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Showing posts with label GiaBlossom. Show all posts

Monday, August 31, 2020

From Farm to Table - GiaBlossom reporting

The Farming concept was first seen with the introduction of Harvest Moon in the gaming world. It gave the communities and cults for games a reason for immersive roleplay. Back in 2009 when Farmville hit the world up a storm, no one knew how big the business would be. Second Life gamers were also not behind in bringing the concept in-world. 

In 2010 we saw the introduction of Guardian de las Sombras, easier known as G&S. It focused on medieval fantasy communities to help them get into immersive roleplay. We had also seen the introduction of Life where not only the energy but also the hygiene of an avatar was introduced making it more real. Then came the Digital Farm System in October 2016. In 2017, a year later, we heard the introduction of the Aura Roleplay system. And the latest introduction in BeYou, which is similar to Life and is slowly taking the grid by storm. The estates like Blossom Meadows  are relaunching itself as the family community roleplay integrated with BeYou homes. 

Earlier we used to see crops used for farming. Crops like wheat, hay, tomato, rice, sugarcane, corn. The basics that could be cooked to make the animal feed for farm animals like cows-bulls, hens-roosters, goats, sheep etc. Then we saw the introduction of carpentry, mining, backsmith, fishing among other activities as well. Overall, in all the systems you will find these activities. As the growth of secondary markets began we also saw the expiration of the goods in certain systems, the first being G&S. Like all changes, it was met with both positive and negative reviews. 

We have also witnessed various breedables over the years from fantasy to farm to domestic and wild animals. We have also seen fairies breed. And more important, we have also seen plants as breedables, called the Plant Pets. With the introduction of mesh, people wanted to see more realistic elements. We saw a number of new full perm mesh designers in the grid. This helped the farming industry as well. From water towers, windmills to crops to farm animals to food. And these days we have flowers as well. 

Flowers grown are used in further production and creating Limited/ rare items for recipes. 

Creativity has no limits. Immersive roleplay is so deep that every step you take will bring you to new opportunities. Flowers, trees, bushes which were once made just for landscaping are now used in farming systems. The same that were used for landscaping with the same prim count are used to decorate sims and create an interactive world. Unlike the breedables, the farming scripts use a lot less memory and usually low lag. There is also no physical element, that is the animals are movement restricted leading to no collision which also helps in keeping the lag down. However, for a new farmer it's always good to start small and build up from there depending upon your spare time and involvement. There are many farm barons who give a small piece of land for farming. Either you can ask in respective groups or look out for the advertisements. 

Since 2016, the secondary market for the Digital Farm System has grown to over 4500 active members. They also started with the Digital Living System to enhance the life-like living in Second Life. It is seen that the older the systems get, there are more number of people who join and the prices in the secondary markets fall. For example the same recipe in G&S will sell for 27L$; while in DFS it will sell for 152L$ and in beYou it sells over 300L$. (All prices fluctuate and are in approx estimates). Farming enthusiasts who love to mint Lindens from the secondary markets, will grab the next opportunity in a new system. Also, the scope of expansion and improvements gets higher with any new systems. 

To keep a business afloat it is important to keep the change alive. The Digital Farm System introduces new recipes every month. This recipe is dedicated to the monthly cooking champion. Sometimes, these recipes are available to be cooked for a limited time only. Like all limited items the prices for these are fairly high. This system also  introduced flowers by TSpot Home and Garden in a number of recipes to add fragrance with the added fruity flavours. 

The flowers are used for essential oils, cooking oils, fragrance, decoration of furniture, decoration of food platters, cakes, limited recipe items, edible flowers as well. Flowers like roses are the best sellers during valentines month. Other varieties of flowers like lilies, chives, lavenders, baby’s breath, wild flowers, daffodils, daisies, carnations, Geraniums are a score and are available in various colors. The flowers like all plants come with certain fixed uses; which means they can be harvested for that many times. However, DFS introduced the concept of Forever plants. Forever plants can only be received from Farm Stash Boxes and Grab Bags available each month from the MainStore. These plants are resold in secondary markets at very high prices. Each Sunflower Forever plant is sold at as high as 10,000L$. The other Forever flowers are Chives, Daffodils, Lavenders and Wild flowers. For example in the month of May 2020 a new limited variety of wild flowers were introduced, the “Wild Flowers Mothers Day Blue Dolly”. Not only are flowers used in flower baskets, but it is also incorporated with animals as cute decorations like the Limited DFS Sow/Boar - Happy Mother Day. 

The prices for the flower markets like all other raw materials increase with the number of uses for each basket. For example a Geranium basket will sell at 5-6L$ each. Each harvest gives 1 basket. The prices of the harvests are based on a number of factors. They are: number of harvests, number of days to harvest, number of times they are pruned, the further uses in production of recipes, amount of energy it took to prune and harvest. 

Unlike G&S and Aura, DFS and beYou have more modern food platters. They ask the players to suggest recipes that could be incorporated. Hence, we have cuisines from all over the world. We have various flavours of icecreams, fragrance of soaps, creative influx of cakes for all occasions fitting all taste buds. Syrups, milkshakes, dips and sauces are just a few among the long list. 

These days these recipes have found a place in the non-roleplay environment as well. A few years back at wedding parties, birthday celebrations, baby showers and other occasions we used to find a brunch table giving out a list of food items from its menu. Then we saw placemats being used as restaurants with a similar concept as well. Now we will see clients asking for specific food for their celebrations. Event planners can now arrange for food tasting and complete custom orders. The old foods used to just have the eating and drinking animations, the new ones have the added advantage of being eaten with energy. 

Second Life is an escape from reality and we may or may not have a reason to party. These systems are an added dynamics that are built not only for active roleplay but also encourage opportunity at every level. There are farmers, cooks, carpenters, miners, blacksmiths, traders. The limitless opportunity to earn for not only the players but also mesh designers. Earlier we used to see just simple plating in the form of prims, then we saw sculpts and now we see mesh. From fish to meat, crops to flowers, fresh herbs to spices, fruit trees to pine trees (harvested for wood); we are all growing. 

Additional Information

Digital Farm System by Ice12192 Drover -
TSpot Home & Garden by Teresa Matfield -
Guardian de las Sombras -

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

AVIE POLL- What do SL Men & Women look for in the perfect partner - GiaBlossom Reporting

Finding love in Second Life is just as hard as finding one in Real Life. It is said that it happens when you are not looking. How much of this is true, I don't know. I am yet to experience one but I have seen many who have been together for years and their love has transcended to real life. 

For those like me, we wonder who would be our perfect be? Almost a week back I asked this random question, “What do you look for in a Perfect Partner in SL?” to find out what others think of it. What I expected was a few of my friends and family to reply back. After 10 hours, however, there were over a 100 replies to this random question and still counting. A random question turned viral.

Credits - Sherief (idetective), In the picture are Avi Hunter and Keira Yiwama, Sherief and Sarah.

In this short article I might not be able to share all the views of all the people who participated by replying to the post. But thanks to them, I wanted to share their views with you dear readers. 

Lori Jamee Sandalwood Loeffler - COO at The Best of Second Life and the founder of Models giving back says,”Honesty, loyalty, trustworthy, treats me really well and always has “our” best interest in mind, not just mine. Well, now you know what I have in Matt. No lies, no hiding things - it’s comfortable, like it has always been there and I never doubt anything that he is saying to me. He keeps his word every time. Ability to communicate! Add that to the list - you have to be able to talk to each other openly freely.”

Morgan Whitfield Firehawk - Miss Virtual World 2020, designer/owner of HEELS, founder of Care and Hope Center says, “I too find loyalty very important. Also someone who is supportive and listens to you. Plus having things in common.”

Cain Saunders who recently got engaged says, “How would I describe her? Ever been outside on a really cold day where the wind almost feels like a knife cutting you. Then you walk in a house and its nice, warm and welcoming. She is that house. A day where your working outside, and the sun is beating you up and you feel like you have taken a shower with your clothes on. You go inside and the air is on and you get a refreshing cold drink. She is that drink and air. When you visit a tourist site like Niagara Falls for instance, and you see the power, beauty and are in awe of what you see. That's her. When your a kid on Christmas morning, and you open up the present to reveal you got exactly what you wanted. That’s her. When a tragedy happens and it is pain and suffering and hurt, but then the love after all people coming together to show love and support. Showing power of togetherness, showing the ability to rise above hate. Yes that's her. So yea those are just a few examples of how I would describe my Tam.”

Rose Mikaelson -- Founder of Miss Globe Universal says, “Someone who is honest, truthful, respectful, loyal, protective, share common interest but not afraid of being different, similar taste in music, style, grace, appreciation, unique, passion, balance life, support, values family and friendship, peaceful, chivalry, understands how to operate a business and loves dogs to name a few.”

Fiore Quintesson says, “Agree, honesty and loyalty. No mind games. No alts games. My ex gave it to me in a fat pack. But thanks to him I met the one I love with all my heart. Raffaelo Monastir is the one who suits me in everything and a man I dreamt in RL and SL.”

Starbaby Perl says, “If you are looking for a perfect partner, then make an alt and have him/her as your partner. It will be just like playing Barbie and Ken. You can make him look and act any way you want.”

Kye Mae says, “It's hard when many say I just keep it in SL. It's hard not to as there is a person behind that avatar. I mean you must be so emotionless to not even feel anything towards them. I met my partner in sl, but we never did play SL, we took it to rl and 10 years later we are still married. So good things do come to those who are genuine and want to have trust, love and loyalty.”

The data I took was from the first 24 hours of all the answers combined. Here are the qualities that most people are looking for in broad categories. 

Honesty, Loyalty, Trustworthy, Keeps couple interest in mind, Keeps promises, Communicates, Similarities, Comfort, Inspiring, Dissimilarities, Appreciate, Personality, Gives space, Nothing perfect, Waits to be intimate, Not perfect, Has money, Is a Friend, Pet Lover and Not interested.

In the picture are Avi Hunter and Keira Yiwama

A perfect partner according to me is someone who balances my personality with similar and dissimilar tastes. Someone who has fun like a friend, scolds like a sibling and loves like a lover. 

Additional Information

Monday, June 29, 2020

A day on the Surfer’s Bay VIP beach with Persia Bravin - GiaBlossom Reporting

An amazing face of a clean wave, or even a heavy awesome wave and sometimes with the wind conditions you get a choppy wave too. The best part for me while surfing is if you can get a glassy green room, inside the barrel before the waves break. At Surfer’s Bay VIP, you could either go on a dawn patrol or firing (just a fun surf). For a grommet or an inexperienced young surfer there are teaching lessons available too. But that is not all, this place offers the whole experience of a vacation. 

The islands pan across 3 sims with blue sea crushing to the sides. The flora fauna and the rocks are an amazing addition to the beauty. Persia Bravin and Duncan Blackburn are the two business minds: partners who have made Surfer’s Bay VIP a grand success over the years. 
They have built a community for over 7000 members who love to surf, chill, and party by the sea. 

The best DJs and best bands on the grid cater to you. Photographers and bloggers across the grid come to take pictures and take part in the contests. Last month, Surfer’s Bay VIP hosted surfing competition for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)

I got a chance to talk with Persia Bravin; you might recognize the name as she is one of the SLE Press as well and has been with SL Enquirer since 2008. She used to host all of the early Miss Virtual World Pageants with Frolic Mills. A resume and a name for herself you cannot beat in SL. And yet, she is the most humble lady. Her advice is something that I am going to take with me through my journey. “The most beautiful people are the ones who keep it real in both SL and RL”.

GiaBlossom: Hi Persia, thank you for your time with SL Enquirer. I went to Surfer’s Bay VIP and was in awe and the beauty and serenity it gives to the soul. Is Surfing one of the activities you love and share with your husband Duncan Blackburn?

Persia Bravin: Surfing was what brought Duncan and I together! Three years ago, I owned my own surf sim called Indigo, but I used to enjoy exploring other surf sims too because SL surfing is a real passion of mine. I found the old version of Surfer’s Bay and got chatting to Duncan about owning a surf sim and all the pleasures and pain that go with that. We were friends for around 5 months before anything romantic happened and used to support each other a lot with our separate sims

GB: If it is not too much to ask, I read in Duncan’s profile that Surfer’s Bay VIP is a gift to you. Am sure there will be a very cute story behind how you both met. Would you like to share your story with us?

Persia Bravin: Surfer’s Bay VIP is a joint project between me and Duncan. He decided to get rid of his old sim and I did the same with mine and we pooled our resources and creative vision to create the current Surfer’s Bay VIP! Two years later, we have added another two sims as part of the estate and have grown group membership to nearly 8,000 people. Surfer’s Bay VIP is not just a sim for us though – it is a community and a place for people to come and relax and pretend that they are on RL vacation! Our belief is that RL is hectic and crazy enough so SL should be a place to relax. I love the real-life island of Bali, so I took a lot of inspiration from there to create all the sims and we always try to create a proper vacation vibe in everything we do.

GB: Who will say is the better landscaper among the two of you?

Persia Bravin: That is such a tricky question! Because luckily, we both enjoy doing different sim tasks. I hate terraforming, but Duncan enjoys it, so he does that part plus all the technical aspects of running a sim. Whereas I love plants and flowers in my real life, so I am responsible for how the sim looks and feels. We have got good at dividing up sim tasks over the years and because of our RL time zone differences, we like to leave each other ‘to do’ notes about what needs doing next! But what is great is that despite the pressures of running three sims, we have never argued once in three years – but maybe that’s because he knows I am always right!!

GB: Surfer's Bay VIP has so much to offer. And you can actually be a part of the island. Would you like to add a little about the rentals?

Persia Bravin: We have boat rentals and also a selection of beachside houses for rent across all three sims but these are very popular and rent almost as soon as they become available. If you are interested in our rentals – or anything else we do! - check out our website:

GB: With everyday parties going on, the place has over 7000 fan followers. What are the other features it offers?

Persia Bravin: We are well known across the grid for our amazing surf waves and we always place the best waves available in world on all sims. I also LOVE teaching new surfers how to take to the waves and we have built a good reputation for teaching new surfers, so pop on over if you always want to try SL surfing! Live music is really important to us too, so we have a lot of live concerts each week plus tribute concerts of famous RL bands. We also have a lot of features on sim for members that you don’t find often such as all members can set any sim as their home location, you can rezz your items or photo props anywhere on sim plus we have changing rooms for male and female avis available if you need somewhere quiet to rezz shopping bags and change. But if you were to ask what I personally love most about Surfer’s Bay VIP, it is the sense of community and support. Our thousands of members know that we operate a safe and fun group and estate and both Duncan and I are really proud of that!

GB: What are the other big projects that we might see in future?

Persia Bravin: Well! We are considering adding yet another sim to the estate. This would also have surf waves and rentals! We would also like to increase the live music events we do. We recently hosted a big surfing competition for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) and we would love to host more in the future! 

GB: Do you have a team that helps you in making Surfer’s Bay VIP a success? Would you like to say something to them via this podium?

Persia Bravin: This is a good time to say thank you and to acknowledge the INCREDIBLE team we have at Surfer’s Bay VIP – our DJ’s, Lifeguards and especially our General Manager, Ember Firehawk , because we couldn’t do it without these amazing people! Surfer’s Bay VIP is all about the people and we have the best in Second Life working with us and supporting what we do.

GB: Would you like to summarize the experience at Surfer’s Bay in just 5 words?

Persia Bravin: Chill, surf, party and enjoy!

White sands and lush green jungles take you back to the tranquility, myths, and history of the caves, waterfalls. Sip a cocktail or dance on the beach with your loved one. Dawn, sunset or starry night romance is always in the air. 

Additional Information

Landmark -

Sunday, June 21, 2020

AVIE POLL- Best ways to make Lindens in Second Life - GiaBlossom Reporting

Second Life is an opportunity for some, and a game for others. Few people will treat it like a 3D chat room to enjoy and few will make lindens providing a place to enjoy. Few will grow and explore, and few will help others grow and explore more. Like real life, the chances of making lindens in various avenues are endless. From club jobs to designers and scripters. Since Second Life is an escape from Real Life, one can actually dip their fingers in as many honey jars as possible. Either a person is very good at one of the avenues, or a person can try a combination of things and keep oneself afloat. 

I asked a few people to get their opinions as well. Morgan Whitfield Firehawk is Miss Virtual World 2020, a good and humble friend. She owns Care and Hope Center of SL and recently organized a fashion event benefitting RAINN (Nation’s largest anti sexual violence organization) last month in May. 

Morgan Whitfield Firehawk

Morgan Whitfield Firehawk- “My name is Morgan Whitfield-Firehawk. I own the Care and Hope Center of SL (a domestic violence information HUB since 2014), Heels (a small shoe store since 2016) and I am a working professional certified model. I make my lindens from doing modeling (runway shows or vendor pics) and I also make lindens thru my Heels store. However, with Heels, all proceeds go to my Care and Hope Center (pay the monthly tier).”

We met at a Indian Club and since then we have been friends. Prachi is the owner of The Moon Night Club in Second Life. She is one of the first Indians to open a club for all to enjoy. 

Prachi- “I think sl is just a game. Here we can spend good time and make new friends. I have my own club. Sometimes I Dj and host for other clubs too. For me SL is just a game, I never take it seriously. RL matters more to me than SL. Sometimes I buy lindens and most of the time I earn lindens through the various gigs or sets.” 

I met Abby when she was planning to host the Miss Parallel Universe. Since then we have been friends. She also happens to be my client at Wishing Star Marketing and Promotions, for whom we suggest and do all the social media promotions. She is the owner of Parallel Universe Productions and has choreographed major competitions like Miss Parallel Universe, The Style Superstar and The Viral Voice. She is one of the true entrepreneurs who believe quality drives profits.

Abby’s Facebook Profile Picture

Abby Alexander-  “Abby is  very much like many of you girls with big dreams, and a zeal to accomplish them. My family and friends mean the world to me. I really don't think I would have been where I am right now without the help of so many people who have supported me throughout the journey. I am simply in love with the life I have been able to build for myself at Second Life, and the unique opportunities it provides me every single day to connect with the world and create something that could last the test of time. I feel second life is very similar to real life in terms of making money . You got to listen to the market , research about competition then develop the product, experience or services. I also think market division is important and exclusive marketing on the target customer. You can choose whatever you like to do sl - open a club, build mansions or a wedding industry, if you are able to promote yourself well in front of your segment, there is no stopping you. And if you don't want to start a business , get involved with the already successful ones, there are so many legit jobs on SL where you can earn thousands a week, I know a few who do. These jobs not only give you lindens but also a great experience of working in rl as well.”

Amethyst Starostin Cheveyo, a friend whom I have known since her Dj days. She was crowned MISS SL ♛ 2019 - Second Runner Up, she was also the judge at AviStar ♛ 2019 competition. 

Petr Denis

Amethyst Starostin Cheveyo: “I am a designer, model, DJ and photographer and have been in SL since 2007. I opened my first store in late 2007 selling clothing and furniture to the gorean market.  Since then I have earned lindens through photography, DJing and weddings.  I've found it's best to diversify and do several things than put all your effort into only one thing, unless you are very good at that one thing. I also am an Estate Manager for SkyBeam Estates which allows me to afford my sim.”

I have known Sherief since he joined Wishing Star as a social media personnel. A dear friend, whom I have seen grow in Second Life as time went. He has been a successful commentator and trainer as I have seen him flourish at Premier Wrestling. A wonderful video editor and a graphics designer, he is even good at photography. 

Wishing Star Website

Shereif- “I'm Shereif a marketeer and media producer in real life. In my second life I've worked in many jobs. Marketing, wrestling (entertainment), Stock research and i've made a not so bad market store place that I sell gestures at. There are 2 ways to make lindens in SL.Either to be a creator or a rich person who's willing to invest lots of money to hire creators full time and start your own business whatever it is and with that comes big risk and big profit/loss depending on your dedication and creativity. Or the more safe way is to use your time to be hired by someone who's risking his/her money and get a stable salary. I personally don't like tips based jobs so i won't be talking at all about clubs. Instead there are jobs like building, designing photoshop and even websites designs.. others can script too even. but these are the obvious ones. what not everyone knows about that you can get paid to speak using your voice to comment on SL sports events such as football, wrestling, boxing; you can use your time to get trained in a sport business and get paid for doing it. can work in marketing agencies, help businesses promote themselves or even can make simple creative objects and make lots of them then upload them on Marketplace for free.

Right now I have a constant of around 1000L income per week + random bonuses. The stable salary comes from 3 jobs I'm doing. 
  • The most fun and entertaining one is my wrestling job. it's the same as if you get hired in WWE, contracts, rules. perform and entertain fans using wrestling huds and (optional) voice. It's just 1 appearance per week (match/promo/segment..etc). in each appearance you do which takes around 5-15 minutes you get paid the amount written in your contract. I've started with 80L, some start with 100L but every time your contract is renewed you get a raise usually, now I get 200L+ per appearance.
  • Marketing agency Wishing Star where I get paid weekly for work done daily during that week. usually it's 1 hour a day, 5 days a week so makes around 500L a week. What I do at these hours is usually posting promotional posts on some of  Flickr/socialvr/instagram/facebook/InWorld groups. These posts are provided to me, i only copy-paste them to the right locations.
  • Researching for stock shares. We have a schedule that is repeated every week, in that schedule there are 4 days of researching online on stocks website. 1 day meeting with other researchers to agree on best companies and the owner invests his own money. We get paid weekly regardless of the results. 
  • Marketplace store “Gestures Paradise”. I didn't think I'd make money out of it originally, I just wanted to buy gestures and I saw they were expensive if I was to custom request one. So instead, i found the clip on youtube i wanted the sound from.  I downloaded it, trimmed it to start and end at the exact sentence I wanted. added a free animation and made them play together using a gesture. Later I started making more and more then put them on the MP for almost free at 14-16L$ per gesture. i thought to just cover the 10L price of upload i paid when i uploaded the voice but turned out that with just little promotion putting the MP link in my flickr posts i got around 6k lindens + from there
Another job that I did as free lance in the past but that company closed now a mixed wrestling fed owner hired me 4-5 times in total and he used to pay 5000 to 10000L per appearance where I did almost same stuff i did in wrestling but instead of fighting a guy, I'd be fighting girls. It depends on the script, but usually I was hired to win and humiliate the stars of this wrestling fed. I was hired because I was the champion at Premier Wrestling and he wanted my image. He even paid Premier Wrestling to agree to rent me there  because in my contract I'm not allowed to wrestle in other feds.”

Among the various scopes of making lindens, I have just covered a few. However, the paths are endless. Your passion is what will lead to greater scopes to making more Lindens. 

“Money is only a tool” - Ayn Rand 

Additional Information

Parallel Universe Productions -

SL Name - GiaBlossom

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Runway Modelling in Second Life- GiaBlossom Reporting.

Often you must have heard about Fashion Pageants and Fashion Shows in Second Life. You might have noticed Pageants being held every year by different organizations to bring in new talent to the Fashion Industry. You might have also attended a fashion show that showcased high ended brands. Throughout the year we see women being crowned. Recently the results of Miss SL were out. AviStars and Mr SL applications will open soon. Miss Globe Universal is accepting applications for this year. Miss Virtual World will open its applications in June-July. Have you ever wondered what if this was me?


SoulCrack3r Resident, Model- GiaBlossom, Location- Backdrop City

Men and women alike there are two ways to enter the Runway world of Fashion Industry in SL. Either you participate in a few of the pageants or you can join a Modelling House. A modelling school teaches you the intricate details of how to be an Editorial Model and a Runway Model. And there after you are either recruited directly or you enter the Pageants to be recruited. This article can not be a substitute for a modelling school. However, to the very least, if you are trying to participate in the pageants in future; this will help you as a guide to follow.  


Petr Denis, Model- GiaBlossom, Location- AviStar 2019 Grand Finale


Last year I participated in AviStar 2019 as Miss Afghanistan and bagged the 2nd Runners Up position. It was my first time walking as a Runway model and also participating in a challenge as Editorial Model. Runway modelling as the name suggests are the models who walk the runway. Editorial modelling is taking still images. More like what fashion bloggers do with photography and image editing skills. These images could be used by designers on their vendors. This time I will only focus on the Do’s and Don'ts of Runway. Here are a few things I learned during the pageant.


Apart from your fashionable outfit, there are three things you will need for the walk - 

  • Pose Hud -  The most used by runway models is the “Strut It Model Hud” by Mango. It’s fairly easy to configure. It can hold 3 sets of 10 poses and a walking pose in each set. 

  • Animation Overrider for the modelling poses - Any modifiable AO can be used and configured. I used Zhao II MB Hud and configured with my own default standing pose and walking animation.

  • Private Chat Channel Hud - You could use a relay chat Hud as well or Virtual Private Chat Hud. This helps to follow the queue as directed by the Runway Director. 


Theme Kattaca Challenge in FASHICON 2020


When the show begins, you are expected to have judges and an audience. This means that not only you are wearing scripts but the guests who have dressed up for the event are also wearing scripts which might affect the show. Things to remember before the show begins which will help reducing the lag- 

  • Derender every object other than the stage. You can do this in Firestorm (FS) Viewer by going to Area Search. I usually blacklist decor and seats before the show. To know-how to watch this video.

  • Reduce Avatar Complexity. I keep the maximum complexity to 30. Anyone beyond that will appear as jelly beans in my FS. It’s important to keep the avatars in jelly beans state or you will not know who is in front of you in the queue. To know how to do this follow this tutorial

  • Make a copy and remove all scripts from all the wearables, attachments and body. The more scripts you are able to remove from yourself, the less you will lag during the show. The only scripts you are wearing are the Huds.

  • Freeze eye blinking and any facial animations, hand movements. This is because when the audience takes a picture, it will be without any imperfect movements.

  • Remove all other Huds or chimera that are not useful on stage.

  • Choose or make an AO that has a walk animation and a default pose stand only. These animations must not interfere with what you are wearing. 

  • Check for spayed hands and your attachments, double check for possible mesh glitches. You do not want to be viewed naked due to such glitches.


Most pageant organizers will tell you that poses are not important. However, it is as important as your ensemble itself. You must be ready with 10 poses batch and change them every 10-15 seconds. Runway poses are more realistic and the transition from one pose to another is very smooth. It's best to choreograph a set from one creator. Runway poses can be used for editorial needs as well. However, editorial poses can not be used on a Runway. The pose set you choose should say a story to enhance your ensemble. For example Geisha styling poses can’t be used for hip hop styling. Try not to repeat the poses. Always face the audience, unless your storyline has a reason to look either up, down, right or left. Unless told otherwise, make sure you are doing a 360 degrees choreography. 


Petr Denis, Models - AviStar 2019 Finalists, Location - AviStar 2019, Image has been cut to meet image requirements.


Lastly, your ensemble must follow the rules of a challenge. It is good to ask if you do not understand a theme. Research about the theme. Never give a modern look to a traditional wear, you might affect the sentiments of the viewers from that country. Your accessories must have a reason to be worn. For example, you can't wear a digital cord with a primitive camera. All attachments must fit correctly. None of the layers of should be overlapping or embedded with each other. 


The next time you are participating in a pageant, follow the above guidelines for the runway. Be polite, be helpful, be beautiful and good luck in your future fashion endeavours. 


Additional Information - 

Strut It Model Hud by Mango-

Virtual Private Chat Hud - 

Zhao II MB Hud -

YouTube video tutorials -

Miss Globe Universal -

Miss Virtual World -

Miss SL Organization -

Backdrop City Landmark -