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Showing posts with label The Rockit Club. Show all posts

Friday, April 19, 2013

VMS News: The Rockit Club: If the House is A Rockin'- Pen Dragon Reporting...

What do you do if you have years of experience performing live in SL? Plus a ton of friends who are top notch live performers, as well as too much club equipment just sitting in your inventory? Well, if you are Tricky Digfoot, you follow a dream and open a small, laid back and fun live venue!
The Rockit is that venue. After performing live and being involved in a large sim aimed at the SL music scene, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and open his own venue at which he and his friends would perform and he could book other great live shows.
"I've performed in SL for a  few years now with a group.  We owned a sim at one point but they kinda went to big for me. It was bit much with my busy RL. So anyway, I had a lot of club equipment in my inventory that was just collecting dust so to speak. So I decided to open a club on a smaller parcel and keep it simple and a little less stressful."