts

Saturday, May 30, 2015

SLE Ad Fair Happening Now! May 29th-May 31st2015

The Ad Fair is going on until Midnight May 31st!  All advertising options are 25% off!


Join The SL Enquirer on May 29th at 11 am as DJ Mack kicks off the SLE Media Circus with Ringleader Mariellaanna. 

Be amazed by Featured live performance by Miss Diva Stone and enjoy the Attractions including great music, ferris wheel rides, free tarot readings, games, best clown contest, Dunk the CEO and great raffle prizes from our sponsors. One lucky raffle winner will receive a free SLE Spotlight Feature, 1 month of Advertising and there are other great gifts from our sponsors. We also encourage you to browse the shops along the main street for free gifts as well.

The AD Fair will run all weekend with a special discounted rate of 25% off ALL Advertising options until Midnight May 31st.

The fun begins here:

Sponsored By:

  • The SL Enquirer
  • Seychelles Isle
  • Distant Thunders Rock Club
  • Skew Creations
  • Aloha Skies Tours
  • Linda Lauren’s Embracing the Universe (ETU)
  • Truthball
  • Art of Asia
  • AVATAR PR- NuVibz Magazine
  • Aero Golf Course
  • Mimi's Choice
  • Aero Estates
  • Lovecats
  • E'lan Fine Furnishings and Accessories
  •  SL Offshore Powerboating Association
  • Love Kats

Monday, November 26, 2012

The SLE Circus has come and gone! Congratulations to the winners!

The SL Enquirer brought the circus to EGOISME for a spectacular event On November 26, 2012. The festivites kicked off  at 4pm slt with DJ Kennef Riggles creating the musical atmosphere. Dressed in a fancy outfit, Marriellaanna Resident hosted the event with the help of Lanai's pet jaguar, Pedro. Guests came from near and far to gathered around the sawdust circus rink and spectate on all the activity.

 Truth or dare was surely an ice breaker as guests shared things they normally wouldn't with stranger and all had great fun chiming in and expressing themselves. Some circus goers took to the  bumper cars and let out a little virtual road rage as others opted for the more daring acts like the trapeze and bed of nails.  The bravest of all seemed to enjoy blowing themselves to oblivion by cannon force.

The prize for best outfit went to the two head zebra, adien007 Leimes. Other prizes were won inside the prize tent, including exclusive SLE gag gifts, a spotlight feature, a date with Lanai Jarrico and another with SLBR's Bill Kaye! Join the SL Enquirer Media group for up to date news and events or check out our calendar.

Drawing Winners Announcement
Spotlight Feature

 Faewyn Silverweb

 Haters Hobby Shop- Wedding Gag gift
  Jee Crazyboi

  Haters Hobby Shop-Ultimate Bitch Kit
   Toronto Zero

  Haters Hobby Shop- Squash the Drama Kit
   Eisbar Resident

   Date with Lanai Jarrico/ The SL Enquirer
    adien007 Leimes

    Date with Bill Kaye/ SLBR-InKline Media
     adien007 Leimes

Thursday, May 24, 2012

CRS News: Explorers Club- Chicago Roaring 20's May 27, 2012 at 12 pm SLT

Costa Rica Sims “EXPLORERS CLUB”
Chicago Roaring 20’s
WHEN: Sunday, May 27, 2012
Time: 12:00 PM SLT
1920’s attire required

Marriellaanna your official Tour Guide
Journey back to Chicago, the roaring 20’s where breaking of traditions, gangsters, prohibition intertwined into city life; where drinking and gambling flooded the Chicago big city underworld. Young women rebelled against society by cutting their hair with expressing their new freedom the flapper came to be. Gangsters were the hottest men in town, the parties and music were FANTASTIC…Location: Starting point outside the “Welcome Center”

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SCREW BARBIE..I WANT TO BE A ROLLER DERBY GIRL - MariellaAnna Resident reporting...

A friend of mine suddenly and out of the blue announced that she was in the SLRA roller Derby team and did I want to come along and watch a match?  I searched my sketchy mental database to come up with any point of reference I might have had as to what she might possibly have been talking about. Here, let me just point out I’m English, most of us haven’t heard of roller derby much less know what it’s about and it’s for that possible reason I eventually came up with a mental picture of female ex-cons or women with excessive tattoos racing round a track on roller skates, trying to kill each other between chugging down cans of lager and chain smoking cheroots.