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Showing posts with label Surfer's Bay. Show all posts

Monday, June 29, 2020

A day on the Surfer’s Bay VIP beach with Persia Bravin - GiaBlossom Reporting

An amazing face of a clean wave, or even a heavy awesome wave and sometimes with the wind conditions you get a choppy wave too. The best part for me while surfing is if you can get a glassy green room, inside the barrel before the waves break. At Surfer’s Bay VIP, you could either go on a dawn patrol or firing (just a fun surf). For a grommet or an inexperienced young surfer there are teaching lessons available too. But that is not all, this place offers the whole experience of a vacation. 

The islands pan across 3 sims with blue sea crushing to the sides. The flora fauna and the rocks are an amazing addition to the beauty. Persia Bravin and Duncan Blackburn are the two business minds: partners who have made Surfer’s Bay VIP a grand success over the years. 
They have built a community for over 7000 members who love to surf, chill, and party by the sea. 

The best DJs and best bands on the grid cater to you. Photographers and bloggers across the grid come to take pictures and take part in the contests. Last month, Surfer’s Bay VIP hosted surfing competition for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)

I got a chance to talk with Persia Bravin; you might recognize the name as she is one of the SLE Press as well and has been with SL Enquirer since 2008. She used to host all of the early Miss Virtual World Pageants with Frolic Mills. A resume and a name for herself you cannot beat in SL. And yet, she is the most humble lady. Her advice is something that I am going to take with me through my journey. “The most beautiful people are the ones who keep it real in both SL and RL”.

GiaBlossom: Hi Persia, thank you for your time with SL Enquirer. I went to Surfer’s Bay VIP and was in awe and the beauty and serenity it gives to the soul. Is Surfing one of the activities you love and share with your husband Duncan Blackburn?

Persia Bravin: Surfing was what brought Duncan and I together! Three years ago, I owned my own surf sim called Indigo, but I used to enjoy exploring other surf sims too because SL surfing is a real passion of mine. I found the old version of Surfer’s Bay and got chatting to Duncan about owning a surf sim and all the pleasures and pain that go with that. We were friends for around 5 months before anything romantic happened and used to support each other a lot with our separate sims

GB: If it is not too much to ask, I read in Duncan’s profile that Surfer’s Bay VIP is a gift to you. Am sure there will be a very cute story behind how you both met. Would you like to share your story with us?

Persia Bravin: Surfer’s Bay VIP is a joint project between me and Duncan. He decided to get rid of his old sim and I did the same with mine and we pooled our resources and creative vision to create the current Surfer’s Bay VIP! Two years later, we have added another two sims as part of the estate and have grown group membership to nearly 8,000 people. Surfer’s Bay VIP is not just a sim for us though – it is a community and a place for people to come and relax and pretend that they are on RL vacation! Our belief is that RL is hectic and crazy enough so SL should be a place to relax. I love the real-life island of Bali, so I took a lot of inspiration from there to create all the sims and we always try to create a proper vacation vibe in everything we do.

GB: Who will say is the better landscaper among the two of you?

Persia Bravin: That is such a tricky question! Because luckily, we both enjoy doing different sim tasks. I hate terraforming, but Duncan enjoys it, so he does that part plus all the technical aspects of running a sim. Whereas I love plants and flowers in my real life, so I am responsible for how the sim looks and feels. We have got good at dividing up sim tasks over the years and because of our RL time zone differences, we like to leave each other ‘to do’ notes about what needs doing next! But what is great is that despite the pressures of running three sims, we have never argued once in three years – but maybe that’s because he knows I am always right!!

GB: Surfer's Bay VIP has so much to offer. And you can actually be a part of the island. Would you like to add a little about the rentals?

Persia Bravin: We have boat rentals and also a selection of beachside houses for rent across all three sims but these are very popular and rent almost as soon as they become available. If you are interested in our rentals – or anything else we do! - check out our website:

GB: With everyday parties going on, the place has over 7000 fan followers. What are the other features it offers?

Persia Bravin: We are well known across the grid for our amazing surf waves and we always place the best waves available in world on all sims. I also LOVE teaching new surfers how to take to the waves and we have built a good reputation for teaching new surfers, so pop on over if you always want to try SL surfing! Live music is really important to us too, so we have a lot of live concerts each week plus tribute concerts of famous RL bands. We also have a lot of features on sim for members that you don’t find often such as all members can set any sim as their home location, you can rezz your items or photo props anywhere on sim plus we have changing rooms for male and female avis available if you need somewhere quiet to rezz shopping bags and change. But if you were to ask what I personally love most about Surfer’s Bay VIP, it is the sense of community and support. Our thousands of members know that we operate a safe and fun group and estate and both Duncan and I are really proud of that!

GB: What are the other big projects that we might see in future?

Persia Bravin: Well! We are considering adding yet another sim to the estate. This would also have surf waves and rentals! We would also like to increase the live music events we do. We recently hosted a big surfing competition for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) and we would love to host more in the future! 

GB: Do you have a team that helps you in making Surfer’s Bay VIP a success? Would you like to say something to them via this podium?

Persia Bravin: This is a good time to say thank you and to acknowledge the INCREDIBLE team we have at Surfer’s Bay VIP – our DJ’s, Lifeguards and especially our General Manager, Ember Firehawk , because we couldn’t do it without these amazing people! Surfer’s Bay VIP is all about the people and we have the best in Second Life working with us and supporting what we do.

GB: Would you like to summarize the experience at Surfer’s Bay in just 5 words?

Persia Bravin: Chill, surf, party and enjoy!

White sands and lush green jungles take you back to the tranquility, myths, and history of the caves, waterfalls. Sip a cocktail or dance on the beach with your loved one. Dawn, sunset or starry night romance is always in the air. 

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Never-ending Summer At Surfer’s Bay VIP

Are you already missing summer? Feeling nostalgic about those long, lazy days on the beach? Teleport over to Surfer’s Bay VIP and relive the magic of those long, hot days at this three sim beach estate that’s famous for its surfing - and wild parties!

With over 7,000 group members, its easy to see why Surfer’s Bay is SL’s premier beach location for adults. With a sim design influenced by the real-life island of Bali, the sims are perfect for relaxing, meeting new people in a friendly environment, surfing and photography. Members can rezz items anywhere and even set the sims as home.

Surfer’s Bay VIP hosts parties and DJ sets plus live music. There are also special events like spectacular light shows, tribute concerts and performances by the famous ‘Strokerz Girlz’. And if you like shopping, be sure to check out the range of shops that are alongside the main beach!

Every month, one male and one female member are chosen to be Bay Guy and Girl and are awarded a cash prizes and a photo shoot with our expert team of photographers. Come and relax at Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates and meet new friends from across the world at these popular and photogenic sims.

Take time out of your busy life and explore the Surfer’s Bay VIP sim alone or with friends. Our visitors can walk around the entire island and enjoy peace and quiet in the many secluded areas or snuggle up with a loved one on the adult furniture that is dotted around all three sims. Come and relax at Surfer’s Bay VIP Estates and meet new friends from across the world at these popular and photogenic sims.
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