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Showing posts with label The Great Gatsy. Show all posts

Monday, September 7, 2020

Club Lion Entertainment presents Event & Contest Party on Friday 11 September 2020

Great Gatsby Sexy BossLady & Gentlemans Jury Choose

Best Mix between Hot'n Boss style wins 5000 LD$ will be in the Pot 

(Sponsors: NTC - Serenades by Ambrosia)

Performers                                                            Hosts

12 pm SLT ZDiva Sorbet                                        Veritas
1 pm   SLT Mar Biddle                                            Shrike
2 pm   SLT Jack Dryden                                         Shrike
3 pm   SLT Mrs. Ambrosia K. Windstorm               Shrike
4 pm   SLT UnBes0Grande                                    Barbie

We would like to invite you to our party. Come meet some new friends and have a great time. 

We look forward to having you at our event and hope that you find Club Lion a place you will frequent and party with us. 

LM :

Monday, December 15, 2014


Tacoma, WA- Tacoma Little Theatre is taking a key step in redefining its educational mission, with the trial of a new program which will be part of its upcoming production of Simon Levy’s stage adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Teachers can use the performing arts a relevant tool to enliven their classroom curriculum. This is an essential component of every performing arts company’s mission. Tacoma Little Theatre (TLT) produces educational programming in the form of special weekday performances reserved specifically for schools. These productions are taken from its
main stage season. Such programs come with curricular materials to assist the teachers in connecting their class time focus with the in-theater experience. For TLT’s production of The Great Gatsby, these materials will be realized in an exciting three dimensional format available to educators and members of the community.

TLT is partnering with Seanchai Library, an organization specializing in spoken word presentations of literature in immersive virtual environments, to create a computer simulation based on The Great Gatsby. This simulation will be accessible to the general public via the internet, and will feature interactive links to resource materials on the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the influences reflected in the featured work. It will also spotlight TLT itself, showcasing its 97 year history of building community through creating theater.
“Our patrons are always interested in the stories behind the plot,” said TLT Managing Artistic Director Chris Serface, “the themes and cultural influences that drive the plays. We want to blow the box completely open and make this kind of information available to more than just educators. I want to make it possible for anyone who wants to see the play to
explore the literature fully to enhance their play-going experience.” Serface added, “I am excited to see what Seanchai Library will create for us.”

With the download of a free viewing program, EXPLORE Gatsby will be an Educational Study Guide brought to three dimensional life. Patrons will walk through the world of Fitzgerald’s novel using an avatar, and click on objects that link to information about the period and social issues the work. They can also participate in discussions, and enjoy live
presentations of the source text by accessing EXPLORE Gatsby from the comfort of their homes.

For more information visit, email, or call our Box
Office at (253) 272-2281.