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Showing posts with label prize. Show all posts

Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Basilica : Wait what? I can win 10 000 lindens for taking an picture??!


Well. A terrifically creative, emotive, and aesthetically pleasing picture to be fair. But yes, The Basilica nightclub presents a photo competition in which the winner wins an amazing 10 000 lindens first prize. There are many smaller prizes up for grabs too, from limited edition to The Basilica halter tops and t-shirts to access to the club’s exclusive VIP balcony boxes.

To win, participants need to teleport to the club, take a photo in or around the building and submit it to The Basilica Flickr group with a title that contains the words ‘@ The Basilica’. The photos will be judged on aesthetic appeal - shape form, light, contrast, and composition; creativity - how is the building or its surrounds incorporated in the picture; emotive content - how the pic make one feel and how well it represents The Basilica brand. When asked to describe the essence of the club’s brand, co-owner, Trynn Mildor says that it lives at the intersection of the following words: awe-inspiring, sexy, dynamic, cutting-edge, creative, unusual, gritty, hard-core, and innovative. “The Basilica is the house of music, the music we will focus on live along the axes of these words. We choose DJs that move people, emotionally and physically, that are cutting-edge innovators in their genres, that imbue their songs with sexy, that push the limits, that inspire awe just as the venue does! DJs who dare, and definitely aren’t business as usual.” She stresses the importance of the picture representing the brand well as it will be central to the club’s marketing efforts over the three months following the competition’s runtime. Contestants, therefore, need to note that the winning entry may well be featured on marketing material, as well as on the club’s other platforms including Discord and Facebook. "We are looking for something unusual that makes one feel something ... that moves you the way amazing music does, " concludes, Emily Silkstone, the other half of the owner duo. The competition ends on 9 March 2023 @10am SLT and the winners will be announced on 11 March 2023 - the day of the epic opening.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021



Wiply Photo Contest - 30,000 L$ in prizes

Submit a whacky picture, shot with your friends and tribe at your favorite space in Second Life© on Wiply Contest Page and share it!!!
Get the chance to win, you deserve it!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Club Lion Entertainment presents Event & Contest Party on Friday 11 September 2020

Great Gatsby Sexy BossLady & Gentlemans Jury Choose

Best Mix between Hot'n Boss style wins 5000 LD$ will be in the Pot 

(Sponsors: NTC - Serenades by Ambrosia)

Performers                                                            Hosts

12 pm SLT ZDiva Sorbet                                        Veritas
1 pm   SLT Mar Biddle                                            Shrike
2 pm   SLT Jack Dryden                                         Shrike
3 pm   SLT Mrs. Ambrosia K. Windstorm               Shrike
4 pm   SLT UnBes0Grande                                    Barbie

We would like to invite you to our party. Come meet some new friends and have a great time. 

We look forward to having you at our event and hope that you find Club Lion a place you will frequent and party with us. 

LM :