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Showing posts with label Moonlight ranch. Show all posts

Friday, November 21, 2014

Moonlight Ranch- Auctions, Direct Sales and Stalls for Rent

Horse Stalls starting at $175L per week with 150 Prims!!
We also offer auctions, Bid Boards, and Direct Sales!
Come see what we have to offer!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Come visit Moonlight Ranch for all your horse needs. Barns are filling Fast!

Barn Rentals Starting at $225L Per Week With 150 Prims!

Silent Auction Area.  8 Podiums start at $500L for 3 days.
Bundle Market Stalls $50L per week.
Direct Sales $100L per week.

Do you need more prims for your land?  Bring your horses here!

Mention you saw this ad on SLE and Pay ONLY $200L Per Week With 100 Prims For 1 Month!!!!  After 30 days the price will ONLY be $225L  IM CosmicCharle Adamski!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rent Your Horse Barn at Moonlight Ranch

  We have horse barns for rent starting at $250L per week with 150 prim! 
Feel free to walk around and check out all the awesome horses!!

We also offer Market Stalls for rent for $50L per week with 20 Prims.  Our Direct Sale podiums are $100L per week with 16 Prims!

**Once you pay the rental box you will receive a group request.  Make sure you accept  the group request to rez your horses**

If you have any questions please put a note card in the mailbox by the landing point!!!!

-Moonlight Ranch Team