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Showing posts with label Sinful Retreat. Show all posts

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Circle of Influence A New Art Installation by Monroe Snook


You are cordially invited to join us Sunday, 27 February from 12pm-2pm slt for Monroe Snook's special exhibit on Sinful Retreat II entitled, "Circle of Influence." Bsukmet and DJ Sussyk will bring their unique musical stylings to the fray. We are so excited to share this afternoon of art and music with you! ___________________________________________________________________ About the Artist: Monroe Snook - Multi-media artist (digital and analog), Fine Art and Abstract photography, Curator and owner of Studio 33, an SL art gallery active for about 10 years, SL fine art photography and SL fashion photographer for about 5 years. Art Maniacs Group founder. Monroe's first exhibits in SL showcased her RL floral photography depicting macro images of sensual structures of nature's plenty. In early 2008, she became passionate about SL photography - growing her skill and range within this medium just after the launch of wind-light prior to the explosions of filters and presets. Other artistic endeavors include digital abstracts, abstract photography, multi-media collage, watercolor, acrylic painting, pastel, and sketch work. Many of Monroe's works are award-winning from various SL photo and KoinUP SL photo contests. Her work has been featured in many blogs, SL magazine articles, and SL Best of Best. She was a featured artist of Avatriat and has exhibited work across the SL world. Thank you for visiting this Monroe Snook collection. As a curious artist, it seems my style and approach are ever in flux - there is always a new direction, a new technique, or inkpot I am excited to try. As a result, my exhibits are unpredictable. I like that. Boil it all down...Monroe is alive, does art, and is blessed to have such awesome friends.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

"Watching the Wind" at The Janus Gallery- October 3


You are cordially invited to join us Sunday, October 3rd from 3pm-5pm slt for the opening of Paula Cloudpainter’s new exhibit in The Janus Gallery entitled "Watching the Wind." Twostep Spiritweaver and Agusto Napoli will perform live, making for a transcendent day of art and music. We can’t wait to share it with you!

3pm slt Twostep Spiritweaver
4pm slt Agusto Napoli

And don't miss Semina's "Unsolicited" Saturday, October 2nd at 2pm slt!

Monday, August 2, 2021

Unreal Art and Music at the Janus Gallery


You are cordially invited to join us Saturday, August 7th from 12pm-3pm slt for the opening of Francis Bagration’s new exhibit in the Janus Gallery, entitled, "Electric Owls on my Shoulder."  Dandy Pianoman and Reno Jones will perform live, making for a wonderful afternoon of art and music. We can’t wait to share it with you!

The Janus Gallery SLURL:

Francis says of himself and his work:

My specialty these days consists of 3D abstract landscape rendering,Op Art, fractals, photography, and graphic design, all separate and often blended.

I often try to project a feeling of calm and meditation, while other pieces are meant to be exciting and stimulating. To help people feel included in a comfortable surrounding, I try and bring a sense of peace from within my own creative being. My art color palette is heavily influenced by late 1960's poster artists Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, Wes Wilson, and Roger Dean. My contemporary influences include Alex Grey and Luke Brown. I use five separate programs to create my digital art. Since high school I have very been interested in photography, and I have been a macro and landscape photographer for many years.

I also have studied Typography and lettering as well as several traditional fine art techniques.  I started with drawing and painting, as well as sculpture, initially ceramic, later carving wood and stone, then casting bronze.  

Lately in RL and SL I have been creating unique imagery for clients, based on a digital photography. I am more than willing to provide custom work to meet my clients' needs.
I have created several slide shows and dance floors and I'm currently working on stage decor.